What Do Squirrels Drink?

What squirrels drink is one question that usually bugs individuals looking to adopt these little critters. Squirrels are vegans, which makes feeding them very easy as they tend to stick to nuts and fruits to maintain their diets. Squirrels normally eat anything from roots, to mushrooms, lichens, buds and even pine cones, which is very common with their diet.

These critters also eat virtually anything, from twigs, bark and leaves on almost every tree! So you might want to consider this important if you have loads of trees around your home.

What do squirrels drink

In addition to their diet, squirrels commonly feast on fruits! Cool right? Food for squirrels include oranges, apricots, avocados and apples. Your squirrel might prefer other fruits but be rest assured your little critter is still sticking with its vegan diet.

Unknown to most individuals, squirrels also eat flowers, most especially flower bulbs. Flower buds have loads of nutritional value and also add “spice” to their diets, thereby making it a wide and varied one. On the other hand, some species of squirrels (flying squirrels) are omnivores. This implies that they feast on anything small, for example, small insects, small birds, eggs and caterpillars.

What do squirrels drink

Squirrels love a feast, and make sure that they contain a ton of nutritional value but this also depends on what that can find. It is important to note though that the average squirrel would pick nuts and seeds over the rest as food for squirrels usually includes these.

They feast on a wide variety of nuts, ranging from pine nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, beech nuts, and macadamia. This doesn’t mean squirrels restricted to these nuts listed, these little critters love to have a feast with varieties, which also includes sunflower seeds.

If you happen to keep birds, it is highly advisable for you to get a squirrel proof bird feeder so as to keep the squirrels away from the bird’s feed. As squirrels love to feed a lot on seeds, which also includes their love for pumpkin seeds.

Want to discover what squirrels actually drink? Well then, sit tight and enjoy the ride!

What do they drink?

Squirrels are very busy animals and after jumping or flying from one tree branch to another, they need to regain strength. This is achieved by simply drinking water.

Squirrels love to drink a ton of water as this helps them to stay hydrated while jumping trees even in the harshest of weather climates. Just like other rodents, squirrels need to stay hydrated while on the hunt for their seeds, especially the sunflower seeds and nuts. Another way for squirrels to stay hydrated is by feasting on fruits. Squirrels take a wide variety of these in order to have access to the juicy parts of the fruit.

What do squirrels drink

Securing food for squirrels really doesn’t require a ton of energy. Feeding squirrels should be a whole lot easier now that you’re aware of the fact that they need just water to stay hydrated and a little food. Fruits on the other hand can serve as a brilliant supplement for water as they contain juicy parts that help to re energise and keep the squirrels fully hydrated, even without actually food.

Squirrels are usually attracted to beverages with sugar in them. They also indulge in junk food found in trash cans or around bird feeders. This simply implies that these little critters harbour a sweet tooth for junk food . When dealing with baby squirrels for example, humans are advised to rehydrate them with a solution of water, salt and sugar. This will help the baby squirrels stay hydrated for a long time and also serve as food too.

Squirrel feeding also includes milk. They drink this due to its creamy and natural sweet nature. Feeding squirrels milk, helps them stay hydrated even in harsh weather climates. Unknown to most individuals, squirrels can also take alcohol. Wild squirrels usually take almond flavored alcohol spiced with sugar as the smell draws their attention.

So if you happen to have almond flavored sugar alcohol around, it’s better to store it far away from the reach of these little critters.


Yes, squirrels take water from a bowl. You can put out a bowl of clean water every morning so the squirrels drink water then change in the evening so as not to attract rodents and other critters.

Squirrels eat snow in the winter to remain hydrated, since getting water might not be so easy in such weather conditions.

Squirrels can go for two (2) days  without water. More than  that will cause death.

Yes, squirrels also drink milk.


Squirrels eat a wide variety of food, making them a unique set of animals. These critters are usually a favorite among kids due to the happy go lucky nature. Squirrels eat mostly vegetables, making them vegetarians, but this usually depends on the species. Their diet majorly consists of nuts seeds, which largely includes sunflower seeds. Although, they indulge in junk food once in a while. Their diet also includes fruits and flower buds. Squirrel feeding also includes leaves, twigs and barks, making them wholly vegans.

The vegan nature of squirrels makes feeding them very easy as they tend to stick to nuts in order to maintain their diets. They also pick out seeds from bird feeders if they locate them. Squirrels normally eat roots, mushrooms, lichens, buds and even pine cones, as food which is very common with their diet.

On the other hand, some species of squirrels (flying squirrels) are omnivores. These species of squirrels eat small insects, small birds, eggs and caterpillars as food.

Peanuts are a really cool treat for the average squirrel. They tend to munch on peanuts a lot more than fruits. You can place these on flat surfaces to serve as squirrel feeders too. If you grow peanuts, your backyard might just become a favorite hangout spot.

It is important to note the fact that squirrels tend to drink a lot of water. This is so because squirrels move around a lot and need to stay hydrated, regardless of the weather conditions. Water can be placed in bowls to serve as squirrel feeders. In winter for example, squirrels eat snow, which serves as a cooling agent since getting water in the winter would not be so easy.

Squirrels are largely sensitive wild animals, making it very easy for them to find food even in harsh weather climates. Feeding squirrels use their sensitivity to hunt for feed and provide for their young ones. This sensitivity helps them determine how fresh the nuts are and the weight of the nut too. This implies that they know whether insects might infect their food when they hide these nuts.

Squirrels, like other wild animals, work hard to secure their food so as not to starve during the cold and also keep their food fresh. Their feeding largely circulates around seeds and nut, making bird feeders one of their top hunting spots. Do note that feeding squirrels would go to any length to secure their food. This implies that if you have birds, you might have to get a squirrel proof bird feeder to keep the squirrels away from the bird food.

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