What Is A Rimfire Gun?

If you are in the market for a new gunand want to know what is a rimfire gun? then, read on to learn about rimfire guns. Rimfire guns do not have a removable cartridge, and ammunition must be loaded directly into the firearm’s chamber. There is no such thing as “rimshot” ammo with these weapons because they don’t use cartridges. In this article, you’ll find information about different types of rimfire rifles and pistols available today.

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Rimfires carry less kinetic energy than their center-fire counterparts, so accuracy isn’t as great with these guns, but it’s still better than any type of handgun you could buy – even if you’re just going out for plinking. Rimfires also have lower recoil, which makes them easier to shoot accurately. It means beginners will experience success in their first few shots while learning how to aim without being fatigued from the excessive force when firing one shot at a time with regular firearms.

Rimfire guns are typically inexpensive to purchase, and they’re much easier to clean than other types of firearms. They also have less powder residue in the barrel, making them safer for those who live with various people due to allergies or respiratory issues that might be aggravated by heavier gunpowder.

The popularity of rimfire guns has soared due to innovations that make them more versatile and less chunky than older models, making it possible for women to use firearms designed with their size in mind. These newer models also provide a lighter weight that helps shooters carry out physically demanding tasks while hunting or competitions like shooting clays. There’s no longer any need for different grips of these firearms depending on your gender.

Rimfires have been used since 1857 when Smith & Wesson created one of the first modern versions – but they’ve come a long way from heavy iron revolvers and rifles and now can be found among all types of hunters and sports enthusiasts across the country.

It’s essential to select a gun that will fit your size and skill level, but finding the perfect firearm for you is not impossible with so many options on the market today.

Best Rimfire Rifles

Here’s our list of the best rimfire rifles. If you’re in the market to buy a rimfire rifle or not, these models will help you make your decision.

Best Classic Rimfire: Ruger 10/22


Ruger 10/22 is a classic, tried, and true staple of the hunter. The high-performance Ruger family features rugged construction with reliable function in various models suiting different pursuits while always providing memories that last a lifetime. 

Whether you choose to chase big game across wide-open spaces or crisp whitetails out on the farm, your Ruger companion can be relied upon for excitement and reliability time after time. The lightweight simplicity and unconditional affordability has put more trophies over the fireplace mantel,

Here are some models from the Ruger 10/22 family.

10/22 Carbine

The 10/22® Carbine is America’s favorite .22 LR rifle, and for a good reason. It’s easy to operate but has the look and feel of the classic AR-15 style rifles. The 10/22® Carbine features a patented auto-loading system with a fixed 10-round rotary magazine that makes it perfect for quick shooting situations. This rifle is ideal for plinking, target shooting, small game hunting, and action-shooting events. 

 10/22 TakeDown

The 10/22 Takedown is the ideal survival gun. It gives you the power of a .22 LR, but with a barrel that separates quickly and easily from the action for compact storage in your backpack or bug-out bag. The takedown’s cold hammer-forged barrel is locked into an aluminum receiver using a unique 2-screw V-block system. Simply loosen the screws, pivot the barrel, and slide it out of the receiver. It has all the features that make this rifle popular with millions of shooters.

10/22 Competition

The 10/22® Competition Rifle is the next step in the 10/22 evolution. The receiver has been extended by .125″ to allow a more ergonomic grip, while the barrel and bolt have been upgraded to handle high-volume competition shooting without compromising accuracy. The stock is adjustable for length of pull and comb height, with an aluminum bedding block to free float the barrel. 

What Is A Rimfire Gun?

Best Affordable Rimfire: Ruger American


Ruger is on a roll with the new and exciting family of Ruger American Rimfire Guns. Ruger American is the epitome of affordable.  The Ruger American Rifle makes hunting more accessible than ever, with the speed and precision of a rimfire cartridge at an affordable price. With many different models that won’t break the bank for budget-minded hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, you can find one right for you.

Here are some options to choose from Ruger American. 

Rifle Predator

The Ruger Predator Rifle is the ultimate rimfire hunting rifle. It boasts a cold hammer-forged barrel that delivers exceptional accuracy and long life. The 16.1″ threaded barrel comes with a factory-installed thread protector, making it ready for your favorite muzzle device or suppressor right out of the box. The durable, glass-filled nylon synthetic stock features sling swivel studs for easy carrying and quick shouldering. A soft rubber butt pad helps shooters to stay in position while aiming through a scope or sights.

Ranch Rifle

Ruger’s Ranch Rifle is the ultimate high-performance rifle designed to satisfy even the most demanding hunter. It features a 16.38” heavy barrel with a 1:16″ twist rate and 5R rifling that stabilizes bullets up to 77 grains. The Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger offers a crisp release with no takeup or creep for increased precision on the range or in the field. Ergonomic and lightweight black composite stock for quick, easy handling blends a classic look with modern forend,

Rifle Compact

The Ruger American Rifle compact is a 100% American-made rifle sporting the latest engineering innovations from Ruger. It’s designed for shooters of all levels, with many features that make it easy to use. The cold hammer-forged barrel is locked into the receiver by a unique, two-screw V-block system and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy. The ergonomic, lightweight stock combines fiberglass composition with advanced polymer materials for superior durability and comfort. 


Best Hardwood Laminate Rimfire: Marlin 336xlr


Marlin has been producing firearms since 1881; their experience shows through this particular model because they have done everything right. The Marlin 336xlR lever-action rifle is a powerful, versatile centerfire rifle that you can easily customize to fit any hunting or shooting need. The 336 has been around since the 1800s and has only gotten better with time.

It features an 18” Micro-Groove Barrel for long-range accuracy, a 5+1 round capacity, and comes in three different finishes. You can choose between stainless steel, blued steel, or camo laminate stock/forend options to best match your style.

The Marlin 336XLR is a bolt action rifle with a 24″ barrel. The gun has an overall length of 42.5″, weighs 7.1 pounds, and has a 1-in-10 rate-of-twist rifling to stabilize bullets up to 100 grains. The black and grey laminated stock features swivel studs for easy attachment of slings or bipods, and the cross-bolt safety makes it safe to carry the rifle while loaded.

What Is A Rimfire Gun?

Best Rimfire Gun: Remington Model 40XR:


The Remington Model 40XR is a bolt action .22 Long Rifle caliber match rifle. This model has an adjustable trigger, and the barrel length is 22 inches long. The stock material of this gun is hardwood laminate on the grip and forearm and black synthetic on the rest of the body.

It is a single-shot rifle. This rifle has been designed to make it easier to shoot targets at long range, and because of this, it comes with an adjustable trigger that allows you to adjust the pull weight and a flexible cheek piece to get comfortable when shooting. This gun also comes with a free-floating barrel which helps eliminate vibration and makes it much easier to make accurate shots.

Remington Model 40XR .22 Mag. caliber bolt action rifle with a 24″ barrel and a black synthetic stock. Features include an adjustable trigger, X-Mark Pro externally adjustable 3-dot system, and a 10 round magazine. It is the perfect gun for hunting small game or varmints


Henry Lever Action Rifle


The Henry Lever Action rifle is a classic lever action .22 rimfire as American as apple pie. It comes with a blued steel barrel, round receiver, and grooved forend. This rifle features an adjustable rear sight and a front sight with fiber optic inserts. It also has sling swivels for easy transportation to the range or your favorite hunting spot. The Henry Lever Action Rifle will make shooting fun again.

Henry Lever Action Rifle. The Henry Lever Action Rifle is a classic American workhorse. It’s built to last for generations, and it has the accuracy and range that made the name “Henry” famous in the old West. This rifle is available in .22LR, .17 HMR, and .357 Magnum calibers with a 21.375″ barrel, 14″ length of pull, swivel studs, large loop lever, M-Lok rail, 5/8×24 threaded barrel. Scoopable with Weaver 63B Mounts.


Best Ar-style Rimfire Smith And Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport


The Smith and Wesson M&P AR-style rimfire rifle is the best for plinking. It’s accurate, consistent performance at an affordable price. If fun is what you seek, look no further. Configured to mimic the feel and function of America’s most popular rifle – the AR 15 – the M&P 15-22 Sport is a rifle that will help transform your range into a shooting gallery. 

Smith And Wesson’s M&P 15-22 Sport is a semi-automatic rifle that fires the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. It was designed for competition and recreational shooting. The Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 Sport rifle has a 16″ barrel with an overall length of 33.8″. The firearm weighs 4.8 lbs empty, making it lightweight and easy to carry around at the range or in the field. This model features a six-position collapsible stock, removable carry handle/rear sight assembly, standard A2 front sight post. 


Rimfire Steyr Zephyr Ll


The zephyr ii is a grown man’s rimfire rifle. Intended for the field, it shoots well enough to win a bench rest match. It comes standard with a European walnut stock fitted with a Bavarian cheekpiece. It has a five-round detachable magazine and elegantly practical but straightforward and beautiful fish-scale checkering.

The Steyr Zephyr is a bolt action rifle that was designed to be compact and lightweight. The barrel has been shortened up to 19.7 inches, which results in a lighter weight of 5.8 pounds. The stock is made of European walnut with a fish scale pattern, which gives it a classic look. It comes with an adjustable trigger that allows you to adjust the pull length from 1.5 to 3 lbs. This rifle features an ambidextrous magazine release lever, and the safety switch can be easily operated by your thumb while in a shooting position.



 There are no significant. It disadvantages using a rimfire gun when hunting, and it can be more accurate at closer ranges because of lack of recoil and lower cost for ammunition. However, they may not work well on more giant games as there will be an accuracy loss due to less power from the firing pin strike areas with heavy triggers or lighter springs. They also do not function consistently in cold weather conditions.

 Rim-fire stands for “rim” or “outer wall of the case near its head which a firing pin can strike.”

A rimfire gun can be more accurate at closer ranges because of the lack of recoil and a lower cost for ammunition.

In America, the most popular Rim-fire Gun is the Ruger® Model 77/22, a bolt action rifle that shoots .22 caliber ammunition and has an interchangeable barrel for different calibers.

The rimfire gun is a rifle that uses the weapon’s firing mechanism to ignite its ammunition. The cartridge, which contains priming compound and propellant in separate compartments along with an “eye” or flash hole on one side that aligns with a small opening at the base rim” or “outer wall of the case near its head which a firing pin can strike,” is loaded from the front. This weapon was developed in 1845 but wasn’t popularized until after 1860, when it became available for civilian use. It’s easy to load and unload.


Rim-fire guns are a good choice for hunters who do not want to spend all their time reloading their guns or having limited space to store the ammunition. Rim-fire guns are used for hunting purposes and come with no significant disadvantages, but maybe less accurate at longer ranges due to lower firing pin strike area. They work well on a minor games such as rabbit and squirrel without any issues. 

For colder weather conditions, you should store rimfire firearms appropriately by adding waxed paper between the cartridges during storage to prevent moisture from seeping into them when it is cold outside. Rim-fire Guns tend to cost less than other types of weapons because of cheaper ammunition costs, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these might be the best choice for you.

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