What’s the Purpose of a Spotting Scope Tripod?

Spotting scope tripod provide incredible stability, which is much needed since spotting scopes provide intense magnification and without solid support, your images will be quite blurry. When you’re using a spotting scope for your birdwatching, hunting or target shooting, the optics will provide a clear and detailed view. A tripod is nonetheless essential for your spotting scope because just using your hands won’t cut it (you won’t be able to focus on anything precisely, unlike binoculars which don’t require a tripod).

whats the purpose of a spotting scope tripod

While most spotting scopes are not too heavy, it’s important to purchase a spotting scope tripod that’s lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with you. If you plan on using an angled spotting scope (which I recommend since they’re much more comfortable on your eye and you don’t have to bend down too much as they can be set lower on a tripod than a straight scope), so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a full-size tripod. Any tripod with a height of 60 inches or 152.4 cm and less should be good enough. Plus, a smaller compact tripod has great stability and is easier to carry since it’s not heavy. However, you do need to purchase a good tripod that can provide proper support for your scope. If your tripod is too wobbly, it can cause problems in windy conditions and might not be very durable. This doesn’t mean though, that you need to purchase the most expensive spotting scope tripod that you can find! t’s the Purpose of a Spotting Scope Tripod?Purchasing a tripod that supports the weight of your scope should be just right!

whats the purpose of a spotting scope tripod


There are many different spotting scope tripods on the market so choosing the right one for you can feel like a daunting task and confusing! When looking to purchase a tripod for your spotting scope, you want to make sure that it fits your specific needs and not to mention, sturdy, portable, adjustable, lightweight, and easy to use! You’ll also want to take into consideration what type of activity you plan on doing with your spotting scope and the tripod for your scope as well as if you plan on using your tripod in wet/humid conditions. You can choose between ballhead or panhead tripod and aluminum or carbon fiber tripod with flip-lock or twist-lock legs. While carbon fiber tripods are very lightweight and hold a considerable amount of heavy weight, they’re not as durable as aluminum tripods while they cost a lot more money. Aluminum tripods are very durable but can feel heavy, depending on the weight of the tripod. They also come at a much more affordable price point. If your scope has an objective lens of 50mm-70mm, aluminum tripods should suffice since they’re lightweight but if your scope has an objective lens of 70mm and more, I would recommend pairing it with a carbon fiber tripod. Weight is important since you’ll be carrying it around, so make sure you get a lightweight option!

If you’re interested in purchasing a spotting scope tripod, but need some recommendations, check out my top 10 best spotting scope tripods to find the right tripod for your scope!

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