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Winchester Wildcat 22 Review and Price

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Winchester Wildcat 22 Review

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Here in this article, we will be presenting a Winchester Wildcat 22 review. We want to give you as much information about this firearm to understand whether or not the gun fits your needs. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the information to decide whether or not you want to buy one. We will go over the specs, performance, and user satisfaction of the Winchester 22LR. The Wildcat 22 is a new semi-automatic rimfire rifle from Winchester. The gun has a lightweight steel frame, pistol grip stock with Monte Carlo cheekpiece, full-length tubular magazine, and ramped post sight.

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The features of this gun are almost too numerous to list here, but what you should take from this review is that there is no other 22lr caliber rifle on the market today with as many “firsts” as the Wildcat 22. The rifle is in production in several calibers. The 22lr is the only one currently in distribution in the United States. It comes with a 10 round magazine in a “button-rifled Chromoly steel barrel” version. The weight of the gun is very light, about 4 pounds without a scope. The first time you pick up this rifle, your impression will be that it feels like a toy because of how small and lightweight the gun is. Many people have said that it does not feel as solid as a Remington. The design of the gun is fantastic, and you will not be disappointed by its look.

Price of Winchester Wildcat 22

The price of the Wildcat 22 varies depending on where you purchase it. The average price you will find this gun for is below $300, but some shops sell them for more than $300. Sure enough, if you shop around online, you will probably get a better deal than if you buy one in-store. It all depends on the store’s price and the demand for the gun. The best thing to do is find a local dealer or a site to purchase this rifle. See if you can get a better deal elsewhere, but make sure that you will not be spending more on shipping than the rifle costs.

Features of Winchester Wildcat 22

The gun has a few features that you will most likely be interested in. Here we will go over some of the features. 

Grip and Textures

The grip is comfortable and feels nice in your hands. It’s designed for people with small to medium-size hands, so if you have large hands, then this gun will not be comfortable when holding it against your palm. If you wear gloves while shooting, the grip will still feel fine, but otherwise, the gun may not fit them as comfortably for people with larger hands.  The texture of the gun is fantastic. The grip has a lovely feel to it, and you will not be slipping when holding it, even if your hands are sweaty from being outside. This is great because many rifles have a problem with this. It’s been designed so that the stock feels solid against your shoulder, but the grip area is where you have more comfort. You can shoot this gun for hours without feeling any discomfort. If you are not used to shooting rifles, you will find that it is easy to handle.

Grip and Textures of Winchester Wildcat 22

Size and Weight

The gun is lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds. The weapon’s size is perfect for storage purposes, and you can carry it around wherever you go. It’s small enough to be easy to handle but large enough that there are not any problems while trying to shoot with it.  The length of the gun is a bit short, at 36.25 inches. This may be a problem for you if you are taller than 5’8″. The barrel length of this model is short, measuring 18 inches long. The barrel is also thin, which helps out when it comes to weight.


Many rifle barrels are bulky and wide, so this gun has a nice compact feel over other rifles. It is a very lightweight gun when carrying this rifle in your hands or slinging it over your shoulder. You can quickly go hiking with this rifle and not feel any discomfort in carrying it for an extended period. If you are hunting, then you will definitely enjoy this aspect.

Size and Weight of Winchester Wildcat 22

Stopping Power

The stopping power of the Winchester Wildcat 22 is excellent. The polymer tip on the front of this 22 caliber bullet makes it easier for you to get a clean, straight shot when firing from a longer distance. Many people have used this gun for target practice and have been satisfied with its performance. It has been designed so that you can use it for hours on end without getting blisters or causing any discomfort. The 22 caliber rifle is more than enough to take down small game, so you can quickly get rid of pests around your home with this gun. It’s also suitable for hunting squirrels and rabbits, so you will find this gun very useful if you are an avid hunter.

Stopping Power of Winchester Wildcat 22

Safety Mechanisms

The safety mechanisms on the rifle are easy to use, so if you have children, they will not have any issues using this gun, even though it is powerful enough to kill small animals. The mechanism includes an automatic firing pin block that will keep you protected at all times. There are also manual lever safety locks to keep you safe when the gun is not used. The rifle has been designed so that it’s easy for you to take down the weapon without having to worry about any safety mechanisms coming into play. To clean your gun, all you have to do is push a button, and the barrel will slide right out. This makes cleaning your weapon a lot easier, and it also keeps you safe from any accidents that may occur. Overall, these safety features make it easy for anyone to use this rifle. With all of the built-in features, this gun has been designed so that even beginners can handle it without any problems at all.

Safety Mechanisms of Winchester Wildcat 22

Magazine and Magazine Release

Another great feature of this gun is that it comes with a 10 round magazine and is easy to access. This makes it easier for you to load the next bullet every time you take another shot. The magazine release on this rifle is fantastic because it’s easy for you to use and operate without any issues. If you are using this gun for beginner purposes, you will enjoy this aspect of the rifle. The magazine release and the reloading process are very smooth, and you do not have to exert a lot of energy for this to happen quickly. If you are looking for a gun that you can use without fumbling with it, you will enjoy this rifle’s features.

Magazine and Magazine Release of Winchester Wildcat 22

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism on this gun is fantastic. The polymer grip makes it easier for you to pull the trigger without worrying about any discomfort or hand cramps. This rifle has been designed to fit perfectly in your hands, making it easier for you to enjoy hunting trips. You will not have to dread carrying around the rifle because it has been made to be lightweight and compact. Additionally, suppose you like to go target practicing. In that case, this gun is perfect because the trigger mechanism allows it to fire off very quickly without any problems. This gun won’t allow you to have any issues when shooting quickly because it is designed to work perfectly with your hands. Overall, the trigger mechanism makes for a great experience and will make target practice more enjoyable than ever.

Trigger Mechanism of Winchester Wildcat 22

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil on this gun is powerful. If you are not used to shooting rifles, then the recoil may cause problems for you when firing multiple rounds in a short period. You can use 22 caliber bullets with this rifle so that the recoil isn’t as powerful, but it still has a lot of kickback. The gun has a manageable muzzle flip but can cause some problems if you are not used to it. You may need to get used to the heavy recoil before using this gun for hunting or target practice. Overall, it’s essential to keep in mind that this might not be the best gun for you if you are not comfortable with large rifles. It has a strong recoil and muzzle flip, so if you are not used to it, the weapon may not be the right choice for you.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Winchester Wildcat 22


The front sight on this rifle is fantastic. It has been designed to be very easy for you to see when in use for various situations. You won’t have any problems seeing the target when in use and will not have a hard time pulling the trigger in any case. The rear sights are adjustable so that you can easily change them to fit your preferences. This allows you to configure the gun to fit your hands and your specific shooting needs perfectly. Additionally, it’s important to remember that this rifle is meant for short-range use only. It has been made with only one purpose in mind: target practice and small game hunting at close ranges. You will not be able to use this rifle for any other activities. The adjustable rear sights allow the gun to be configured and used in various ways. If you want to use your gun for multiple purposes, it’s essential to keep this in mind to adjust the rifle accordingly.

Advantages of Winchester Wildcat 22

The wildcat 22  is a great rifle to use if you are a beginner. It has been designed with the user in mind to make hunting and target practice an easy task. There are  many advantages to using this rifle, and the most important ones include:


The wildcat 22 has been designed with a stainless steel and polymer finish to make it look fantastic while also being more reliable than other rifles on the market. It will not jam or cause problems with the bullet ejection after every shot, making it an ideal choice for beginners who are looking to practice without any interruptions. You won’t have issues with this rifle while it is being used because the stainless steel finish makes it easy to maintain. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion on your gun, which can be unsightly and force you to take additional steps to make sure the metal doesn’t wear out over time. The gun is also designed to be safe and will not cause a problem if one of the bullets happens to fire unexpectedly. This makes target practice much safer because you know that your rifle won’t go off by itself, which can cause injury or harm.


Winchester Wildcat 22 is very affordable due to its simple design and lack of complicated features. It is a perfect rifle for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a gun but still want the reliability and ease of use that they would have with more expensive models. The gun is very affordable, making it great if you are on a budget or simply cannot afford to spend lots of money on a new rifle. It doesn’t have any special features or complicated additions, which means that you can get it at a low price and still use it with ease when in the field.


This rifle is durable and can withstand many uses without requiring any repairs. The stainless steel finish ensures that the gun will not wear out over time, making it easy for you to get more use than expected from your rifle. The durable design of this rifle gives you the ability to continue practicing or hunting with it even after using it for numerous sessions. You can get several years of use out of it before you have to start making repairs or purchasing new parts that need to be installed on the gun. Additionally, this rifle is also designed to be waterproof. This means that if you accidentally drop your rifle in some water, you don’t have to worry about rust forming on the metal, which can cause the rifle to become unusable. 

Disadvantages of Winchester Wildcat 22

Although there are many advantages to using this rifle, they are not without their downsides. 

Short Range

The wildcat 22 is meant for short-range use only. It has been made for practice shooting and small game hunting, which means it’s not ideal for anything else. You won’t use the gun for any other activities because of its design and lack of features. It cannot be used as a sniper rifle or long-range target practice. This rifle has been made for short-range use only, which means that you will not be able to participate in any other activities with it, including longer-range hunting or target practice. It is also essential to keep this in mind when searching for a gun if you want one that represents versatility and great features for multiple purposes. This rifle cannot be used for all activities and should only be used for the one purpose that it was made for.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine only holds ten rounds, which means you cannot use it for extended hunting trips or target practice without purchasing more magazines. You can also find yourself in a jam if you need to reload the magazine and don’t have any extra bullets on hand, which is especially bad if you are hunting and cannot find your next target. The small capacity of the magazine makes it difficult for this rifle to be used for extended periods, which can make it frustrating to use. The magazine itself is also difficult to load because there are only ten rounds in it, which means you may start to get frustrated when trying to load the rifle after a few attempts.

Aftermarket Accessories - Winchester Wildcat 22 Review and Price

Although the rifle is excellent for a beginner shooter, a few accessories can be purchased to make it even better. 


A budget scope can improve your aim and allow you to have more control over what you’re shooting at. You will find that it becomes easier for you to take down your targets successfully and without any trouble with the right accessory. The small size of this rifle means that beginners may have difficulty finding success with it, but a scope can make the target easier to hit. With a scope, you can make your shot more accurate and thriving, allowing you to get the most out of your rifle.


This feature also makes it easier for beginner shooters to succeed when taking down their target with one shot. Without this scope, you will find it difficult to aim accurately with the rifle, leading to frustration and inaccuracy. The top-rated scopes for guns like these are not too expensive, so it is always an excellent option to choose this accessory because it improves performance.

Magazine Extenders

Many people also use magazine extenders when they are using this rifle. This extender allows you to load more bullets into your magazine at once, making it quicker and easier for you when you need to reload. Magazine extenders allow shooters with the Wildcat 22 to load their magazines faster, making it easier for them if they need to reload quickly to take down a target. This feature also reduces the time spent reloading, making it a more efficient gun for hunting and target practice because of how fast you can load and shoot again.


A sling is beneficial because it allows you to carry the rifle around while hunting or practicing efficiently. You can use this feature to help support the weight of the gun, which will make it easier for you when shooting. You should always consider purchasing this accessory when you buy your rifle because it can make it easier for you to carry and use the gun, which can help out in almost every activity you want to do. It also makes target practice and hunting easier because you will be able to keep your gun up while aiming at your target without holding it in your hands which can lead to lowered accuracy.

Rifle Case

A soft case can make it easier for you to transport your rifle without getting dirt on the barrel and stock. This accessory can also help protect your gun from things like dust and scratches, so it stays in good condition for longer. A case helps keep your rifle in good condition for longer, so you can use it whenever you want to. It also prevents dust and other materials from getting on your gun, which can make it look bad after prolonged use. Here is a recommendation to choose a rifle case for your Winchester Wildcat 22.

Blackhawk Rifle Case for Winchester Wildcat 22

With this rifle case, you will have an easier time transporting your gun, so it does not get broken or dirty. You can use the soft material to keep your gun in good condition for longer and prevent dust from damaging the outside of your rifle. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it on your shoulder instead of holding it, which makes it easier to transport. This case also has extra pockets that allow you to store accessories like the scope and magazine extender, so they are not lost or forgotten about. The wraparound handle allows you to easily carry the case around so it can follow you wherever you go. This feature makes it easier for shooters who need to walk long distances to get to their target instead of holding onto the gun for a long time.

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This gun is an excellent option for shooters who want a reliable hunting rifle that can also be used for target practice. It has good features which make it easier to carry and hold during use, thus increasing your accuracy when firing at your target. I recommend this product because it is constructed out of high-quality materials, which last for a long time. It is also an affordable option for shooters, making it even more attractive. We hope our Winchester Wildcat 22 review and price information were helpful to you. If there is anything else you would like to say or ask, please feel free to use the comment box below! Thank you for reading through our review.

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