What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Several mattress products have existed over the years . There’s the waterbed that dates back to some decades ago, the pillow top, the traditional innerspring, the latex, the memory foam, and several others. All of these have their advantages and areas of attractions. But there is a mattress that combines several types and culminates into a one-of-its-kind mattress. It is the hybrid mattress.

The hybrid mattress is a combination of the properties of two or more mattresses, usually the innerspring mattress and the latex mattress. However, some other manufacturers combine the innerspring and the memory foam mattresses.

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As the name implies, the hybrid mattress harnesses the supportive and firm quality of the innerspring mattress and the soft feel of the memory foam mattress. The result of this amazing combination is that you get the best when it comes to selecting an excellent mattress.

The hybrid mattress is good for every sleeper and makes for a good night’s rest. Imagine waking up with aching bones and cracking neck. You are not in a good mood to meet people but you have to go to work. Then everything gets in your nerves because of your feelings of discomfort. At the end of the day, you would have had a bad day. And it becomes a vicious circle.

The good news is that the hybrid foam has come to the rescue. Combining the advantages of both foams, it gives the best support system there is and a chance to enjoy the good sides of both worlds. The hybrid mattress is extra comfortable to sleep on without waking up with body aches. It is built to make your body naturally align and relax. It is breathable and does not trap heat. Whatever the weather out there, you can enjoy a cool night rest and wake up smiling.

When choosing the kind of mattress to buy, you have to be careful to make the right pick. It is like getting a doctor for your health care.

Top Three Hybrid Mattress Reviewed and Ranked

The hybrid mattress is a product of two worlds because it harnesses the support systems of the traditional innerspring mattress and the memory foam. This results in the best mattress you can find in the market. It is one of the highest in the mattress hierarchy scale. Considering the advantage of the hybrid mattress, everyone aspires to get one. Before you step into the market to make that dream a reality, check out these top three hybrid mattresses guaranteed to inform a smart choice.

1. Sweetnight 12 Inch Plush Pillow Top Mattress (King)

Sweetnight King Mattress, 12 Inch Soft Pillow Top King Size Mattress – Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs Hybrid Mattress with Cooling Gel Memory Foam for Motion Isolation & Cooler Sleep, Island
  • PRESSURE & PAIN RELIEVE – Sweetnight 12 inch king mattress adopts individually wrapped coils, which can adjust independently to ensure support and perfectly contour your body, relieving pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back, and hips.
  • MOTION ISOLATION – The king size hybrid mattress works independently to provide a localized bounce in different zones. Each coil moves independently for more targeted support and reduces motion transfer between partners for an undisturbed night of rest.


  • Dimensions: 76 x 80 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 114.6 pounds

Sweetnight King size pillow-top mattress is the perfect solution to those uncomfortable nights you have been having. Getting a mattress that is comfortable, stable, and supportive at the same time is not so easy. This mattress is a result of years of research and hardworking with customer satisfaction as the goal.

It has the perfect feel for a good night’s rest. It features individually pocketed coils for improved support. These coils are found in the support layer of the mattress. These coils move and adjust to give you the best feel. They adjust to your movements and contour your body to relieve pressure on you. The bed adjusts to different parts of your body, especially the pressure-sensitive areas like your shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side. Other pressure-sensitive areas like your ribs when you sleep on your stomach and your back when you sleep on your back are also taken care of. With  the Sweetnight mattress, body painting is ruled out. Those days of stiffy cracking neck and aching shoulders and back are over.

These coils also move to isolate motions. What this means is that it prevents motion transfer so that your movements do not disturb your partner and vice versa. It provides localized bounce in different areas of the mattress 

This hybrid mattress gives you the support that is synonymous with the traditional innerspring mattress. Since it is a product of two different support systems, it also affords you the comfort of the typical memory foam

The gel memory foam gives you that plush feel and support when you lie on the bed. The gelling agent works to keep your body cool at night and feeling nice when you wake up. The Sweetnight brand offers you additional support by adding the puffy pillow-top layer. This additional layer is made with memory foam. It features the gelling agent that accounts for the cool feel of the mattress. With the right mattress, you are sure to wake up feeling good and up to the day’s task.

The mattress is built with the best of materials devoid of harmful substances. What differentiates the Sweetnight pillow-top mattress from some other mattresses is the quality of the material it is made with. It is made with CertiPUR-US Certified foam. This foam does not contain mercury and other metals like formaldehyde. This mattress is healthy for your skin, whatever your skin type. Nominees want to sleep on a mattress that posses a threat to their health. This is why this is one of the three top hybrid mattresses for you any day.

The mobility of the mattress is easy. It comes in a box conveniently. It can be compressed and rolled for safe and stress-free mobility. After unpacking it, it regains its original shape within 72 hours. Unlike most mattresses, it “breaks in” to your sleep pattern. It adjusts to your sleep styles for enhanced comfort and stability. 

The thickness of a mattress is an essential area to consider when buying one to ensure maximum support and comfort. The ideal size for a hybrid mattresses ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches, although some fall outside of this measurement and still keep the charm that hybrid mattresses are known for. This king size mattress is 12 inches in height. 

This mattress feels right when positioned anywhere, even on the floor. It is recommended for any body type and size. It can withstand even a heavyweight body and still provide the comfort and stability it is built to provide. This mattress is also suitable for any sleeping style. Whether you lie on your back, stomach, or sides, it can hold you and provide cushion and even out the pressure keeping your pressure-sensitive sides safe. Whether you are with a partner or not, you have the right bed to make you feel good.

This mattress is suitable for anyone of any age to sleep on. It is not too from for babies neither is it too soft for adults. Anyone can have a feel of it and wake up feeling good.

It is durable and therefore a wise investment. The hundreds of coils that come with the mattress are there to ensure longevity.

what is a hybrid mattress

2. Zinus Italian Made Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress (Queen)

Zinus Italian Made 12 Inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Made in Italy / OEKO-TEX Certified / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Olive Oil Infused Memory Foam / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
219 Reviews
Zinus Italian Made 12 Inch Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Made in Italy / OEKO-TEX Certified / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Olive Oil Infused Memory Foam / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen
  • PREMIUM, WITHOUT THE PREMIUM PRICE- A bed with the added finesse of an Italian masterpiece, this mattress features premium pocketed springs, olive oil-infused foam and a luxurious soft quilted cover, giving you everything you need for a “buona sera”
  • SOFT & SUPPORTIVE LAYERS – Made with 4 inches of olive oil-infused memory foam, comfort and support foams, along with 8 inch premium pocket springs for motion isolation and edge support; ideal for back and stomach sleepers and average to plus-sized weight individuals
what is a hybrid mattress


  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 79.4 pounds

This mattress is another amazing hybrid product that’s has prospered in the market. The Olive Oil Hybrid Mattress combines several support systems to give you one of the best hybrid mattresses in the game. It is a blend of  Icoil Pocket Innersprings, Comfort Foam, and Olive Oil-infused Memory Foam. 

It features pocketed inner springs for motion isolation. This feature makes it possible for you to move on your bed without any issue. The spings isolate motion so that you can share the bed with a partner without anyone causing inconveniences to the other. The spring also provides edge support. This Italian hybrid mattress is suitable for any kind of body weight. The mattress provides a cushion for your body thereby eliminating the chances of having body aches, especially around the waist, hips, shoulders, and ribs. No one is left out in the world of hybrid mattresses. Everyone is catered to. The twin mattress is recommended d for people who weight 250 lbs. For people who are weightier than this, higher sizes are available for them. They can support up to 500lbs.

The mattress is also suitable for all kinds of sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach or your back, you are sure to wake without any uncomfortable feeling. For those who sleep on their sides, this mattress enhances natural body alignment

This mattress has a luxurious comfortable quilted cover for maximum comfort. Memory foam is widely known for its comfort and soft feel. Adapting memory foam infused with olive oil into this hybrid mattress is a smart move to ensure consumers well being. 

The best mattress is one that will not put your health in danger. The Sinus Italian hybrid mattress is produced with harmless materials and substances. It satisfies the European standard for a healthy mattress and is OEKO-TEX certified. Having ticked the box for excellence, this mattress is suitable for any skin type. It is as healthy for children as it is for adults. 

When you get a mattress or any other item, there is the chance that you won’t like it for one reason or the other. However, the hybrid mattress is an all-time pleaser. People who buy them are usually pleased with their purchase. However, to enhance customer service and satisfaction, this product has a ten-year limited warranty. If there is any challenge covered by the warranty, you get their customer service to attend to you.

It is relatively easy to maneuver and move the mattress around. Anytime you are in transit, this is bed is for your smart choice. It can be compressed to make for easy transportation. When you arrive at your locations, you can unbox the mattresses and give it time to regain its original shape and size.


3. Casper Original Foam California Mattress 2020 Model (King)

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress, California King
  • Our innovative mattress formula that brings together a proprietary combination of materials to unlock your best night’s sleep—for even better tomorrows.
  • Mattress dimensions: 72” W x 84” L x 11” H. Foam weight: 100 lbs


  • Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 100 pounds

The Casper Original mattress is all shades of awesomeness. It is a 2020 model guaranteed to make you ditch your present mattress (if it’s not hybrid) for a new baby. 

This bed is designed to give you comfort. It features a soft foam around the shoulder region and firmer foam around the lower back, waist, and hip region. The resultant effect of this is a comfortable and supportive mattress for pressure and pain relief. Those times when you wake up with aches around your shoulders are over if you use the right mattress. It guarantees a peaceful night rest without waking up to stiffy necks. General body aches won’t be there anymore because the mattress naturally aligns your spine, placing your back and hips on the right position.

Propelled by the zeal for customer satisfaction, Casper Sleep has a reputable research and development team to put together what is best for you. What this means is that while they cater to your health needs by using materials that are free from harmful substances, they also make the mattresses to respond to your needs. On the side as well is the aesthetic appeal of the latest models.

If there is an area of discomfort that hinders good sleep, it is night heat. But there is cause to smile because this mattress provides a solution to that challenge. The top layer is made of perforated foam for enhances breathability. This in turn gives you a cool feel of the mattress. The mattress does not retain heat, rather it eliminates body heat and hot air. This will leave you with a cool bed and a nice night experience. 

It is one thing to sleep in a comfortable bed, it is another to be safe. If your bed is very supportive and healthy but made with unhealthy materials, it will do you no good. It is important to know what material the mattress you’re buying is made to know if it’s good for your health. 

Casper Original foams are CertiPUR-US certified. The mattress is made of healthy materials devoid of chemicals capable of depleting the ozone layer. Their products are suitable for any skin type. It is good for babies as much as it is nice for adults. This is the kind of mattress you can sleep on with your baby, partner, or alone.

The bed is built to carry any bodyweight, whether small, average, or heavy. 

It encourages sleeping freely without bothering if the bed will be comfortable or not. The bed conforms to your body and adjusts to your movements to relieve pressure and pains. It is neither too firm nor too weak. It is the perfect feel and firmness. This mattress supports any sleeping position. If you sleep on your sides, it will align your body and reduce pains. You can sleep on your back and stomach without any pain around your ribs, waist, back, and shoulders.

This product is durable. You can invest your money into buying it without any regrets. It is not easy to trust any product especially if you don’t have anyone who has used it and can recommend it. Well, this should not deter you from making that smart move. Casper Sleep offers a 100- night trial to make you ascertain if this product is right for you. If you try this product out, you will most likely not return it because it is the perfect mattress for you and your bedmate, if any. However, if you do deem it fit to return it, the returns will be free.

what is a hybrid mattress


You may be curious to know if the hybrid mattress is good. Well, you are not alone. With the high recommendations making the rounds, one will want to know if the product is worth all the praises showered on it. As you can guess from the names, the hybrid mattress is a product of two or more support systems. Usually, it is a combination of the traditional innerspring mattress and the all-time comfortable memory foam or the plush latex foam. 

The innerspring mattress and the memory foam or the latex foam are great products in their rights and have made good names in the mattress world. A product that harnesses the advantages of two or more support systems should turn out as expected: better! Hybrid mattresses are good because they give you a feeling both worlds, you get to experience both sides in one. This quality accounts for the high demands of these products. Rather than getting a mattress that meets part of your requirement, why not get one that delivers on both ends? 

Hybrid mattresses are highly recommended for side sleepers. Sleeping on your side involves putting pressure on the side of your that makes contact with the bed, that is your shoulders, hips, hands, and legs. Pressure-sensitive areas like your shoulders, neck, and hips are the better with hybrid mattresses. The top layer made with memory foam provides the needed cushion for your body. This layer prevents the coils and springs from being an inconvenience to you. You do not wake up to body aches. Hybrid mattresses are particularly good for people who are prone to having low back, shoulders, and neck pains. The mattress contours your body and supports you.

The firmness level of hybrid mattresses is another strong point of recommendation. Some people prefer the firmness of the innerspring mattress while some would rather have the soft feel of memory top. A merger of these two is the perfect solution. The coils give you the required support, irrespective of your body weight. The memory foam top layer offers the softness and cushion you need to be comfortable. These components blend to ensure that the mattress is not too hard for your bones and not too soft to sink you in.

Hybrid mattresses are a great choice if you’re on the verge of making one. However, to determine if a mattress is good for you, it will help to teat it. Some manufacturers like Casper Sleep offer trial periods you can leverage on.

When it comes to mattresses, the ultimate aim is comfort, stability, and durability. The hybrid mattress is built to provide all of these qualities and as such, you do not need a box spring before you use your mattress. 

A box spring is is a support system meant to hold the mattress at the base. The mattress is placed on top for ample hold at the bottom. Initially, boxsprings were made with thick gauge spring for better support. Presently, boxsprings do not have interior gauge springs. They are made with strong wood and overlaid with clothe. 

Boxsprings are referred to as bed bases or foundations for supporting the mattress from the bed frame. They are particularly useful for absorbing and distributing any amount of body weight. 

The hybrid foam does not need a boxspring for stability or comfort. They are built to withstand any bodyweight or sleeping position. They are firm and strong. The hybrid mattress feature pocketed coils and springs for distributing weight across the mattress by creating room for more bounce. 

The hybrid mattress works well in relieving pressure such that you don’t have to battle with body pains. This explains why you wake up feeling bright and cheerful. Your night is good because your mattress is comfortable.

Other mattresses may need the box spring, but not the hybrid because it delivers more than those other products. Since the hybrid is a mixture of the best of two different support systems, it is by all means of higher advantage. That is to say that while other mattresses need a boxspring for higher performance in terms of stability and comfort, the hybrid has it embedded in it. In other words, the hybrid mattress is enough for itself.

If your bed is stable, you will enjoy the overall comfort of the upper layer. The top layer is resting on the support layer where the coils and springs are located. The base layer is like the foundation of the mattress. It contains a 1-inch layer of foam that acts as padding for the mattress. These two layers impact on the top layer. The support and luxury you enjoy in the top layer is a result of a combination of all the layers. Other mattresses that do not have the benefits of these layers may rely on the boxspring to supplement their stability and comfort. But this is not the case with the hybrid mattress; you’ve got all you need in one package.

The reason why mattresses are placed on boxsprings usually revolves around comfort and stability. These qualities are already embedded in the hybrid mattress.

The side you sleep on is as important as the time you spend sleeping. Medical practitioners advise that you spend at least seven to eight hours daily sleeping. Sleep is necessary for human functioning. It affects your brain, alertness, guts, and composure. Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health. 

Another thing that might pay ample attention is what you sleep on. You might get the right amount of sleep your body needs but the thing is, if you do not comfortably, you have only stressed your body for as long as you slept. The amount of sleep you get, how you sleep, that is your sleeping position, and where you sleep are the three core areas you must pay attention to if you are to get the best sleep you can. 

Sleeping on your side is advisable for some reason including the fact that it alone your body naturally and makes room for easy breathing. You can choose to sleep on your right or left side. However, it is medically advised to sleep on the left side. 

A particular reason why sleeping on the left side is recommended is because the placement of our internal organs supports sleeping on our left side.

Side sleeping has some health benefits including boosting our mental health and aiding digestion. It also reduces heartburn. Sleeping on your side is reputed for reducing sleep apnea because the chances of your airways getting blocked are few. Certified sleep science coach, Bill Fish, has said that snoring is in itself annoying and can be merely regarded but the reality is that several people are being diagnosed with apnea. This goes to show that if more people practice sleeping on their sides, fewer people will have to battle with sleep apnea. 

Side sleeping is no doubt medically beneficial to the human body but if you do not sleep comfortably, you will not enjoy the full benefit of side sleeping even if you sleep on your left. 

This is why what you sleep on matters.  There are several brands of mattresses around but not all of them are comfortable and stable. The hybrid mattress is reputable for stability, supportability, and comfortability. 

Some people discouraged side sleeping because of the side effects that it can have on you. There is the possibility of having sore or aching jaw if you put pressure on it while sleeping. Some side sleepers also have shoulder pains. All of these discomforts are a result of not sleeping on the right bed. 

Before investing in a mattress, you should put some thoughts into it. The hybrid mattress is very good for side sleeping. This mattress combines the advantages of the traditional innerspring mattress and the plush latex foam or memory foam. The result of this combination is a mattress that you can sleep on without any side effects. 

The hybrid mattress is good for side sleeping because it is comfortable. Sleeping on your side requires a good and comfortable mattress which the hybrid is known for. The hybrid mattress has a comfort layer, that is the part you get to sleep on. The has the plush feel of memory foam. It is built to cushion you when you sleep on it. It provides support for your body and relieves the pressure on the pressure-sensitive areas of your body like your hips and shoulders. Sleeping on your side means putting pressure on your shoulder, hip, hand, and other parts of your body. If the bed you sleep on does not distribute pressure, you will do yourself great harm by sleeping on your side. 

The hybrid foam is also good for side sleepers because it has the adequate feel needed to sleep on the side. Most hybrid mattresses have a firmness level of medium to medium-firm. This is perfect for the human body. With this level of firmness, you can move comfortably and turn from one side to another without difficulties. The mattress is neither too firm to give you body aches nor is it too soft to sink you in when you sleep on it. The medium level of firmness is recommended for any sleeping position, especially side sleeping. 

Another reason why the hybrid mattress is good for side Sleepers is its thickness level. There are no fixed thickness levels for mattresses but the thickness level of a mattress can determine its comfortability. Hybrid mattresses come in the right thickness level. It is neither too thick nor too thin. 

You can get mattresses of 11 or 12 inches. Some mattresses are thicker or thinner than these numbers. Hybrid mattresses have different layers that all culminate in the amazing beds you see. These constituting layers have the components that make them the sizes they are. Every part of the mattress is made for consumer satisfaction. 

No one sleeps on their sides always. There are times when they will sleep on their backs or stomachs, even if not consciously. Therefore, a mattress that suits any sleeping position is the best choice. The challenge is that you wouldn’t want to get different mattresses for different sleeping positions. (Does anyone do that?) For a variety of sleeping positions, a versatile mattress is an answer. Hybrid mattresses are versatile; they offer you every type of mattress in one package.

Simply put, sleeping on your side without the hybrid mattress is bad news. Your body is delicate and should be treated as such. You should only sleep on your side if you have a supportive, comfortable, and stable mattress to sleep on.

There are several important things to consider before buying a mattress and the thickness is one of them. The thickness of a mattress is measure by its height or depth. Mattresses come in different sizes to suit a variety of tastes, preferences, and purposes. The reason for which you are buying a mattress will determine the thickness you will go for. Where it will be used whether in a school, church, hospital, or elsewhere, will determine the thickness to go for. That being said, there is no hard and fast rule on the thickness of a mattress. A general rule, however, is that mattresses made with the same material will be softer when they are thicker and firmer when they are thinner.

Hybrid mattresses are most times thicker than other mattresses because of their constituting layers. The base layer of the hybrid mattress is the foundation that holds the rest of the mattress. It offers padding to the whole mattress making it stable. Stability is one of the several givens of the hybrid mattress. Unlike some other mattresses that rely only on their support systems, the hybrid mattress gets from two or more systems to build its support system. It is a product of two products which gives it an edge over them individually. The base layer is usually a 1- inch foam.

It has a second layer which is the coil support layer sits directly on the base layer. This layer contains individually pocketed coils and springs that provide motion transfer and pressure relief. This part is responsible for those sweet nights you have when you sleep and wake up with no pains whatsoever. This part also impacts on the top layer for improved comfort. The coils in this layer are responsible for the mattress durability. This part is typically 7 to 8 inches thick.

The top layer is the comfort layer. The thickness of this layer is left to the mattress manufacturer to decide. The thickness around this area differs from each brand. However, on average, it is mostly between 3 to 4 inches thick. 

Going by the thickness of these components, one could peg the thickness of the hybrid mattress between 11 to 13 inches. For instance, the Sweetnight Breeze king size mattress and the Zinus Italian Olive Oil Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress are 12 inches thick. While the Casper Original King Size Foam is 11 inches thick. These three products are topping the mattress chart and garnering positive comments from consumers. 

Since there are no restrictions on the thickness of a hybrid mattress, other brands may have their products thicker than these or even thinner. The materials with which a mattress is made will determine how thick it will be.


So far, this article has successfully discussed in detail what  hybrid mattress entails. With the hybrid foam, you have all the advantages of a good mattress contained in one package. 

The hybrid mattress is built for comfort and stability. It has a base layer that provides padding and stability to the whole mattress. It is usually made with a 1-inch foam layer. There is the coil support layer that provides you with comfort when sleeping in the mattress. It has wrapped coils and springs that distribute motion and relieve pressure. The more the coil, the more the mattress lasts. In other words, the longevity of the mattress lies within the support core.

The top layer is the comfort zone of the mattress. It is the part you lie on. This part is usually made with latex or memory foam. Most times, it has a gel content that gives you a cooling effect. There are several brands and products in the market to satisfy you. 

Consumers are usually curious to know if the hybrid foam is good and if side sleepers can use them. Hybrid mattresses are versatile and comfortable for anyone to sleep on. It can accommodate any sleep position and withstand any amount of weight. 

The hybrid mattress does not require you to use a box spring. It stable, comfortable, and can isolate motion on its own. There is no one-size specification for hybrid mattresses, they can come in different levels of thickness. Most hybrid mattresses have thickness levels that vary from 11 to 13 inches.

If you want a mattress that will give you that cool feel at night, a hybrid mattress is your take. Perhaps you have body pains and a cracking neck every morning. Or perhaps you sleep on your side and exert pressure on your hip, shoulder, and hands and your mattress does not contour your body. These problems are common with some mattresses. This is where the hybrid mattress stands out. When it comes to comfort and satisfaction, your choice cannot go wrong with any of these products.

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