Where to Hang Your Bird Feeder?

You want to keep 2 things in mind if you’re thinking of setting up bird feeders in your backyard; you’ll want to be able to see your bird feeder as well as hang it in a safe location away from predators like squirrels and cats that will pounce on the birds and scare them away. It’s best to place bird feeders near trees and shrubs (you can also purchase a bird feeder pole) since they provide a safe and secure feeding place for your birds. Birds can also take some rest away from predators. However, you’ll want to make sure not to locate your feeders in areas where predators can jump from easily and attack the birds. A distance of around 10-15 feet should provide the proper coverage for your birds. You’ll want to hang your feeder 5-10 feet away from the ground so squirrels can jump on your feeders (if you’re combatting squirrels that won’t leave your birds alone, I recommend hanging your feeders from a bird feeder pole, which are taller and make it harder for squirrels to reach the feeders).

Placing the feeders near windows is also recommended, but do not place it too far as to not cause birds deadly injuries when they’re flying at high speed. I recommended placing feeders at less than 5 feet away from windows if you plan on placing them there!

As for your hummingbird feeders, you’ll want to place them away from any winds and sun since it can spoil the sweet sugar solutions. It’s best to set them in a shaded away, away from being tainted and from predators.

Check out this video below for detailed instructions on where to place your feeders!

If you’re new to bird feeding and just recently set up a feeder, you may not get as many bird friends showing up as you would like! This is normal as birds are discovering your backyard and the new food sources. To attract more birds, you can sprinkle a few seeds on the ground near the feeders, but you’ll want to keep on them since squirrels may scoop up all the seeds for themselves!

Another reason why birds are not showing up as often as you would like is that the seeds in your feeder have gotten wet and are no longer edible. So, you’ll want to check up on your feeder after a storm. If you see that your feeder is blowing everywhere in winds, you can move it to a safer and calmer location to attract more birds!

You can watch this short little tutorial on how to attract more birds to your backyard and you’ll get a few tips/tutorials that are super helpful too!

And most importantly, don’t forget to place your feeders in a location that allows you to comfortably enjoy looking at the birds feeding and resting in your backyard! Remember to have fun!

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