What is A Long Gun?

What is A Long Gun?

A Comprehensive Guide

Essentially, the term “long gun” refers to any firearm that has an extended barrel and stock. These weapons are typically more accurate than handguns but with less stopping power. They can be used for hunting and home defense depending on what type of ammunition you use. Long guns include rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns.

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Benefits of Long Gun

There are few things more important than being able to defend your family and property. On a day where crime rates are on the rise, you need to be prepared for anything. One of the best ways to do that is with a long gun in your home. A long gun offers many benefits, from self-defense to hunting. Below we will discuss some of the basic benefits of owning a long gun in today’s society.

Self Defense

A long gun is a great way to defend your home from intruders. In today’s society where crime rates are on the rise, it is more important than ever that you have access to self-defense measures in case of an emergency. With loud blasts and high accuracy shots, no intruder will be able to get past your defenses with ease!

Hunting Game

A long gun has many applications outside of just defending yourself against would-be attackers too! They can also come in handy when hunting game for food as well. The noise they produce scares animals away due to their sharp sound which makes them excellent weapons when trying to scare off wildlife or hunt down prey for dinner. Plus, if something does happen while hunting, you can protect yourself and your friends with the gun.


A long gun is also very effective when it comes to target shooting! You will need a lot of space indoors or outdoors in order to set up targets so that you won’t accidentally hit anything else while trying to shoot at them from a distance away. That being said, if there are no other objects around, then this would be an excellent way for anyone who wants to practice their aim without having to worry about hitting something unintended. It’s always best not to have any guns nearby during family gatherings though because accidents happen all the time which could lead to someone getting hurt unintentionally.

Difference Between Long and Short Guns

The difference between a long gun and a short gun is that the longer length gives you more distance, higher accuracy, but less versatility because it can’t be carried in as many places on your body or under clothes without being detected. A shorter weapon would limit your reach for shooting at targets far away from you; however, this trade-off allows for better portability options due to its smaller size. The guns themselves are typically distinguished by their barrel lengths. Long guns have barrels of 24 inches or greater in length while short weapons range 16 inches or less with most falling into the 12-inch category. The difference between the weights of both guns is usually a few ounces.


Longest Gun in the World

Schwerer Gustav is the longest gun in the world. It was more than 150 feet long and weighed almost 15,000 tons. The Schwerer Gustav had an effective range that was only half its maximum distance. Schwerer Gustav’s main use during World War II was a part of the Atlantic Wall defenses against Allied invasion after 1943; however, no records are showing that it ever fired on any enemy targets before being captured by American troops at Saumur, France on August 18th, 1944. After WWll ended other countries used Schwerer Gustav for target practice until 1968 when it became obsolete.

Longest Gun in the World

Ammunition or Bullet Calibers for Long Guns

Ammunition for long guns falls into three categories: small, medium, and large. The ammunition is measured in millimeters (mm). Smaller calibers are less powerful than larger ones because they have a higher velocity with more recoil but don’t do as much damage to the target or cause that much destruction on impact. Large caliber bullets usually have low muzzle velocities with high kinetic energy values due to their heavyweight and slow speeds. However, these make up for it by doing more damage when they hit their mark! The following is a list of common calibers found in modern weaponry today along with some examples of each:


The most common caliber that people use with their rifles would be .223 Remington which can also come in different grain weights like 55GR and 62GR


Some other popular calibers include 45 Colt (ARs), 308 Winchester (.308AR) and


.22 LR rounds – Ruger Mk III Target model


12 Gauge shotgun shells

List of Top Produced Long Guns for Hunting, and Personal Defense

Marlin 336 Dark-Long Gun

Model 336 is one of the best long guns from Marlin Firearms. This rifle is capable of firing a variety of calibers such as the .30-30 Winchester, 30. 06 Springfield and 45 Win Mag or you can choose any other caliber in order to suit your needs. This weapon has been designed with an 18-inch barrel which makes it ideal for hunting because this length will provide more accuracy at longer distances. Moreover, Marlin 336 Dark comes with adjustable sights so that you are able to adjust them according to your shooting range requirements.

Bushmaster M17S-Long Gun

The Bushmaster M17s semi-automatic rifle is one of the most popular long guns today. This particular firearm offers high-capacity magazines and fires from either single shots or three-round bursts depending on what type of trigger pull you use when pulling the trigger. Moreover, this rifle comes with a foldable stock which makes it easy to store in tight spaces and also allows for easy transportation. This long gun is categorized as a bolt-action shotgun that means the cartridge must be loaded manually into the receiver so what you have better do is choose your ammunition carefully depending on your hunting situation. 

Mossberg 500 Field/Security-Long Gun

Mossberg 500 is divided into two types, Field Model & special Model. The Fields Model is perfect for hunting while the Special Model is used for special purposes like self-defense or the law of enforcement. The Mossberg 500 Field/Security long gun is a pump-action shotgun that has been on the market for more than 50 years and it’s still going strong. The barrel of this firearm measures 18 inches in length, so you’ll have to maneuver carefully when hunting because of its size.


In addition, this firearm comes with an adjustable stock which makes it easier to use while standing or sitting down. This rifle also features a fixed choke, which means as soon as you load your ammunition into the chamber, they will be shot at whatever distance you’re aiming them at no matter how far away they are from your target. Lastly, these shotguns come equipped with either metal or synthetic stocks depending on what type of model you purchase.

Browning BAR- Long Gun

The BAR, also known as the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Brownie, is an American gas-operated automatic long gun weapon that is used by the United States and numerous others. It was designed by John Browning and it is a lever-action rifle that has been in production since 1895. It offers the features of semi-automatic fire only on the fully automatic setting. The gun offers a quick reload time of about 16 seconds when using either a 20 round box or belts with 250 rounds capacity each. It weighs 27 pounds without any accessories attached to it such as sights or grips, its barrel length measures 23 inches long while holding 30 rounds per magazine and 12 cartridges total loaded into the internal loading area at one time. It had an effective range of 800 yards (730 meters). It is capable of firing rounds up to 260 yards (230 meters) per second. 

Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target Rifle 

The Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range Target Rifle is a bolt-action rifle that has an overall length of 45 inches. It weighs about 12 lbs without any accessories, its barrel measures 26 inches long while holding five rounds per magazine and three cartridges total loaded into the internal loading area at one time. It has an effective range of 500 yards (457 meters). This gunfire rounds up to 240 yards (219 meters) per second. These are just some of your options when it comes to choosing from this category.


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We have provided the information on long guns. They are known for their range and accuracy, but not as effective in close combat. Long guns are rifles with barrels that range from 16 inches to 36 inches and can be used for hunting animals such as deer. These rifles have also been mounted on vehicles in the military, which would make them “long” firearms due to their barrel length not being less than 20 inches. Hopefully, this article helped you to find out the clear difference between long and short firearms, and why people choose one or the other type of rifle.