What to Consider when Buying a New Lawn Mower

Prior to purchasing a lawn mower take some time to consider which sort of mower would be particularly good for you and your lawn. The following considerations will help you make a decision.
How extensive is your lawn?

If you have a smaller lawn a push cylinder mower should be powerful enough and will provide you with a high-quality appearance and a neat lawn. For a larger lawn you could probably do with a powered lawn mower. If your lawn is much larger than the average then a ride-on mower would be more useful and make mowing the lawn much easier on you.

How level is the lawn? Are there steep banks to be negotiated?

Where there are banks a push mower might not be sensible, and a ride-on mower would probably be dangerous as it could overturn.

Are you wanting a tidy appearance, possibly with parallel stripes, or do you just want to maintain the grass neat and tidy?

You need to make a decision about the grass clippings? Are you looking for a mower that collects the trimmings in a container you need to empty or do you mind if you have to rake the clippings up once you have completed mowing the lawn. You may want to consider a mulching mower that will cut up the grass trimmings sufficiently that you are able to leave them on the lawn so that they will rapidly break down and fertilise the lawn.

If you plan to buy an electric powered mower make sure the lawn is sufficiently small that you can reach all of it with an extension lead. If you are considering a petrol mower make sure that all users will be able to get it going it without problems – sometimes petrol engines can be difficult to start if they need a cord pulled sharply to start them.

Make safety one of your main considerations. Lawn mowers can often be dangerous to use so safety ought to be a priority. Consider facilities similar to power cut offs on electric mowers, how easy the mower is to overturn, if the blades are exposed.

Do you want a cylinder, rotary or mulching mower? Here are the main features of each:

Cylinder Mowers

These contain a spinning cylinder with blades in a spiral around it and provide the finest cut you can get with a mower. Confirm the number of blades in the mower – the more blades the better the lawn finish will be. Also check how wide the mower is, a wider mower will mean you have to walk less distance but it will be heavier. Cylinder mowers may be either unpowered push mowers or electrically or petrol driven. They are usually supplied with a grass container to gather the trimmings and a roller to produce stripes as you mow. These mowers are ideal for level lawns and short grass.

Rotary Mowers

In a rotary mower the blade is horizontal and rotates from the middle of the mower. In view of the fact that the revolving blade needs a power supply these mowers cannot be supplied as unpowered push motors, but both petrol and electrical rotary mowers can be obtained. These mowers are easier to use on irregular lawns and those with rougher grass than cylinder mowers. Even though a rotary mower is unable to turn out as good quality a cut as a cylinder mower you can produce stripes by selecting a rotary mower with a roller on the back.

Mulching Lawn Mowers

With a mulching mower you won’t have to keep emptying a grass container, or or rake up lawn clipping, and then having to dispose of the clippings. They operate by continually chopping the grass trimmings until the grass is short enough and then blowing them back onto the lawn. This requires more power than a standard mower so a mulching mower will necessitate a more powerful engine. Some mulching mowers will let you add a grass box if you require to collect the cut grass instead.