Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work ?

Gun control is a hot-button issue that has many people on either side of the argument. Gun control is not necessarily bad, but there are some things to consider before passing laws about it.

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In this blog post, we will go over the reasons why gun control doesn’t work and finish with a FAQ and conclusion so you can decide for yourself if gun control could be beneficial or harmful to your country.

What is Gun Control?

Gun Control is a set of laws or policies that regulate the civilian use, manufacture, sale, transfer and ownership of firearms. Gun control is one of the most controversial and emotional issues in many countries.

Historical origins of gun control:

Gun control has been debated since the 1900s. Gun Control laws were first implemented in the 1920s by various states and localities to restrict access to firearms after two major U.S. events: The assassination of President McKinley, which falsely implicated anarchists who supposedly sought revenge for McKinley’s enforcement of gun-control legislation; and a large series of bank robberies involving gangs with automatic weapons that resulted in a public panic about people owning guns.

why gun control doesn't work

Gun Control In different States

Gun control does not work because it doesn’t stop people from doing crimes. It just makes criminals have to be more creative on how they get guns. This means that rather than stopping someone like a mass shooter, other types of crime can rise up and become a new problem for law enforcement officers to handle.

And even if gun control is in place, there are always ways around them- one person could buy an illegal firearm while another might take advantage of some loophole or mistake made by officials issuing permits/licenses for firearms. This gives potential offenders a way out so they don’t have to break any laws when getting their weapons.

What if you are a law-abiding citizen and want to protect yourself with a gun? You cannot do so legally in some countries such as the United States, America, Canada, or Germany; but we will look into each one individually below!

  • Gun Control in the United States:

US citizens can only carry firearms (guns) under specific circumstances like when hunting, for occupational purposes related to security guard activities, or at shooting ranges. They have what is called “conceal weapons permits” which are very hard to obtain. These laws make owning a firearm incredibly difficult, even for people who want to protect themselves and their families.

  • Gun Control in Canada:

Canada has a well-regulated firearms program with licensing and registration, which includes the requirement to take an approved safety course.

In Canada, citizens must obtain a license that can only be obtained after passing background checks (which are not easy). They also have the same rules as US citizens concerning authorized firearms for use outside of hunting, security guard activities, or at shooting ranges.

  • Gun Control in Germany:

Germans cannot own weapons without getting them through the government by applying for licenses. These licenses are difficult to acquire because you need to go through rigorous testing including psychological evaluations…and we all know how terrible those tests can be!

  • Gun control in Australia:

Australia has had a very long history with gun control laws because they are considered to have some of the strongest controls on guns in the world! The Australian government states that “the 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) was introduced following public outrage over the Sydney siege” which is when an armed gunman took 18 people, hostage, for 16 hours in what became known as one of Australia’s most infamous incidents.

  • Gun Control in America:

In the U.S., most states require an applicant to be 18, not have a criminal record or history of mental illness, and pass fingerprint-based background checks that review for any court records of violence along with any pending charges before they are issued a license. The laws vary from state to state but there is also federal regulation on some matters relating to firearms including age limits and importation.”

  • Gun Control in England:

England has strict laws about who can own guns and what types of guns they are allowed to have. These restrictions include outlawing handguns altogether. There is also a ban on semi-automatic weapons such as shotguns that could potentially be used for hunting or clay shooting.

  • Gun Control in Italy:

Italy gun control laws state that anyone who wants to buy a firearm must provide personal information, show their ID card or passport, declare each weapon’s use (hunting, sporting purposes) and undergo training courses for target shooting from certified instructors.

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Reasons Why Gun Control Doesn't Work

The problem comes when you consider what happens after these guns make it into the hands of criminals – no gun control legislation can stop this as by definition criminals don’t follow rules.

why gun control doesn't work America

  • Gun control may work for people who obey laws and do not have a criminal record. But when you consider what happens after these guns make it into the hands of criminals – no gun control legislation can stop this as by definition criminals don’t follow rules.
  • The problem comes when you consider that any proposed law would need to be 100% successful in order to both eliminate crime and reduce illegal access to firearms (ie, stopping all crimes involving guns). This means if one person violates the law there is still a possibility they will get their hands on a weapon just like before; so even with stringent background checks, registration requirements and police enforcement, an incident may occur because someone has a valid driver’s license and is not on a terror watch list, for example.
  • High rates of gun violence in a community create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that inhibits many law-abiding citizens from carrying guns for protection. This leads to more real victims as would-be defenders do not take action when necessary because they feel unarmed and vulnerable against armed perpetrators. In other words, there is no point in owning a firearm if it cannot be used for personal defense at least some of the time.
  • Many criminals will still obtain guns illegally through smuggling or other black-market channels if they can’t purchase them legally from licensed dealers – so stricter background checks and longer waiting periods won’t stop all mass shootings even though these measures might help reduce gun suicides and other gun crimes.
  • We examine those who believe they need guns because they feel unsafe with them. For these people the first argument against firearms has already been satisfied through what I would call “the power of choice”-those individuals have chosen themselves whether or not they want a gun, and if so where from (for instance, online).
  • Even without being able to buy a firearm online there are still many places to buy one in person, and that’s not even considering the other possible avenues of acquiring a gun.
  • In countries with high levels of civilian firearms possession (e g., Israel), most homicides have been found to result from arguments between people who knew each other well; thus, even stringent controls on legal acquisition.

This leads us to our final point that Gun Control doesn’t work because there are more reasons why it does not than do, which makes sense considering that people have been using firearms for centuries and militaries around the world know this as well- they value these weapons enough to stockpile them themselves! Guns serve many purposes such as sport shooting, hunting, collecting and personal defense; all things we should continue supporting.

Reasons Why Lawmakers Don't Change Gun Laws

Here’s a look at five common reasons lawmakers say they don’t support such efforts and some facts behind the issues:

  • Many lawmakers say there is no evidence suggesting more guns lead to less crime so why risk making things worse by restricting access?
  • In recent years many of those who support liberal policies in general are some Republicans too; this includes President Obama — but while he supports tighter regulations when it comes to purchasing firearms online without background checks, his administration has yet acted .
  • A lot of conservatives think Democrats would try to take away their right to bear arms if they had the chance
  • Obama’s Department of Justice recently released a report on violent crime in America that found, “The vast majority (more than 80%) of firearm homicides are committed with handguns” and “firearm homicides were most common among 20-24 year olds.
  • People want to protect themselves from crime and don’t feel like they need the government’s protection.
  • Some people see guns as a way of securing liberty not just a tool for violence or suicide. They worry that if Congress were to have stricter gun laws, it might be infringing on their civil rights

“Gun control does not work because guns have been around for centuries yet society is more violent now than ever before–not less.”

why gun control doesn't work ballachy

Advantages of Gun Control:

  • Gun control may have following advantages
  •  It gives Mental Discipline and also strengthens character.
  • It could reduce gun-related deaths as well as injuries, homicides, suicides and crime rates.
  • Reduced trafficking in firearms to criminals or terrorists by reducing demand for them; this may also reduce their use in crimes of opportunity such as burglaries and assaults.
  • Prevention from accidents involving guns being left accessible to children.

Disadvantages of Gun Control:

  • There are disadvantages to gun control where if you don’t have a firearm it is possible that innocent people might not be able to defend themselves.
  • It affects us in many ways such as the crime rate and how much violence there would be, less discipline from kids, focus on other problems in society or around the world instead of what’s happening here with crimes involving guns which should be more important than anything else going on elsewhere.
  • There is also an increase in homicide rates by 15% when those convicted felons were prohibited access to firearms.
  • Another disadvantage would include them being used against law enforcement officers; criminals acquiring their own guns at cheaper prices; gang members using stolen weapons for violent purposes (which can lead to increased homicides).


  •  There needs to be stricter punishment and better enforcing current gun laws
  • Stricter background checks may help reduce urban violence by limiting access to firearms illegally obtained from unlicensed sellers or at gun shows; this would also deter straw purchasers who buy weapons legally but sell or give them to criminals.
  • Sending more people who have committed gun-related crimes into treatment
  • No contact orders for anyone convicted of domestic violence, prohibiting them from owning weapons and providing law enforcement with the authority to remove firearms when there is probable cause that someone poses a danger; these are currently only allowed in certain states under state laws.

Asking college students not use guns as props in their school pranks

A program called “The Armed & Educated Program” which is an online course on how to defend oneself with a firearm without ever firing it during the day time hours when most assaults occur. This helps reduce violent crime by eliminating victims targets because they can protect themselves if need be instead of waiting around for some other.


Gun control is important because people can argue that if someone wants a weapon badly enough, they will find one. It’s also argued that many countries with strict regulations have still had mass shootings including Norway (2011), Finland (2007) and France in 2015 which killed 130.

The first step in making our country safer should be to enforce the laws we currently have. The second thing is for more people to become involved with their local law enforcement and government officials.

It’s not just an issue of gun violence. It is also a social issue because it goes to the heart of one person’s ability to control his/her environment and how safe they are in that environment.”

Yes, guns should be controlled. The government should establish laws that help keep people safe but don’t infringe on their constitutional rights.”


It seems like there will never be enough evidence either way to prove whether or not gun control works, so this issue will continue stirring up lots of debate among lawmakers and civilians alike until something changes dramatically in society.

The mind is a powerful thing and it can be used to do so much good in the world, but as we have seen time after time, people are still finding ways to use this power for evil. We need new ideas that will help us solve these problems without taking away all of our rights!

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