What Holster Does John Wick Use?

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John Wick, the protagonist of the 2014 action thriller, was described as a ‘retired’ assassin exacting revenge on gangsters for killing his dog. The sleek gun-fu action film was well received by critics and audiences alike, spawning a sequel in 2017, which opened at number one at the box office. Often described as an Eastern version of the ‘Bourne’ series, comparisons are frequently drawn between the titular character in both franchises. So, after reading this article, you know about “what holster does John Wick use?”.

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This article will focus on one particular aspect of John Wick’s wardrobe that has gained much acclaim since the original film’s release his custom-made holsters. His holsters are also perfect for his hand-crafted handguns despite having an intricately designed Action Park Armory belt. The article will explore the background and design of the unique custom holster and what makes it such an essential aspect in John Wick’s character development. 

Factors That Led to The Creation of The Custom-Made Holster

The firearm that would define John Wick’s character, in particular, was a SIG-Sauer P320′ handgun with an ornate handle. These “hand cannons,” as described by the protagonist, were just one of the various weapons that he would be seen using throughout both movies. Newer versions of John Wick’s handguns can also be seen in John Wick: Chapter 2, where he retrieves a Glock 26 and Glock 17.  Before this, he is seen using an older version of the Glock 17.  

Custom-Made Holster

The design team for John Wick (portrayed by Keanu Reeves) was headed up by director Chad Stahelski and production designer Kevin Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh’s job would create custom-made holsters that fit perfectly around his previously designed action park armory belt. However, one aspect praised is the attention to detail paid in designing John Wick’s guns and accessories. This is evident in his gun holster – a unique design that allows him to grip his handgun perfectly.

The Custom-Made Holsters

John Wick’s custom-made gun holsters are made out of leather, and they fit the guns perfectly. This is evident in how he can quickly draw his weapon with one hand. As this is a holster designed for firearms with shorter barrels (such as the SIG Sauer P320), there are no folding mechanisms to make it easier to conceal. The top flap also has a magnetic buckle, opening and closing very seamlessly. It’s evident that John Wick’s attention to detail extends beyond his clothing – he even ensures his weapons are custom-designed to look aesthetically pleasing. Wick would change out certain parts of his handguns with items bought from the hardware store, including suppressors, firing pins, and even magazines to ensure accuracy in his gunfights.

The Importance of John Wick's Custom-Made Holsters

John Wick’s holster is designed for both aesthetics and practicality. The holster is designed to sit perfectly on his belt without blocking him from drawing his weapon efficiently. His handguns also fit in the holster snugly, which means he does not have to worry about them accidentally slipping out when performing acrobatic gun-fu moves in action scenes. Apart from holding his handgun in place, the custom-made holster also acts as a symbol of resistance for John Wick. The holster is seen with different styles, specifically designed to complement the style and feel of each film.


In addition, the gun is shown after it has been used in several fights – this indicates that he values his equipment enough to keep them around even when they have outlived their original purpose. This reinforces the traits of reclusion and loneliness, showing that despite being surrounded by people who want him dead, he is very much self-sufficient and does not require any help from anyone else.

's Custom-Made Holsters

John Wick - Chapter 2: Expanding on The Custom-Made Holsters

As an extension to the holster design in John Wick (2014), Chapter 2 saw Keanu reeves’ character embellishing more on his previous designs. This included several new versions of John’s gun holster – one resembling a standard belt-mounted magazine pouch and another styled after a regular leather belt. Several factors led to this change in design for his handgun holster. This includes his character development in the sequel, in which he has left his assassin days in the past. Instead, he is seen to have adapted to civilian life much better than before – evidenced by how he is seen working with horses instead of guns.


However, when he goes back into his old profession as an assassin, the unique leather holster becomes more visible as part of his character’s identity. As such, the emphasis on John Wick’s gun holster in Chapter 2 is to show that despite trying to leave his assassin days behind, he still has several weapon-based tools and skills at his disposal. This also suggests that despite trying to adapt to civilian life, his reclusive and loner lifestyle cannot be changed easily.

Bonus - Quick Look at Other Movies

In The Matrix (1999), Keanu Reeves’ character, Neo (a computer programmer turned hacker), can be seen using two handguns held together with a small metal plate – this allows him to pull out the guns simultaneously dual-wielding capabilities. In Constantine (2005), Reeves’ protagonist John Constantine wears his weapon in the small of his back to ‘keep it hidden’ within his leather coat.


Peter Serafinowicz is an English actor, voice artist, and comedian. He is most famous for his comedic roles as Pete in the film Shaun of the Dead (2004), Garthan Saal in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999).

The Benelli M2 Super 90 is the shotgun used in John Wick 3. It’s a short-recoil semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun that comes with a fixed tubular magazine. This shotgun can fire seven rounds of 00 buckshot or slugs before it needs to be reloaded.

The Heckler & Koch P30L is the gun used by John Wick in the first movie. The Heckler & Koch P30L is a 9mm handgun with several customizations, such as the daisy-cut flat trigger and an adjustable rear sight to improve accuracy.

He used the Glock 26 at the beginning of the movie for his daily activities but had to switch to the Glock 17 when he went on a mission.

He used 1911 when he got into a fight with another assassin and switched back to it for his final shootout.

The Sig Sauer P320 was not used until the final scene, where he drew it out to fight his enemies while trapped in a burning building.


In conclusion, John Wick is a man who knows what he wants and can take it. The men behind his character knew this and created a unique gun holster that fits both his character and the movie’s theme. The custom-made leather material allows the audience to understand the character’s identity truly – it reflects his past, current state of being and hints towards something in the future. An example of this is how he still uses his 1911 in the sequel – one of the most iconic guns for assassins and experienced sharpshooters. This suggests that he has not changed all that much, despite trying to escape his past.

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