What Is A Plush Mattress?

Our mattresses play a massive role in keeping us all strong, bright, and healthy all day long. And a great night’s sleep is central to getting this wonderful experience.

A night’s sleep could become a whole load of work due to all the turning, shifting, and adjusting. With the wrong bedding materials, you could wake up in the morning with severe body pains. However, with the right bedding materials, you’ll not only enjoy your night rest but you’ll also wake up feeling refreshed like a newborn baby every morning.


So if you are looking for the best mattress to offer you that comfort you desire, you may want to consider choosing a plush mattress.

Plush mattress? I know you are wondering right now, “what is a plush mattress?” You’ll find the right answers to your question here. The term plush is used by many mattress companies to describe the level of softness and comfortability you can find in their mattresses.

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It’s noteworthy that the term plush is not always synonymous with softness as most mattress companies also use plush to describe firmer mattresses with soft materials at the top of the mattress.

And using a plush mattress comes with a whole lot of added advantages to your sleep and even your daily activities. Care to know some?
If you experience severe pains of any kind whenever you wake up, it’s high time you changed to a plush mattress. Plush mattresses offer a pain-free sleep. Besides, it’s a great choice for side sleepers.


Another amazing feature of the plush mattress is that they last longer because they return to their proper shape after every night’s sleep. Oh! do I have to mention that it supports the whole body structure? You won’t realize how much comfort you have been missing until you sleep on a plush mattress.

Finally, I know that it is essential for you to get the best plush mattress available in the market. It is for this reason, I’ll talk about three of the best plush mattresses that’ll certainly suit your resting time.

3 Best Best Plush Mattresses Designed to Suit Your Tastes

1. Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 14″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 14' Gel Memory Foam Mattress,Cal King- Made in Arizona
11 Reviews
Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 14″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress,Cal King- Made in Arizona
  • Triple-layer mattress constructed with 3″ Of contouring Gel Memory Foam, 3” of a premium transition layer and 8″ Of durable high-density base foam that gives the mattress structural firmness as well as a durable core.
  • Gel-infused memory foam helps regulate body temperature with pressure point relieving contouring.


  • Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds

The next plush mattress on our list by Dreamfoam is designed for your maximum comfort experience during PM hours.

So, what makes up this mattress? This 14″ comfy mattress features a gel-infused memory foam that draws heat out and away from the body and in the process, delivering a cooler night’s sleep!

Also, it has a top layer of contouring memory foam which is infused with an advanced cooling gel to provide you with a comfortable sleep.

A contouring foam also features in it’s design so as to ensure that pressure points are relieved of much pressure to ensure you are strong and healthy for the day’s activities.

This chill gel memory foam mattress reduces the rate of tossing and turning to achieve an even deeper and more restful night’s sleep.

Incredibly, it has a durable and high-density base foam which provides optimal support and decreased motion transfer for your mattress.

This mattress falls on the inexpensive side of the spectrum and can easily be afforded without breaking your bank account. At its budget friendly price, it is made from high-quality materials and a 10 years warranty is guaranteed from the manufacturer.


2. LUCID 12 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress

LUCID 12 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress - Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam - Motion Isolating Springs - CertiPUR-US Certified
8,595 Reviews
LUCID 12 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress – Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam – Motion Isolating Springs – CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal eliminates odors and cradles your body while you sleep. This mattress is designed to be used with a metal grid, platform, slat, box spring or adjustable base
  • High-quality transition foam infused with aloe vera creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness


  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 83 pounds

This hybrid mattress is the perfect solution to those uncomfortable nights you must have been having. All thanks to the high quality materials used to make this mattress, your disturbing sleep will be a thing of the past!
A perfect addition to your guest room or master bedroom, this exclusively designed mattress gives not only enough sleep satisfaction to you but a healthy body.

Perfect mattress right? That’s just the cake itself now the icing; this hybrid mattress is made with a high-quality 1.5-inch layer transition foam that is infused with aloe vera. And you know the result of this creative work? It creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness.

Amazingly too, This mattress comes with an individually-encased coil base made of high-gauge steel, transition foam infused with aloe vera, and another 2-inch layer of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal.

These natural infusions in the design of this hybrid mattress regulates moisture and combat odors so you wake up daily to an even rejuvenated version of yourself.

I hope you wouldn’t snooze your alarm for too long sleeping on this hybrid mattress because it is packed with all the comfort that memory foam has to offer. And with the added support and durability of the coil springs, you’d experience your long awaited ultimate sleep satisfaction!

With all these amazing features there is to this hybrid mattress, it comes at a very affordable price and a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Interestingly, not only does this mattress come with a warranty; but you also have a 100 night risk-free trial so if you are not satisfied with the product, you can request for a refund.

what is a plush mattress

3. DynastyMattress 14.5-Inch CoolBreeze Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

DynastyMattress 14.5-Inch CoolBreeze Plush Medium Soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed (Split-King)
4,891 Reviews
DynastyMattress 14.5-Inch CoolBreeze Plush Medium Soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed (Split-King)
  • ✅ COOLING MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS: Dynasty mattresses are constructed with a mix of high-density foam using cool dry gel technology so you can get a luxurious nights sleep. This comfy mattress is comprised of 4 expertly designed layers that provide the comfort you deserve.
  • ✅ MEDIUM SOFT MATTRESS: Our CoolBreeze technology is designed to contour to the edges of the body for better comfort. Unlike most memory foam beds and toppers on the market, This medium soft model is excellent for back sleeping and side sleeping.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 110 pounds

Dynasty’s comfy mattress includes 4 expertly designed layers that provide you the comfort you deserve. This mattress is constructed with a mix of high-density foam using a cool dry gel technology so you can get a luxurious night’s sleep even at it’s inexpensive price.

However unlike every memory foam mattress and toppers in the market, this 14.5 model is very soft and also provides you with the comfortable and adequate support that your body needs.

Back sleepers are the ones this mattress is best suited for as this soft model is very excellent for back sleeping. The softness ensures comfy sleep and the sturdy support prevents sinking deep inside the bed to avoid back pains.

And as mentioned earlier this mattress falls on the budget friendly side and a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty is also included. Still with all it’s amazing features includes two free pillows to ensure you get a quality and sound sleep.

The whole goodie of this mattress does not only stop there as included is a removable silk cover protector that provides airflow, comfort, and protection. And with a complementing zipper making it easy to remove, wash, and replace even with your washing machine.

So no matter where you sleep, be it in a dorm, RV, or house this mattress is the best and you should go for it- just be a back sleeper, incredibly awesome nights await you!

what is a plush mattress

Who Should/Shouldn't Choose A Plush Mattress?

So far, I have answered your question, what is a plush mattress and I’ve given a professional review of the best plush mattresses in the market that’ll help you get that sleep you desire.

Although, it doesn’t only stop at knowing what a plush mattress is and the beat product but exactly how suited and effective it would be for you when using.

Therefore, I’m going to explain to you the categories of people that can use plush mattresses and how effective it would be for them.

1. Back Sleepers:

Plush mattresses are best suited for back sleepers as they require beds that can contour their body in order to relieve pressure points and also keep their spines properly aligned.

An advice to back sleepers planning on getting a plush mattress- you should try to seek beds designed with high-quality materials so as to avoid sagging after some time.

2. Side Sleepers:

Plush mattresses work well for side sleepers too as they’ll allow your body to sink into them to a certain degree. This is to achieve a comfortable contour and pressure relief as they also provide support to keep your spines aligned.

what is a plush mattress

As a side sleeper, ensure that you get a medium firm plush mattresses for even more support.

3. Stomach Sleepers:

A big NO if you find yourself in this category. Why? Because stomach sleepers need firmer beds in order to maintain spine alignment and sleeping in a soft mattress would do no good!

Sleeping in a plush mattress as a back sleeper will cause you a lot of pains when you wake up as the softness will create pressure points leading to pains.

So, getting a firmer bed is the only option for tummy sleepers!

4. Couples:

If you happen to share your bed with your partner then you should consider getting a plush mattress for your bedroom.

Why? Plush mattresses are made from foam that reduces the amount and frequency of motion transfer. You know what that means? You won’t feel the movements of your partner while sleeping and vice versa, so your sleep wouldn’t be affected!

5. Restless Sleepers:

Unsettled sleepers should avoid plush mattresses and opt for even firmer beds. This is because the more your movements are on the bed, the more you get enveloped inside the bed.

Sinking inside your bed would lead to severe pains when you wake up, so get an even firmer bed and enjoy your PM time- even with your restlessness!


Yes, plush mattresses work perfectly for side sleepers as it allows their body to sink to a certain degree that supports the spine.

The most suitable mattress to use when you have lower back and hip pain is the memory foam. Because of its high contouring abilities which will ensure that pressure points are relieved.

It depends on your sleeping position. If you tend to sleep on your side, you should seek a plush or medium mattress as you’d need that extra bedding and “give” to accommodate the curves of your body.


Getting a suitable mattress for your night sleep is essential to be at the maximum capacity during the day’s activities.

And as you’ve been made to understand in this article that sleeping with the best mattress does not only enhance your work but also makes you healthier.

The reason for this article which is the discussion of what a plush mattress is and how using them can benefit you has been expertly explained.

I’m very confident that you’ve found your next mattress from the three reviewed mattress; LUCID 12 Inch Full Hybrid Mattress, Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 14″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress and DynastyMattress 14.5-Inch CoolBreeze Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

However, have it in mind that for your sleep with a plush mattress to be smooth you have to consider your sleeping position and the kind of pillows best suitable for you. With all these considered, I assure incredibly awesome nights.

I take my bow now and leave you to make your choice on the best plush mattress that will give you that wonderful sleep experience you’ve always wanted.

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