What Is A Trundle Bed?

You have a set space that is only large enough to accommodate a single bed, but you’re looking to maximize the capacity of the room to house more sleepers, especially on short notice. How do you achieve this? As it turns out, the simple (and maybe obvious) thing to do is to fit in another bed underneath the main bed. And that is the exact solution that trundle beds offer.

A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that can be stored underneath the frame of the main bed and rolled out when the time comes for its use. Looking at it from a strictly functional angle, the most obvious benefit of this arrangement is that it maximizes wall and floor space. Which makes it great for people who live in small apartments and for large families who live in close quarters. Trundle beds are also rather fun and provide an interesting way to sleep, particularly for kids.

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It’s true that trundle beds are most popular among children. They are wonderful for sleepovers, and parents tend to prefer the extra security they offer over bunk beds. Not to mention that the design of trundle beds seem to be better suited to children and teens. Nevertheless, trundle beds are also versatile enough to be important in households where there are no children. Due to their streamlined design, they are comfortable in studio apartments, guest rooms, vacation home rentals and other small spaces. Trundle beds can also serve as chaise lounges and daybeds in the light of day. An added benefit of trundle beds is that they can also be used as storage for a bunch of stuff.

what is a trundle bed

If you’re wondering if trundle beds are comfortable enough to actually sleep in, the short answer is yes, they can be. It depends on the mattress you use, however. Trundle beds place certain limitations on the choice of mattress available to you, and while you can use any mattress you like on the main bed, the lower bed can only support mattresses that are 8″ thick. Nevertheless, a good memory foam can effectively solve the whole comfort problem.

Another great thing about trundle beds is that they come in several shapes, sizes and designs to suit your specific requirements. For small children, a standard-sized Twin bed with a Twin trundle will work great. If you’re looking to accommodate both adults and children, it may be better to opt for a Queen over Twin trundle. In apartments where space and storage are at a premium, a good choice would be a Captain’s bed with a trundle. There are also day beds, sleigh beds and bunk beds designs.

3 Best Trundle Bed Choices

1. Zinus Eli Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set


  • Dimensions: 77 x 39 x 30.9 inches
  • Weight: 300 lbs

If you live in urban areas where huge sprawling living spaces cost a small fortune and are generally hard to come by and you need to maximize whatever room you’re afforded, then this daybed is tailor-made just for you. In the same vein, the Zinus Eli Twin daybed can also ensure that those anxious feelings that run through your spine when you receive guests are a thing of the past. This versatile daybed will fit easily in your home and fulfil a multitude of roles in whatever room it is placed. 

The Zinus Eli Twin daybed fits perfectly in small rooms, offers great value for money and is incredibly easy to set up. Seriously, anyone can easily assemble this trundle bed within minutes. It comes with an instructions manual that simply explains the whole process. All you need to do is match parts with their numbers. You don’t even need any assorted tools to achieve this, just your standard screwdriver and hex tool. This counts for a lot, especially if easy assembly is one of your requirements for a trundle bed. The package is rather bulky, so you may need to carry in the parts separately. It boasts a simple yet sturdy frame, and the wood panels at both ends add a touch of class. 

For mattresses, we recommend spring mattresses. Memory foam may sit rather uncomfortably on the metal slats, which are set pretty wide apart. For extra comfort, and to stop your foam from sinking between the slats, you can place a number of soft materials or thin plywood under your mattress. The daybed can support any type of 8″ mattress comfortably. However, the trundle bed has been designed to only support a maximum size of 6″, anything higher and you’d have issues with clearance. If you place the trundle next to a wall, it can also serve as a couch, with proper pillows and cushions. 

Quite unlike other metal daybeds that can keep you awake all night with their creaks and groans at the slightest movement, the Zinus Eli Twin daybed is almost completely silent. It is also pretty sturdy and hardy, and can easily support weights of up to 300lbs. 

What you get when you purchase this trundle bed is two beds for the price of one. You get a versatile and adaptable bed that can fulfil a wide range of roles in your home. Finally, this daybed offers the assurance of long-term peace of mind that comes with consummate durability. These are just some of the reasons why this trundle bed is so highly recommended by us.

what is a trundle bed

2. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set,OLB-IRDBS-39,Brown,2
2,479 Reviews
Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set,OLB-IRDBS-39,Brown,2
  • Stylish and functional space saving design
  • Accommodates 2 Twin size 5 or 6 inch mattresses (sold separately)


  • Dimensions: 78 x 39 x 25.8 inches
  • Weight: 250 lbs

The Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set is particularly popular among customers, and it’s easy to see why. It looks so good that it can comfortably blend in with the decor of your home, without ever looking out of place. Its cute and minimalistic design gives it a modern look and feel, but looks are not all it’s got going for it either. This trundle bed is extremely solid, sturdy and durable, and for its price, offers immense value for money. 

You’ll immediately fall in love with this trundle bed at first sight. It arrives well packaged, although the mattresses are not included. You’ll have to purchase those separately. It is designed in the shape of a daybed, so it only supports twin size mattresses. For the main bed, a thick mattress is recommended, since the rods in the bed base may make thin mattresses pretty uncomfortable. A good 8″ memory foam will work just fine. On the other hand, you may just as well support the frame with wooden boards. The trundle supports 5″ to 6″ mattresses, as anything bigger will make pulling out the trundle hard. Nevertheless, you can get around this issue by removing the wheels. 

Another thing that we absolutely love about this trundle bed is its ease of assembly. It takes just a few minutes to assemble this trundle bed from start to finish. The package also includes a detailed manual that practically walks you through the whole process, with vivid pictures and numbers depicting what goes where, kind of like hands-on painting by numbers. Every tool needed for assembling the trundle bed is also included in the package. 

Most trundle beds promise solidity and durability, but the Zinus Suzanne Twin trundle bed actually delivers on that promise. The most popular consensus reached by thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of happy customers is that this trundle bed is extremely sturdy. The official weight threshold is recorded as 250lbs, but the Zinus Suzanne Twin trundle bed can comfortably support weights of up to 275lbs. A single adult can even hop on it and cuddle with a kid and the bed will not creak or make similar protests. 

This day bed and trundle bed combo is made with solid materials. It sports a polished steel finish and two solid wood panels that give it a look of simple elegance. The design also offers open access to space underneath the bed, which makes it really easy to store things there when the trundle bed is not in use. All things considered, this trundle bed does all that is required of it, and much more besides. For the qualities it possesses and at the price it’s offered, you really cannot go wrong with this trundle bed.


3. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin - White
5,585 Reviews
DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle, Twin – White
  • Multi-functional piece with Victorian finial detailing ideal for small living spaces and accommodating guests
  • Product dimensions: 77.5″L x 41.5″W x 41.5″H; Daybed Weight Limit: 400 pounds; Trundle Weight Limit: 225 pounds


  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 77.5 x 41.5 inches
  • Weight: 225 pounds

This bed sports a metal finish that promotes durability and ensures that it looks good wherever it finds itself. This bed is extremely easy on the eyes (and your spine) and it performs a multitude of tasks really well. Whether you need it for sitting or sleeping, this daybed scores top marks when it comes to comfort. It is also adept at maximizing space, is available in a wide variety of colours, clearly was built to last, and takes your safety very seriously. It is a testament to the quality of this daybed that we can hardly find a negative word to say about it. 

The DHP Manila daybed comes in a really bulky package. If you’re not strong enough to haul it into your home by yourself, you can just open the sealing and cart the items in one after the other. Be careful while opening the seal though (it’s really tough), so as not to accidentally damage any of its components. Despite its bulk and multiplicity of parts though, this daybed is ridiculously easy to assemble and can be completed in record time. Everything is clearly labelled and the tools for assembling the daybed are also included in the package. 

The choice of mattress depends solely on your preference, but this daybed can comfortably support a twin size 8″ mattress for the day bed and a twin size 6″ mattress on the trundle. In spite of this, however, it has also been known to support between 8″ to 10″ mattresses for both the main bed and trundle. The trundle slides out all the way very easily, without stopping or catching, on four easy-glide casters. Box springs are not required for either the daybed or trundle. This daybed can easily accommodate two adults without any complaints. We can also confirm that the mattresses do not sag or slip into the spaces between the metal slats. 

One of the major complaints most people have with metal beds is noise. They can keep you awake all night with their loud creaks, making for an uncomfortable night. That problem is remarkably absent with the DHP Manila daybed. This daybed is very quiet and sturdy, easily able to support weights without budging. If, however, you notice squeaks, all you have to do is tighten the bolts again and all the noise-making will cease. 

Scoring top marks across the board, the DHP Manila daybed offers features and qualities that are more commonly associated with other products above its price range. If you’re looking for a trundle bed that blends simple sophistication with flawless functionality, then you shouldn’t look beyond the DHP Manila daybed.

what is a trundle bed


A trundle bed features a 2-in-1 design. What this means is that a daybed can sleep two people and is designed to support two separate Twin mattresses. On the other hand, a daybed is practically just a spacious sofa that has been designed in such a way that it can support both sitting and sleeping. However, a daybed can only sleep one person at a time, unlike the trundle bed.

The short answer is yes, trundle bed mattresses need to be smaller and thinner than the main bed’s mattress in order to fit underneath the bed frame. Typically, trundle bed mattresses are not much thicker than eight inches, and not higher than six inches. Trundle bed mattresses are also mostly twin, and in some cases, full.

Absolutely. Any type of standard bed can be converted to trundle beds by fitting trundles underneath them. With a few regular tools such as screwdrivers and saws, you can convert any bed to a trundle bed pretty quickly. A good way to start is by figuring out clearance space underneath the main bed.

There are some limitations to the mattress size of a trundle bed since it has to conform to space under the main bed. On average, trundle bed mattresses are between 6 and 8 inches thick. Trundle beds also typically support twin or full mattresses.

Bottom Line

Trundle beds offer several immense benefits to homes and families everywhere. Apart from creating more wriggle room for families who live in small apartments, they can also serve as daybeds and cushions and even storage when the trundle bed is not in use. In addition to all these, trundle beds can also be used to accommodate guests at short notice and also host other children during sleepovers.

Historically, trundle beds have been more closely associated with children, perhaps due to their streamlined design and how their low placement may make it difficult for adults to climb in and out of them. Nowadays, however, trundle beds can be found in a multitude of places apart from children’s rooms.

If you opt to purchase a trundle bed, but you find yourself stumped, or you simply do not have the time or energy to sort through the endless array of choices on offer, this article can provide guidance. We’ve also included a list of top recommendations. Our choices have undergone a rigorous screening process, are based on personal experience and have these in common: durability, utmost quality and affordability.

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