What Animal Eats Rabbits?

Are you staring at those pretty creatures and wondering, “what animal eats rabbit?”. Well, we’ve outlined all rabbit predators in this article. Rabbits are herbivores; it only eats plants and not other animals-that doesn’t stop other animals from feeding on them. A rabbit has no defensive skill or mechanism except wild rabbits.

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Wild rabbits are quite different from domestic and pet rabbits. Wild rabbits can still escape predators as they can run very fast. However, it is difficult because rabbits have many predators.

Some Rabbit Predators


Rabbit forms a huge part of a fox’s diet; it primarily eats rabbits if available in their present environment. Foxes are fond of eating rabbits.  Foxes have been able to adjust to any environment they find themselves in, including dunes, woods, mountains, forests, salt marshes, fields, peat bogs, agricultural lands, etc. 

what animal eats rabbits

They have also been known to adapt to even urban areas. Several foxes such as Arctic Fox, Red Fox, Fennec Fox, Kit Fox, and Swift Fox all eat rabbits. However, their diet is reflective of the environment it finds itself in. Although the rabbit is a major food source for foxes, it can also have other food sources. 


Wolves are another major predator of rabbits. Although the rabbit is not the primary food source, they may eat rabbits as a supplement. Deer are their primary food source, but wolves can turn to rabbits as a major food source when there is food scarcity. 



An ocelot is an American carnivore belonging to the cat family. They are present in Southwestern areas of North America, including Arizona, Texas, and several parts of Central and South America. Rabbit makes up a major source of its food. It tends to hunt alone; however, other times, it can link up with other ocelots to hunt in groups. 


In this case, not your domestic cat but instead, he big boys in the cat family. The larger cats like tigers, lions, leopards etc. also feed on rabbits. The larger members of the cat family are naturally carnivores; their diet revolves all-around meat.

what animal eats rabbits

Although they usually hunt mammals because of their size, they are also predators to rabbits, which serve as appetizers or desserts. When there is food scarcity, they may become dependent on feeding on rabbits. Some cats like cheetahs and puma will also feed on rabbits because of their small size. Coyotes belong to the dog family who is native to North America. The range of their diet and what they feed on is quite big; they are omnivores.

They are not picky eaters and will feed on whatever they find. They hunt small mammals like rabbits, rodents etc., and they don’t necessarily depend on rabbits to eat. Coyotes have a wide range of food sources. They are present in forests, mountains, plains, and deserts in Mexico, the United States of America, Canada, and Central America.

They can adapt to tropical areas. They generally hunt in solitary; however, they may hunt in packs when it concerns a bigger animal.


They are wild dogs native to Australia. They are carnivores and regular predators of rabbits. It is a huge part of their food source alongside other small animals. They hunt rabbits individually but will team up to hunt a large animal. 


Rabbit forms a major part of a lynx’s diet. They belong to the cat family and can be found in Washington, Alaska, and Canada. They usually hunt alone and are patient hunters. However, when they produce offspring, the mother and the young ones will hunt together in groups. 


They are mammals from the weasel family; they are the largest among them. They can be found in Europe, Asia, and America. They usually dig into the ground to find their prey; rabbits are a major part of their diet.

However, during winter, when there is a scarcity of food, it is not uncommon to see them scavenge for food or even try corpses of dead animals. 


Ferrets are small carnivorous mammals; they also eat rabbits too. They are nocturnal animals, active only at night; as a result of this, they have very sharp eyesight as well as hearing. 

Their nose is also very proficient in sniffing out prey. Rabbit is their primary food source; however, they also eat other small animals like rodents, rats, little birds, e.t.c. They devour every ounce of meat they find, the bones inclusive. This is due to their small intestines and high metabolic rate. A ferret consumes about 50 to 70 grams of meat daily. 


A weasel is the smallest carnivore among all animals. They are native to Asia, North America, Central and Western Europe, and North Africa. Rabbits are one of their primary sources of food.  You might be wondering how they can overpower rabbits because of their size; well, the phrase “unity is strength” is significant here. They hunt in packs and groups, which gives them the upper hand over the rabbits. 

They devour rabbits by crushing their heads or spinal cord beginning at the neck region. They possess a high metabolic rate and can consume a whopping 40% of their body weight daily. 


Don’t get all surprised; however, badgers mostly eat worms and insects; they also eat rabbits and other small mammals. They are omnivores, so they don’t depend on rabbits alone; they are mostly found in woods, quarries, rural land, and moorland.


A stoat is a short-tailed weasel native to North America and Eurasia. It also eats rabbits; in order to catch rabbits, they trick it by diversion. They usually hunt in groups too.


Raccoons are creatures native to North America; however, they are global now due to their introduction in several parts of the world. They are omnivores, and rabbits are part of their diet. However, due to its inability to run fast, it has a preference for slow animals. A raccoon only eats rabbit sparingly. 


A bear is a large omnivorous mammal that will eat everything and anything around or within its vicinity; they even eat humans as they are larger. They are omnivores, so their meal sources abound. Their diet is determined by the season and each species of bear. 

Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle; rabbits are scarcely present there; what they eat most is seafood. They, however, eat other small animals. The grizzly bear, however, which is very dangerous even to humans, will devour anything it finds, including a stray rabbit who wanders into its path. 

A grizzly bear’s main preference is the flesh, which comes from small mammals, including rabbits; however, its major food source is fish. 


Eagles are among birds of prey who are rabbit predators. The golden eagle and the bald eagle are eagles that are commonly known to feed on rabbits.

what animal eats rabbits

Golden eagles live in an environment where rabbits abound. Rabbits are an easy catch for them because of their outstanding vision. 


Another bird of prey is the owl. Owls differ in species, so their diet also varies. They are nocturnal, inactive in the day and coming out to hunt at night. They are very patient predators, waiting for prey to enter into their line of vision then swooping down for the kill. 

Owls are present all over the world, they prey on animals that are smaller than them, and unfortunately, rabbits fall into this category. Rabbits are a major food source for some species of owls like the great horned owl. 


A significant member of the birds of prey, hawks, mainly preys on small animals like rabbits, squirrels e.t.c. Their preference, however, differs from one species to another, and gender too. Male hawks have a taste for other birds while the females delight in preying on mammals. 


Crow is not necessarily a predator; instead, it seizes its opportunity as it comes. Their favorite preys are small birds and animals, baby rabbits inclusive. 


What doesn’t the snake eat? Snakes will eat any animal as long as it is moving. Snakes abound all over the world, just like their species. Their diet is dependent on their size. It is effortless for big snakes like boa, anaconda, and python to swallow a rabbit whole. 

what animal eats rabbits

However, other small snakes will choose to devour small or baby rabbits. Snakes have the capacity to devour it catches quickly. 


Raccoons are omnivores; they eat both flesh and plants and will devour rabbits if necessary. However, they are slow, so rabbits may have the upper hand in escaping these predators as raccoons are too slow to catch rabbits.

Some predators are nocturnal; the night is their busy time. They prey on rabbits in the dark; they include foxes, cats, dogs, birds of prey including hawks, eagles, weasels, large snakes, wolves, coyotes etc.

Yes, cats are dangerous to rabbits. However, the level of danger varies from one species of cat to the other. You don’t expect a rabbit to survive against a tiger or lion; that rabbit is dead meat indeed.


Well, being liked by many can be harmful, as evident in the case of rabbits; many animals love to prey on them as they are easy prey.

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