What Holster Does The FBI Use to Secure Their Guns?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a government agency in the United States dedicated to protecting and defending the country from any threat. The FBI has been around since 1908, and as such, they continuously update their technology to match the needs of law enforcement.This blog post will discuss the answer to this question, “what holster does the FBI use?”.

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The FBI always keeps up with the latest technology and looks for new ways to use it in their investigations. For this reason, the FBI has gone through many different types of firearms.

What Firearms Does The Fbi Use?

The FBI has constantly been modifying its firearms over the years to suit its needs better. Currently, the FBI uses a Glock 22 as its primary firearm. However, the FBI also uses many other guns, such as Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson, to complete specific tasks. It is essential to keep up with the latest technology in all forms, whether through an update of a firearm or new surveillance equipment. The FBI has been known to use many firearms, and calling them all out would be a very long list. Luckily, much of the technology used by the FBI is dated, and it can be found through a simple Google search.

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What Characteristics FBI See in a holster?

The FBI has stringent rules when it comes to their weapons. They are mainly concerned with the security of their firearms, and for this reason, they only use holsters that meet their standards. The holsters used by the FBI have a few distinguishable features. Let’s take a look at them below.


The first feature that the FBI looks for in a holster is safety. The safety of the firearm must be a priority to all law enforcement agencies, and it is something that the FBI takes very seriously. Law enforcement officers want to ensure that their guns will not fall out or be tampered with when holstering their weapons. To meet this standard, the FBI uses holsters with thumb studs or an open mouth design to reduce the risk of a potential threat getting a hold of their weapon.


The FBI considers speed when choosing a holster. As previously stated, law enforcement officers usually do not have much time when they are on calls. This means that they need a holster with a quick draw so that their firearms are easily accessible in the heat of the moment. The FBI uses holsters that have belt loops on them to ensure easy access to their weapon when it is necessary.


FBI agents look for durability in holsters. A law enforcement officer will never know what environment they are walking into, which means their equipment needs to be made to last through any situation. Law enforcement officers need to own quality equipment, and this includes holsters as well. The FBI always makes sure only to use the best materials when making holsters because it will save them money in the long run by not having to buy new ones every few months.


The FBI is interested in the concealment ability of holsters. As stated above, law enforcement officers never know where they are going or what situation they might walk into. Because of this, their weapon must be concealed and hidden from anyone who may not need to see it. This ensures safety and security both for the officer and those around them. For these reasons, the FBI only uses holsters made with Kydex because it easily conceals their firearm.

Concealment Holster FBI

One Handed Holstering

The FBI usually has one hand on their firearm at all times. For this reason, the FBI only uses holsters that are easy to holster with one hand if necessary. Most people are not ambidextrous, meaning they prefer to use their dominant hand when drawing a weapon out of a holster. Law enforcement officers know this very well, and because of it, they only use holsters that have an adjustable retention system so that they can quickly be drawn with one hand if necessary.

Holster Placement

Placement is also one of the features that the FBI looks for in holsters. The location of where someone decides to wear their firearm directly affects how secure and safe it is around them and who will see it and how easy it will be to access. The FBI prefers to wear their firearm on the inside of their pants to conceal it by a shirt and not create a noticeable bulge. This placement is easily accessible and draws quickly while still being hidden from potential threats.

Holster Placement FBI

Retention Level

The retention level of a holster is an important feature that the FBI considers when choosing a holster. A law enforcement officer has many dangerous criminals to face daily, which means they need a high-quality holster to carry their firearm securely and not let it fall out or be tampered with. Law enforcement officers only use holsters with a level 2 retention system to provide additional safety and security.


The retention system is made up of many different components, and this particular type comes with a hooded snap that must be pressed to remove the firearm from the holster. This ensures that potential threats do not get their hand on an officer’s gun quickly. These are the factors that the FBI considers when choosing a holster for their service weapon. This list can be helpful to anyone that is in search of a new holster and is looking for information about what makes certain ones unique.

What Holster Does The Fbi Use?

The FBI uses a Blackhawk Serpa holster as their duty rig. They chose this one because it has many features that the FBI requires of their holsters. The first feature is the ability to accept a weapon-mounted light which allows for better target identification at night, which is beneficial when dealing with potentially deadly situations that are likely to happen in low lighting conditions. Another feature is that it quickly releases your firearm, so if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, you can quickly remove it to defend yourself or get away. These are just two of the many reasons Blackhawk Serpa holsters are so popular among law enforcement agencies worldwide.


The holster retention system is a safety measure to ensure that the firearm does not fall out of your holster or get tampered with if you are put into a compromising situation. Many different components make up this system, and one type of retention system is a hooded snap that must be pressed to remove the firearm from the holster.

Someone who is not ambidextrous would most likely prefer to use their dominant hand when drawing a weapon out of a holster, so holsters with adjustable retention systems are recommended because you can quickly draw your firearm with one hand if necessary.

Although this is an additional safety measure, it can make drawing your weapon tough if you need it quickly. This means that You would not recommend the Blackhawk Serpa holster for someone who needs their firearm in a dangerous situation where they may need to draw it quickly.

The degree to which the FBI chooses to have their firearm canted is typically around a 10-20 degree angle. However, if it’s a smaller pants size, it may need to be lowered so that it fits correctly.

FBI Cant stands for the angle at which the holster positions your firearm. It typically is an angle that will cause your gun to sit lower in the waistline of your pants for better concealment.


Holsters come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that there is something out there for everyone. The main factors that determine what holster you should use are the type of draw you need, your dominant hand, and what safety measures it has to make sure that an intruder cannot easily take your firearm. When choosing a holster, know that there is one out there for you that will fit all of your requirements and offer comfort and security so you can focus on other things instead of worrying about how to secure your firearm safely. What holster does the FBI use? They have an agency that provides all of their firearm-related equipment. If anyone has any further questions about holsters or choosing a new one, feel free to ask in the comments! Thanks for reading our article on what holster does the FBI uses.

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