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Winchester Model 1886 Review and Price

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Winchester Model 1886 Review

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This article is designed to give the reader a detailed Winchester Model 1886 review. This rifle was a design developed by John Moses Browning. This review will cover the firearm’s price, its features, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. The Winchester Model 1886 rifle is a classic example of a 19th Century American rifle. It gained notoriety due to its use in many western movies. However, the firearm is a historical piece and an accurate rifle with good ballistics.

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As John Browning’s third creation, the Winchester Model 1886 rifle was designed to fit between the well-known Winchester 1873 and the well-received Winchester 1894 models. This firearm is built to be light, strong, and also unique. It is chambered for rounds 45-90 Win cartridges. The design is based on other rifles since it was an improved version of Winchester 1873, an enhanced version of the original Henry rifle.

Price of Winchester Model 1886

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle has a very reasonable price. The average cost for this firearm is about $1800, making it an affordable rifle in terms of American-made guns. It is a firearm that performs well and is affordable, making it a popular choice among experienced hunters. The average price for this firearm may be low, but making these rifles is labor-intensive. Since the gun was manufactured over a century ago, it can be challenging to find one that hasn’t been refurbished or remodeled. This makes it harder for collectors to find original pieces.

Features of Winchester Model 1886

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle has a few great features that set it apart from other rifles. Some of its features include:

Stock and Grip

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle has a stock that can be compared to that of a typical shotgun. It is made out of straight grain American walnut and has a hardwood forearm and pistol grip. This rifle also has a steel crescent butt plate and a solid rubber recoil pad. The stock on this rifle is smooth and round and is considered a fast-handling design. It is finished with satin and is checkered in a straight grip style. The grip of this firearm was made to fit perfectly in the user’s hand. This style of grip has been an industry standard ever since the late 1880s. The Winchester Model 1886 rifle comes with a color case hardened rubber grip cap that is prominently displayed on the forearm. The firearm’s shape and style of grip is a classic design but has been slightly modified to fit better in the user’s hands.

Stock and Grip of Winchester Model 1886

Size and Weight

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle weighs about 9 lbs and 12 ounces. It is overall length measures about 43 inches long. This firearm was designed to be light and robust, making it attractive to both hunters and fans of old westerns. The Winchester 1886 is a well-balanced rifle that is neither heavy nor light. The gun weighs under 10 lbs. makes it easy to carry through the woods and aim and fire. Its overall length of 43 inches makes it a good size for any user, especially those new to rifles. It is not too long or short, making it easy to maneuver. However, some individuals may find the firearm cumbersome if smaller hands. The barrel length is only 24 inches, which gives the gun a good length/weight ratio.


The weight of this rifle is what makes it unique. Since there were no other rifles on the market that weighed less than 10 lbs., it was considered light compared to other rifles. The carrying weight of this firearm is essential to hunters; it allows the user to carry the rifle all day with ease. This rifle isn’t too heavy and has a very smooth stock. The gun’s weight also makes it attractive for shooters and enthusiasts. Overall, the weight and size of this firearm are average and don’t need to be modified.

Size and Weight of Winchester Model 1886

Stopping Power

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle can be loaded with a round bullet weighing 90 to 110 grains. The gun is chambered for 45-90 Winchester caliber, a centerfire cartridge. The rifle can shoot long distances accurately but fails to deliver an ideal firearm’s stopping power. The caliber of this rifle can produce about 1500 ft/lbs of energy, which is considered average for American-made rifles. Even though this firearm is considered average compared to modern rifles, many shooters agree that it has enough power and range for hunting activities.


The Winchester 1886 rifle shoots accurately over great distances, even though its sights aren’t as improved as those on other more modern rifles. This firearm is handier than most rifles today because it was designed with hunters in mind. The 1886 rifle has a smooth bore and shoots accurately over short to moderate distances. Although this model shoots very accurately, its stopping power makes it more suitable for use in the woods rather than on big games such as moose or elk.

Stopping Power of Winchester Model 1886

Safety Mechanism

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle’s safety works on the front-mounted hammer. When engaged, it locks the trigger and prevents the gun from being fired. The only way to disengage this safety mechanism is by moving the hammer slightly forward with your thumb or forefinger. This firearm can be safely carried in a holster since its cocking piece swivels back and forth. This safety mechanism is a good addition for hunters since it allows them to carry the firearm in their hands before firing securely. However, a disadvantage of this safety is that it doesn’t completely prevent the user from firing when disengaged. Therefore, the owner must never forget that this rifle can be fired unexpectedly if the safety is not engaged.

Safety Mechanism of Winchester Model 1886


The Winchester Model 1886 rifle’s ammunition capacity is eight rounds in its tube magazine. The length of these rounds vary according to the cartridge’s caliber, but they always have a length of 2.10 inches. The Winchester 1886 rifle is chambered for 45-90 Winchester cartridges, loaded with round lead bullets weighing between 90 and 110 grains. These loaded cartridges are then inserted into the gun’s tube magazine, which holds a maximum of eight rounds. This firearm can be loaded with black powder or smokeless powder cartridges. Even though this gun’s ammunition capacity is greater than many other rifles, it may not be enough considering its range. Therefore, hunters may want to bring extra loaded cartridges on their hunts.

Ammunition of Winchester Model 1886

Recoil and Accuracy

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle’s recoil differs between black powder and smokeless powder cartridges. When using these two cartridges, the recoil is likely very similar, but the kind of powder a user has in their firearm will affect its kick. It shoots accurately at short to moderate distances with black powder cartridges. However, these bullets may have significant problems shooting over long distances because they are lighter than smokeless powder cartridges.


Long-range hunters, who need to shoot accurately over short to moderate distances and long distances, may want to upgrade their rifles using smokeless powder cartridges. These bullets are heavier than black powder capsules and can be shot further accurately than lighter cartridges. The Winchester 1886 shoots very accurately at close ranges with either cartridge type. It is also known to shoot well in the hands of experienced shooters.

Recoil and Accuracy of Winchester Model 1886


This rifle’s sights include an elevation adjustable marble’s gold bead front sight and a semi buckhorn rear sight. The Winchester 1886 rifle has standard iron sights consisting of a front post and a rear notch. This sighting system is advantageous for hunters since it doesn’t completely obstruct their view while aiming at their targets. Hunters may want to upgrade their guns using telescopic sights, but this rifle’s iron sights are very suitable for hunting purposes.

Sights of Winchester Model 1886

Advantages of Winchester Model 1886

The Winchester Model 1886 rifle is abundant in ammunition, making it an excellent choice for hunters. Hunters may want to purchase the gun if they are on a budget or aren’t sure they will use it enough to justify spending the money necessary to buy cartridges. Here are some advantages of this Winchester model:


The Winchester Model 1886 is also known for its high reliability. It shoots accurately, is highly durable, and has a robust mechanism to resist corrosion. This rifle’s perfect design is an excellent choice for hunters since the quality of its construction allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain or snow. Therefore, this rifle is highly recommended for hunters who prefer to hunt in all types of weather. This gun is an accurate and reliable rifle because of its relatively easy maintenance process and high-quality materials.


The Winchester Model 1886 rifle is also known for its durability and resistance to breaking. Since it’s made of high-quality materials like steel and walnut, this rifle is highly durable. Hunters looking for a rifle that will stand the test of time should consider purchasing this gun. This gun can be ideal for hunters who frequently hunt to use their weapons. Hunters looking for an indestructible rifle should consider this because it’s made of high-quality materials that resist corrosion and brakes.

Ease of Use

This gun’s mechanism is very efficient. Hunters can quickly load cartridges into the magazine and chamber with this rifle, making it easier to shoot animals down. This rifle doesn’t frequently jam since it’s a solid and robust gun. It is known for its reliability, making it an easy weapon because hunters can quickly shoot animals down without any complications or problems with the weapon itself.

Disadvantages of Winchester Model 1886

However, some disadvantages are associated with this gun. Some disadvantages that hunters should consider before buying this gun are:


This rifle is relatively expensive to purchase. If you are on a budget, you may want to choose another rifle instead of the Winchester Model 1886. Hunters looking for an affordable rifle may not find this gun ideal because it’s relatively expensive compared to other rifles.


This rifle weighs approximately 9 pounds and 12 ounces, making it a heavy rifle compared to other types of firearms. This weight can affect hunters’ accuracy and endurance while hunting since holding the gun for an extended period can be tiring and strenuous. Hunters that plan on carrying their guns with them as they hike or hunt should consider choosing a lighter gun. This rifle might be heavy for some hunters, so they may want to choose a different type of firearm instead.

Aftermarket Accessories - Winchester Model 1886 Review and Price

There are different types of accessories that hunters can purchase for this rifle, but many of them require drilling holes into the gun. Hunters who want to attach scopes to this rifle can choose from different aftermarket accessories like scope bases and rings. Even though it’s relatively easy to install mounts, this rifle does not accommodate many types of sights or scopes because it doesn’t have any pre-drilled holes. This rifle may not accommodate every type of aftermarket accessory out there, which means hunters will have to drill holes if they want to attach scopes or mounts. This is a disadvantage since drilling holes into the barrel can reduce its accuracy and make it less efficient. Some of the aftermarket accessories that hunters may want to consider purchasing for this rifle are:

Choke Tubes

Hunters will improve their accuracy with this rifle by using a choke tube installed in the gun’s muzzle. A hunter can attach a choke tube onto the end of the gun’s barrel and use it for hunting birds or other types of animals. The choke tube will make the rifle more accurate by controlling its dispersion. Choke tubes are more efficient than scopes because they don’t require any adjustments, which means hunters can begin using them immediately without adjusting them to their guns.

Cleaning Supplies

Hunters will also want to buy cleaning supplies for this rifle. Since the gun has a lot of different parts, it may require frequent cleanings. Buyers can purchase cleaning kits that contain oil, patches, and clothes for their weapons. The cleaning of the gun is necessary because dirt and other types of debris can accumulate on the rifle’s metal parts, damaging their longevity.

Weapon Cleaning Mats

Hunters may also want to purchase weapon cleaning mats to keep their rifles in optimal shape. These mats can protect the gun’s finish from scratches or corrosion caused by other materials hunters use when they clean their weapons.


It is important to use a sling when carrying this rifle for long periods. The sling allows hunters to comfortably hold their guns without putting any weight on their hands. Some slings may also help shooters with accuracy by providing stability and support during the hunting process. Since it’s relatively heavy, this rifle needs a sling. Slings attach to the gun’s barrel and stock to provide support when shooters need help carrying their guns long distances without tiring themselves out.

Ammunition Loader

If you hunt a lot, this rifle will require more ammunition than other types of guns. If hunters need to shoot several rounds in quick succession, they’ll want to purchase an ammo loader so they won’t have to load their cartridges by hand. Hunters can buy these accessories online or at gun stores to save time while hunting.

Ammunition Belt Holder

If you plan on carrying additional rounds with you, hunters may also want to purchase an ammunition belt holder. This accessory will allow them to carry extra games around their waist instead of carrying a bulky suitcase or backpack while they’re hunting.

Rifle Case

Hunters who plan on transporting this gun for extended periods will also want to purchase a rifle case to keep it from being damaged or scratched. Keeping this weapon in optimal shape helps hunters preserve its quality and value as a collectible item. 1886 is one of the most iconic rifles used by hunters. While it can take a lot of punishment, you will want to protect it from getting scratched or damaged. Buyers can safely purchase a rifle case to transport this weapon for hunting trips. Here is a recommendation for the rifle case to purchase:

Bulldog Extreme Discreet Rifle Case

The Bulldog rifle case is a sensitive case where hunters can safely transport their rifles. It has an adjustable carrying strap and provides padding for guns to avoid damage during transportation. The nylon construction is very durable, and the case is water-resistant. It’s worth buying this product if you want to transport your rifle safely. It has hidden ammunition holders and large compartments for rifles. The Bulldog rifle case is an excellent choice if you want to keep your rifle safe during transportation.

Durable, secure tactical rifle cases protect your weapon and provide features normally found only on expensive high-end cases. A water-resistant outer shell of double-stitched nylon or Tetron canvas, generous foam padding, and a heavy-duty, full-length nylon zipper stand up to the rigors of any...
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Bulldog Cases Discreet Rifle Case


 The Winchester 1894 is the most famous rifle in the Winchester family of rifles, and it’s a very popular firearm for hunters across America.

Selectable sights mean that hunters can choose between open or iron sights on their rifles, which can help them shoot more accurately based on the situation they’re facing.

The rifle can’t be re-barreled, but hunters may want to purchase new barrels if their current ones are damaged or worn down after years of use.

 The length of the gun is over 43 inches long.


If you plan on hunting for long periods, the Winchester 1886 is the gun for you. It’s sturdy and durable, allowing hunters to continue using it for several months without seeing any damage. The rifle case we’ve recommended helps protect this gun from damage and scratches, so it will look like new every time you take it out of storage. This rifle will be a great choice if you hunt and transport your weapon for extended periods. We hope our Winchester Model 1886 review helped hunters understand this product a little better.

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