What is a Molle Holster?

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A holster is a device that serves as a safe and secure place to store an object.  The object type is a gun, and so the primary purpose of a holster is to allow people to carry handguns. However, holsters can also be used for other objects such as knives, mobile phones, and keys.

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In this article, we will discuss what is a Molle holster? and what makes them so popular.

Molle Holster

A Molle holster is typically attached to a Molle vest. The term “Molle” stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and was initially developed and used by some European military forces as a way of increasing the number of equipment soldiers could carry without having too much weight dragging them down. When worn around the waist, a Molle vest can be attached with a Molle holster. 

Molle Holster

Why Use a Molle Holster?

The Molle belt holster gives you quick and easy access to your sidearm, even while running. It also allows for better weapon retention than most other holsters because there is no way the gun can become dislodged from its holder unless it is unfastened. A belt is required for this holster because it ensures that the gun will stay attached to its holder and not fall out of reach, making it very useful in combat situations where there might be a lot of fast movement and elevation change. The Molle holster with a belt even has loops that make attaching accessories such as flashlight holders to the holster.


The Molle vest holster is highly adjustable, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit when wearing it. It is also undoubtedly safer than other types of holsters because there are no straps or mechanisms that can interfere with the trigger. The Molle belt holster allows you to attach it in front, directly on your torso, or behind you. It also gives you the option of choosing between carrying horizontally (vertically for left-handers) or vertically. While the Molle belt holster is excellent for combat situations, it’s not ideal for walking around in public because the bulky and complicated design makes people immediately wary of you. It’s also not advisable to use this holster if you’re planning on wearing a suit or other formal clothing.

Features of a Molle Holster

When you go to buy a new Molle holster, there are a few things you should consider. 


Because a Molle holster is meant to house a gun, the material from which the holster is made must be hardy and able to withstand damage without compromising its integrity. Look for a Molle belt with a sturdy build so you can be sure you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. 


A Molle holster is not the most comfortable accessory to wear, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you wear it with a heavier gun. If you plan to carry something smaller and lighter during your outdoor adventures, however, you will need to look for Molle holsters with soft padding so they don’t chafe your skin. 


While it is important that you feel secure in your holster, it’s also essential that you access the gun whenever necessary. For this reason, make sure there are no complicated straps or clips; the less fiddling around with your Molle belt holster, the better. 


As previously mentioned, a Molle holster must be very durable because it is meant to protect a gun. A good Molle belt holster should have a good build and ensure that the gun doesn’t get scratched or damaged by the outside environment. Look for a Molle belt holster made of leather or high-quality black nylon webbing with reinforced stitching for best results. Having a fast release mechanism such as a quick-release buckle or simple clip is also advisable.

Features of a Molle Holster

Types of Molle Holsters

Now that we’re done talking about Molle belt holsters let’s look at some of its variants. 

Drop Leg Molle Holster

Instead of being attached around the waist, a drop leg Molle holster is designed to be affixed around your thigh. While many airsoft players might prefer this type of Molle belt holster because it is easier to maneuver when you’re in combat situations, they are not practical for people who need quick access to their guns when walking or running up and downstairs. The advantages of using a drop leg holsters are that it can accommodate different types of rifles, handguns, and knives; it has plenty of loops through which accessories like flashlights can be looped; you don’t have to wear a belt with them, and it’s safer than other types of Molle belt holster because you can’t accidentally pull the trigger.

Tactical Molle Holster

Like the drop leg Molle belt holster, the tactical version is meant for military and law enforcement officers who need quick access during combat situations. It is designed so that you can attach it to your calf or thigh, and its placement makes it possible for you to draw and fire even when lying flat on the ground.  There are two types of tactical holsters: the duty style and the competition style. The duty style is simpler because it has a single retention strap, whereas the competition style has three separate straps that ensure that your gun won’t fall out during combat. The downside of using a tactical Molle holster is that their design might interfere with your natural walking patterns, making it difficult to move around freely. They also tend to affect your mobility because they make it harder for you to run.

Hip Drop Molle Holster

If you’re looking for something less bulky than the standard drop leg Molle holster, then you might want to try out a hip drop version. These types of Molle belt holsters are also known as dump pouches because they allow you to quickly unload your gun before placing it back in the pouch since gravity will make sure that everything falls from where it came from.

Why use a Molle Holster?

Padded Molle Holster

A padded Molle holster is perfect for people with sensitive skin because its soft interior lining ensures comfort when worn against your skin. Many women find this type of holster very comfortable, especially during the hot summer months when thick clothing can be very uncomfortable. However, even though these Molle holsters are available in different sizes and designs, they aren’t designed to accommodate large handguns. As a rule of thumb, try not to get anything larger than 6 inches, or you’ll have problems trying to draw your weapon quickly.

Modular Molle Holster

If you are looking for the perfect blend between quick-draw capabilities and comfort, then look no further than a modular Molle holster because it combines many features found in other types of holsters into one convenient package. For example, you can easily remove this type of Molle belt holster from where it is attached using clips that help distribute weight evenly around the body for increased comfort while also possessing several webbing loops that make it easy to attach accessories like flashlights and magazines.


The downside of using a modular Molle holster is that they tend to be bulkier than other types, making it difficult to move around quickly. They also won’t do much good if you’re looking for a holster that will accommodate large handguns because these Molle belt holsters are typically made for smaller guns. However, it should be noted that there is no perfect type of Molle holster; each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses depending on where you plan to use them and how often you plan on using them. 


The Molle gun belt is a tactical belt that uses Molle loops instead of the standard metal buckle to hold things together. Instead of having a metal piece that can pinch the skin and hurt, tactically speaking, it is optimal to have a belt buckle that does not cause injury. It also means that you do not need to remove your belt before going through security or taking off your pants. 

These holsters typically have Molle loops on the back and Molle straps that can be attached to a Molle belt. This helps distribute the weight of your gun evenly around your body. 

Carries Molle means that the holster can be attached to a Molle system or pack. A Molle belt is constructed of two parts – the belt and the straps. The Molle belt has a series of polymer loops on it which is where you can attach the Molle straps. 


Molle holster is a hip drop or dump pouch designed for people looking for quick access to their guns when running or walking around. There are several different types of Molle holsters, but none of them can accommodate larger handguns. The best type depends on what you plan to do with the holsters and who will use them. We have covered what a Molle holster is, how it works, and some frequently asked questions. We hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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