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If you’re like us, we love shooting. We spend a lot of time at the gun range or out in our yard, plinking away with friends. Whether it is for sport, home defense, or hunting season, we believe Winchester Super X 4 is a great choice. Our Winchester Super X 4 review will tell you more about this amazing gun. In this comprehensive review article, we cover all aspects of the Winchester Super X 4, from its features to pricing details. And as always, our goal is simple – give you just what you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. So let us begin.

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The 12 gauge Winchester Super X 4 is a Semi-automatic shotgun with an alloy receiver with a matte barrel and synthetic stock. It comes in either a 24, 26 or 28-inch barrel and has a 3½” chamber length. The gun weighs 7 pounds and has an overall length of 47 inches. The Winchester Super X4 Shotgun is great for target practice and hunting small game and very quiet, so you can get closer to your prey without scaring them away.  If you’re not a fan of recoil from shotguns, this gun will be a good choice for that as well. It has a rubber buttplate that absorbs a lot of the kickback and makes it easy to stay on target. This gun is a good choice for someone new to shotguns as it has minimal recoil and is lightweight. We will explore more of its features but first, let’s look at its price.

Price of Winchester Super X 4

Winchester Super X 4 is a gun that doesn’t disappoint in terms of the quality you receive for the price. The Winchester Super X 4 shotgun is reasonably priced at around $999.99. It’s not the cheapest gun out there, but it’s also not the most expensive. With the Winchester Super  X 4 pump shotgun, you will get a lot of power and accuracy for your money. The price tag is on the higher end, but we think it’s more than worth it.  You can consider buying it if you’re looking for an excellent hunting or home defense gun that is easy to use, has practical uses, and still won’t break the bank.

Features of Winchester Super X 4

As mentioned above, this shotgun is great for target practice or hunting small game. It’s also very quiet, making it perfect for hunting and home defense.  It is extremely powerful, with a 3-inch chamber capable of firing anything from 2¾-inch shotshells to 3-inch shells. You can also get a 3½-inch version of this gun. Let’s explore it in detail.

Grip and Textures

The grip on this gun is nice and easy to hold. It’s textured in a way that allows the user to keep a good hold on their shotgun while staying comfortable even after hours of holding it. This shotgun has an aluminum receiver and a black synthetic high-grade stock. The wood is high quality and well-finished, making it very sturdy and easy to handle. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in any way. Its texture is almost like a stippling pattern for excellent gripping capabilities. This gun has a recoil pad that absorbs a fair amount of the kickback. This makes it easier to stay on target and fire multiple shots quickly.

Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

As is standard with most shotguns, this gun is fairly heavy. It weighs in at just over 6 pounds. If you’re looking for a lightweight hunting or home defense gun, this isn’t the best choice out there. That being said, it is very manageable. You can easily carry it around all day without wearing it down too quickly under the weight. Its size is also fairly standard. It’s slightly shorter than some shotguns out there, but this isn’t an issue at all. The main thing to note when purchasing this gun is its weight and how it may affect your hunting or home defense strategy. If you’re looking for lightweight portability, this might not be the best option out there, though it is manageable.

Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

This gun is extremely powerful, capable of firing very large shells. Hunting small games such as ducks and squirrels can be difficult with this gun due to its low pellet count. For the best stopping power when using this gun for home defense or hunting larger game, use 3” shells. These are among the most powerful available and are designed to be effective on large game such as elk, deer, and boar. The smaller 2 ¾” shells have a much lower pellet count and won’t do as good of a job stopping your prey from running away.


This gun is very accurate, though the accuracy does depend on the type of ammo you use. You can use heavy ammunition for target practice. This gun has an improved cylinder choke, designed to be more effective for home defense purposes. It uses a special shot that creates a wider spread pattern when the user fires, making it easier to eliminate potential intruders. It tends to spread more the further your target is away, but this is common with most shotguns.

Safety Features

This gun has a few safety features that are important to consider when considering this particular model. First, it has an anti-jam mechanism that allows the user to keep firing even if there is a problem with the shell ejection system. It also has dual extractors to easily remove shells without damaging them or leaving them marred. You can quickly switch out your old shells for new ones without wasting too much time. Lastly, the safety is located in an accessible location at the rear of the trigger guard, making it easy to use when you need it.

Trigger Mechanism

With the Super X 4, Winchester has decided to offer two different trigger mechanisms for their gun. You can choose between their patented Power Piston technology or opt for the standard inertia-driven system. Both are excellent choices that provide a level of customizability and flexibility to users of this shotgun. The power piston system uses a special piston technology to reduce movement by 25% compared to other shotguns on the market. This makes it easier for users to fire multiple shots quickly and accurately. The standard inertia-driven system works similarly to traditional shotgun models, using a spring mechanism that’s been used for decades. It doesn’t offer as many benefits like the power piston system, but it’s a nice option for those who don’t want to spend the extra money on the patented system.

Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Barrel ​Length & Choke

When it comes to choke, this gun features a simple cylinder-bore barrel. This is fairly average for most shotguns on the market today. It offers standard versatility without adding too much extra weight or size. If you’re looking for something with more advanced choke options, you may have to look elsewhere. This gun is designed with a 26-inch barrel. In some models, it also comes with a 28-inch barrel. While this isn’t the shortest barrel available, it still offers enough maneuverability for most users. If you’re looking to save some space without sacrificing too much power, this may be an excellent choice for you.  

Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price Barrel ​Length & Choke

Magazine Capacity

It has a magazine capacity of four shells, which isn’t bad but could be improved. If you are out hunting, you may need more ammo for your needs. For home defense purposes, however, four shells should be plenty. The one benefit of purchasing a shotgun is that it has superior firepower to most other guns. You can easily take down multiple intruders with just four shells. Some models available have larger magazine capacities, so this is something to keep in mind if you’re purchasing the Super X 4.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Super X model has less recoil than other shotguns, benefiting many users. It also features an improved grip that helps reduce muzzle flip when firing multiple rounds consecutively. This improves accuracy and makes it easier to take down your target without wasting too much time or energy. The recoil pad is also a nice feature that can help users stay on target for faster and more accurate shooting. Overall, the Super X 4 offers excellent maneuverability and versatility without a price increase or loss in quality compared to other shotguns. It also has a few safety features that make it easier to use in a home defense situation. On the other hand, it doesn’t have many advanced features and has a fairly average magazine capacity compared to its competitors. But if you’re looking for an excellent affordable semi-auto shotgun, this is one to consider.

Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of Winchester Super X 4

The Winchester Super X 4 is one of the best shotguns on the market. It’s a great shotgun for home defense, hunting, and target practice. We offer you an overview of the main advantages of this product to see if it’s worth your attention or not.


The Super X 4 has less recoil and an improved grip, making it easier to control muzzle flip when firing multiple shots consecutively. This helps with the overall accuracy of your weapon. This accurate shotgun is easy to use, making it great for home defense, hunting, and target practice. The safety features make it reliable to use as a personal weapon without threatening your own life or others living in your household.


The Super X 4 is exceptionally durable and can handle any terrain. It does not break even if you drop it in mud or water. It is made of premium materials to ensure its resistance and longevity. Even the recoil pad is a nice feature that helps shooters make more accurate shots. Finally, this gun’s grip is ergonomically designed so shooters can easily control the recoil.


This is an excellent self-defense gun. You can also use it for hunting and target practice. It has all the advantages of a semi-automatic shotgun without dealing with its downsides. The Super X 4 does not require much effort to use, plus this weapon allows you to shoot accurately twice as fast as other similar models. The Winchester Super X 4 is a shotgun gun that will never fail you while hunting, sacrificing reliability.

Disadvantages of Winchester Super X 4

There are some drawbacks that you should consider before buying this product.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine on this gun has a capacity of four shells, which is not enough for hunting or target practice applications. If you’re looking to do some hunting or target practice, this gun might not offer the right amount of shells for your needs. On the other hand, the magazine capacity is perfect for using it in home defense situations.


The Super X 4 costs more than most shotguns of its caliber on the market today. While this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth buying, you should consider whether or not its benefits are worth spending extra money on. However, if you shop smart, you can find a deal that makes the Super X 4 a more affordable option. Overall, if you have a limited budget and want to buy a shotgun at a low cost, this product may not be for you. On the other hand, if accuracy and durability are important to you, the Super X 4 is worth considering.

Aftermarket Accessories - Winchester Super X 4 Review and Price

Following the great legacy of Winchester Super X pump guns, this  X 4 semi-auto shotgun is a great, well-built gun that will serve you well in the field or at home. On top of being an excellent home defense option, it also works great during hunting season and for actual shooting. The price tag may be intimidating at first, but considering its many advantages should help you make the right decision. The Super X 4 does not have many advanced features, but it allows users to add aftermarket accessories. There are several options, and we will look at them in more detail.


If you plan on using the shotgun for hunting and target practice, chokes can help enhance accuracy and range when shooting. Chokes allow you to make the shotgun more accurate and precise when shooting, which most hunters and target shooters want.

Scopes or Sights

Without a scope or some kind of adjustable sights, hunting can be very difficult for new users who are not used to relying on their shotguns without one. This gun comes with adjustable iron sights, but you can purchase aftermarket adjustable flip-up iron sights if you please. You should consider purchasing a scope if you want to use this shotgun for hunting. This gun will work great with most, if not all, scopes on the market today.

Butt Cuff

This accessory is convenient because it allows you to carry extra ammunition when you hunt or go out shooting. If your Super X 4 does not come with a butt cuff, they are very easy to attach, and most hunters use them. They’re a great accessory to have if you plan on using this gun for hunting or target shooting since they allow you to carry more shells with you.

Best Case for Winchester Super  X 4 

The Super X 4 is a great shotgun with many advantages over other options on the market. It’s durable, reliable, and very easy to use. The most important part about this gun is that it was built for all kinds of customers, from hunters to home defense users or target shooters who want a shotgun that will last them years without any problems. You need a case to protect your gun if you plan on taking it with you when traveling or hunting. Several cases out there will do the job great, but we find that the Bulldog black Discreet Rifle Case is an excellent option because it’s very durable and easy to carry around.

Bulldog Cases Discreet Rifle Black Case 

The Bulldog covert rifle case is a great choice for traveling or hunting with their Super X 4. It offers excellent protection and has enough pockets to meet your storage needs. It is great because it’s discreet and durable at the same time. This case will fit guns up to 29″ in length, so the Super X 4 should fit within it. There are also adjustable straps on this bag if you want to carry the shotgun over your shoulder or hold it with your hand. If you want a case that will perfectly meet the needs and requirements of the Super X 4, then this is an excellent choice.

The Bulldog Ultra Compact AR15 Discreet Sporting Rifle Case is one of the smallest AR-15 cases. Its laminated Trico Heat Resistant Inner lining wont stick to barrels, has 2 12" total soft padding and the padded divider protects gun parts & optics with 2 internal extra magazine pouches. The case...
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Bulldog Cases Ultra Compact Tactical Discreet Rifle Carry Case, 29",...


The Super X 4 can cost up to $1,000 depending on where you buy it. Some people may find this price tag intimidating, but remember that this shotgun was built to last for years without breaking down. If you go with the Super X 4, you will have a reliable gun that will work great every time you pull the trigger.

Yes, it is a great home defense option. Its build quality and reliability make it one of the best options on the market today. The Super X 4 can stop attackers in their tracks or slow them down, making it a safer choice around your house when compared to other options out there.

It is very easy to maintain and can be cleaned in just a few minutes. You don’t need any special tools, and the process only takes about 10 minutes. Cleaning the Super X 4 is very easy, and several videos on YouTube will show you how to do it.

Recommended Holsters for Winchester Super X 4


If you’re looking for the best semi-auto shotgun that will last your whole life, look no further than Winchester Super X 4. This is the go-to firearm for hunters who want to make an investment in their hunting gear and live out their days without ever needing another gun again. We hope our Winchester Super X 4 review helps you make the right decision. Thank you for reading our article; please let us know how it has helped you with a comment. We love to hear from our readers. Also, if you have any questions or would like help choosing your rifle, feel free to ask in the blog’s comments section. 

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