What Do Baby Robins Eat?

Do you sometimes wonder: what do baby Robins eat? Baby Robins are really tiny creatures that cannot feed on their own.  The parents (father/mother) leave the nest every 20minutes to think of ways to get food to feed their babies.


Most times, people are not certain as to what these baby birds eat. Baby robins feed on  vegetables, fruits, worms, insect all depending on what the parent gets for the babies just like humans,  these baby birds eat a balanced diet from feeding on variety of foods. Before the end of their nest life which lasts for 14 days, they eat up to 14 feet of worm apart from the other food they eat.

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When a robin gives birth to baby Robins, they have to be kept in the nest for at least 14 days or 16 days before they can leave the nest. Before a baby bird can be left to fly on its own, it must be fed and shadowed by the mother. The parents of robins carry food in their mouth back to the nest and then drop it for baby robins to eat, they continue this trip to and fro nest until all their babies are fed. The American robin is a popular type of wild bird that is migratory in nature.

Baby robins eat on daily basis until they have been fed well so as to be certain they are ready to fly away by themselves. These babies cannot do anything on their own especially when they are just given birth to during the first 14 days of their birth. Their parents may have to regurgitate the food they’ve had for baby Robin.

Robins need to first stay in the nest exclusively on their first week and depend on their parents to feed them as they are too small to feed themselves. Robins are mostly fed insects, earthworms, and fruits which includes berries their mothers regurgitate it to their babies to enhance their feeding.

What do baby Robins eat

During the first few days, parents of robins are obligated to feed their babies because they are too young to leave the nest. The wild is too dangerous for Robins especially the young ones, also nestling is done near food  where they can easily get things to feed on. Their nests are also carefully built in order for the parents to safeguard the eggs.

Robins are mostly disturbed by predators because they are little creatures enough to be eaten by another bird. Wild birds often feed on each other like an eagle.

The growth of a robin is gradual. After they are hatched, the birds grow feathers as well as Robins, but Robins grow feathers in fairly quickly. When birds grow feathers, it makes them look a bit big and fluffy. Birds search for good places to make their nest also considering how well they can get something to eat plus where predators cannot reach easily.


Once a Robin is old enough to fly away/leave the nest, this time the baby Robin is open to danger of being predated on. Robin babies leave the nest after 2-3 weeks in the nest, then they can set out to get food to eat. Giving a bird dog food is not advisable.

Ways To Feed Baby Robins

Robins are omnivorous birds, just like humans they need food to survive. Baby Robins growth depends on how well their diet is balanced, so it is necessary for Robin parents to feed their baby Robins well. An average baby Robin continually feed on something every 5-10minutes.

Are you wondering what you can feed a baby robin? Here is the list of the best food to feed baby Robins;


One of the best food to feed baby robins are insects. Robins usually feed on small insects such as grasshoppers and beetles. Nestlings are given food to eat by their parents especially their mother after it has been half digested. Did you rescue a robin bird? You can feed it them like crickets.


The best time to get insects is during spring that baby robins eat. If you want to give a baby robin insects to eat, you have to be sure it can eat on its own.


Baby robins eat worms when with their parents (mother and father). You can gather earthworms or mealworms for robin birds to eat. Worms are nutritious for birds. Often birds set out to get food for their nestlings. The same thing is done by the mother robin in order to get food for their baby robins.

If you have a baby Robin left on its own, it may look sick or weak especially when left alone in a week or two weeks. Feeding a robin bird may not be easy as you cannot feed them like you feed chickens.

What do baby Robins eat

Finding the best food to feed a baby robin? Fruit and berries are one of the best food to feed a baby robin. Before you can give a baby robin bird fruit to eat, you must first cut up the fruits and berries into tiny bits. then, place the fruits and berries you’ve cut up on the ground for the baby robin to feed on.

Sometimes the robin mother lays egg and may not come back as the mother can die in a struggle leaving the baby robins orphaned. A bird nestling can fall from a tree. Did you find a baby Robin out in the open and you don’t know what to feed it? If you need to feed a baby Robin, there are many ways you can do that. Here are the ways in which you can give a baby robin food;

Use your hands

Feeding a baby Robin is quite easy to do, you have to get the baby feed.Before using your hands to feed a baby robin, it must be clean or you may use a glove. The baby Robin will open its mouth once it sights the feed in your  hands.

In feeding a baby Robin properly, it is very important to observe proper hygiene. When a robin is fed with the hands, you can easily know when it is full or not. After a period of two weeks, baby Robins will be able to feed on their own. The parents must at first find food for their baby Robins before they can leave the nest to search for food on their own.

Use a dropper

Instead of using your hand to feed a robin bird, you can purchase a bird dropper.  I think a dropper is a good tool/equipment to opt for. The droppers will suck up the food allowing the bird to eat using its beak.

Allow it to feed on its own

Another way you can feed a baby Robin is to allow it to feed on its own but you must make food like earthworms, berries or chicken food ready as they are still young. Baby Robin can only feed by itself once it has grown-up a little, only then can they handle food on their own.

Without a parent, Robins can still survive but if they have not grown up to a week it might be difficult. Although feeding is easy with a person/a parent’s help. All you have to do for the Robins to eat is to place the food on the ground making it easy to feed on their own.


For babies that are still little and the ones that are even in their nest, the best food for them is a variety. After they’ve hatched, several foods can be given to them like fruits and insects, however the best food to use to care for these animals are worms.

They do not normally need water as it is not important to their growth. Often, fledge birds would require near a drop of water when they are not feeding properly. The content has to be little even if they need it so that they might not drown in water. This should be taken into consideration especially with the American specie.

A fledgling can stay at least a day /24hrs without food. If you find them in their nest and you can’t see the trace of any parent within 1 day, you might have to step in with enough food for these babies so they can grow to the stage where they can easily fly away.  Often, their parents keep them in the nest and provide food for them to safeguard their tiny fledgling from attack and teach them till they learn how to care for themselves.

Good hygiene must be maintained while giving babies food to eat. Also, you want to make sure the first help the robin by checking for any little damages on the body to see if the young robin is healthy.  Several times the old robins may leave their fledge ones in the nest if they believe they are dead or injured. Then you need to find for for them to eat, you can help the babies crush their food before you give them to eat.

When young robins are found in a nest  all alone after they’ve  been hatched, you need to make sure to put some food info its system. You first check if their parents are still around because they feed their babies with their mouth in the nest. However, if they are not found, you let them have food that you put on the ground. They learn in days how to survive without their parents or die. Robins may be found around your house so have to feed them with earthworms or grubs alike.

Bottom Line

A bird later lives on a tree and even in the best situations a tree robin sings sonorously. They survive better as wildlife animals and as seen in this article, their fledge eat more than just worms.

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