Walther PPK/S Review and Price

Walther PPK/S Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Walther PPK-S Review

Walther PPK/S
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Technical Data

  • Mag. Capacity
    7 Rounds
  • Barrel Length
    3.3 in | 83.82 mm
  • System
  • Weight (Empty Mag.)
    19 Oz | 538.641 g
  • Caliber
    .380 ACP, .22 LR

This Walther PPK/S review packs in all the information you need to know about this firearm. It features outstanding accuracy, excellent reliability, and amazing ergonomics. It is a great choice for women or men who want the best-concealed carry pistol. The PPK/S is an updated version of the Walther PP series. It packs more of what makes the PP great while adding new elements, so it doesn’t feel like a simple upgrade. It’s well balanced and relatively easy to handle, even in smaller hands. It’s a great choice for shooters who want German craftsmanship with excellent accuracy. The PPK/S is one of the best-concealed carry pistols on the market today.


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The low bore axis gives you more control over the firearm during quick-draw situations, so you have a greater chance of winning any firefights. Just make sure to practice with it regularly. The price of the PPK/S is relatively high compared to other firearms, but it’s well worth the price. The craft on this firearm is top-notch, and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to have a gun they can pass down from generation to generation. Its average price range varies from $700 to $850. You can find this gun at an affordable price from an online gun store.


Features of the Walther PPK/S

Grip and Textures

The PPK/S has an ergonomic grip that fits well in hands, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry. The grip panels are replaceable, so you can pick those that fit your hand perfectly. The black plastic grips on this model are non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about losing control of the firearm during crucial moments. The backstrap of the grip is arched, so it’s ergonomically designed for the shape of most shooters’ hands. There are no finger grooves on the handle of the gun, so you can adjust your grip to whatever is most comfortable for you. The texture of this ergonomic grip is fairly rough, so it offers a good amount of traction on the handle. It won’t slip if you tend to get sweaty palms during high-stress situations, so it’s a good choice for men and women who need an easy firearm to control.

Grip and Textures of Walther PPK/S

Size and Weight

The PPK/S is a small handgun that features an ultra-slender design. It weighs 19 oz and measures only 6.1 inches in overall length. It makes it easy to conceal in your pocket, waistband, or holster of choice. It features a 3.3″ barrel optimal for concealed carry because it’s short enough for easy maneuverability but long enough to pack a decent punch. This firearm makes quick shots with ease rather than taking careful, accurate shots. The PPK/S packs seven rounds of .380 ACP into its single-stack magazine. It has a seven round magazine capacity. The included magazines are small enough to carry in your pocket or purse easily.

Size and Weight of Walther PPK/S

Stopping Power

The PPK/S is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge, which packs a decent amount of stopping power without being too bulky. It features a longer barrel than most other models in its class. The 3.3″ barrel gives the round slightly more velocity and stopping power. This feature makes it a perfect choice for anyone who needs a firearm that can stop attackers quickly with one shot. However, the .380 ACP is not as effective as larger cartridges like the 9mm or .40 S&W. The longer barrel does make the PPK/S fairly accurate. Still, it’s not easy to shoot multiple rounds accurately, so it’s best for self-defense rather than sport.

Safety Features

The PPK/S features manual safeties on the left side of the firearm. The safety is ambidextrous so that you can reach it with either hand on either side of the handle. Many concealed carry firearms don’t feature manual safety mechanisms, but the PPK/S is a nice choice for shooters who want a firearm with a manual safety. It has a thumb safety that blocks the hammer from striking any rounds. To engage the safety, simply move it to the up position. It will make it so you can’t pull the trigger. To disengage the safety, push it back down to release the hammer.


This hammer-dropping safety feature is designed to prevent shooters from hurting. This firearm also has an internal safety lever. It has a small safety lever, unlike larger pistols, which is easily accessible due to its small dimensions. The gun will not fire if the safety lever is in on state and the trigger is pulled. It’s a good choice for people who want to engage the safety as soon as they unholster their firearms to avoid any accidental discharges or injuries.

Safety Features of Walther PPK/S

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

This firearm has a stainless steel slide. The slide stop engages in the same way as many other handguns. It is designed to be easily accessible, but it’s not snag-free. The slide release mechanism isn’t smooth like the grip itself, so it provides a bit more traction for shooters who tend to get sweaty hands during intense moments. This model has an extended magazine release button that makes it easy to push with your thumb. The magazine release is well situated on this handgun, making it easy to use whether you’re right or left-handed. It’s an ideal choice for shooters who need to access the release quickly and under pressure, rather than having to remove their hands from the grip or slide it back.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Walther PPK/S

Trigger Mechanism

The PPK/S has a traditional trigger guard that helps keep dirt and debris out of the trigger mechanism. The well-structured trigger guard makes it easier to grasp the firearm with gloves on your hands, which can be helpful for outdoor shooters in colder weather. The PPK/S features a single-action/double-action trigger with an exposed hammer. The trigger pull on this firearm is fairly long, making it a good choice for self-defense. The double-action/single-action trigger pull is 13.4 and 6.1 pounds, respectively. Due to the heavy double-action pull, the first press is heavy, but the second press will be easier as you break through the resistance point on the trigger.


The exposed hammer makes it easier to cock the gun if you prefer to do it manually. It will make the drawing process slow, but it will also allow you to fire two rounds quickly rather than fully chamber another round before firing. The trigger travel distance on this firearm is about .04 /.2″, which makes it great for accuracy. However, the heavy trigger pull means shooters will fire off rounds quickly if they need to use it in self-defense. In single-action mode the trigger pull is slightly lighter hence providing improved accuracy.

Trigger Mechanism of Walther PPK/S

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil on this firearm is manageable but not insignificant. The recoil will be significant with the first shot fired, but it will settle down as you fire additional rounds due to less muzzle flip. So it’s recommended for shooters who have some experience with handguns to control the recoil. A key-operated spring guide in the barrel compresses when the gun fires to reduce muzzle flip. The spring reduces felt recoil and holds the slide back to be rechambered after firing each round easily. It makes it easier for shooters to re-engage their target quickly and accurately.


The PPK/S has a low bore axis, reducing muzzle flip and making it more accurate overall. One problem with this firearm is that the rear sight faces upwards when you shoot. It can cause a muzzle flip because nothing pushes against it to keep you on target. The solid steel barrel and slide are located over the trigger guard. It provides some additional weight on the front of the gun to help balance it out and reduce muzzle flip. But you’ll need to practice with your handgun to compensate for muzzle flip easily enough.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Walther PPK/S


Walther Arms has a rich history of providing firearms for military and law enforcement, so it’s no surprise that their handguns are built with the same high level of quality. It’s made with aluminum alloy, making it lighter than traditional steel firearms. It features sleek contours, and smooth edges provide comfort during use. The stainless steel slide is durable and corrosion-resistant, which can help extend the life of your firearm overall.


The serrations on the rear slide make gripping your firearm easier. They provide a non-slip surface that is ergonomically designed to fit your fingers for easy access, even with sweaty hands. The PPK/S has a solid steel frame and sturdy polymer grip. The polymer grip provides shooters with a lightweight design that keeps the gun’s overall weight down. It also features a 3-dot sight system that makes it easier to get on target.

Aesthetics of Walther PPKS

Advantages of Walther PPK/S


This firearm is lightweight and compact, which makes it great for concealment. It is narrow enough that it won’t be difficult to conceal under clothing, and the slim classic design will allow you to find a comfortable way to carry it. Plus, its small size makes it easier to draw from a holster or your pocket if needed. It’s a good choice for shooters who regularly carry a firearm with them.


This firearm is made with solid materials and components. The hard-coat anodized alloy means the gun won’t rust over time or damage during storage or use. It also provides a more durable exterior that protects the inner mechanisms and your hands from scratching the metal slide as you fire rounds.

Ease of Use

This firearm by Walther arms is very easy to use, even for shooters who have never handled a gun before. It’s lightweight, and the polymer grip means it will be more comfortable for people with small or larger hands. The recoil isn’t unmanageable, so most shooters will fire multiple rounds accurately if needed. Your sight alignment will improve over time as you practice with the firearm.


The PPK/S comes at an affordable price for shooters looking for a concealed carry gun that won’t break the bank. The average price is about $740, but you may be able to find it on sale for less. Walther Arms is known for providing reliable firearms at a reasonable price, and this one lives up to that reputation.


Disadvantages of Walther PPK/S

Rear Sight

The rear sight is located on the top of the gun, which can cause problems when you try to aim properly. It can be a problem for gun enthusiasts who want to have their firearms accurately sighted at all times. If you plan on using your concealed carry gun regularly, you should test it out at a long shooting range first, so you know how the PPK/S fires.

Heavy Trigger Pull

The trigger pull is a bit heavier than some other concealed carry firearms. It can be difficult to fire the PPK/S accurately if you’re not used to this type of trigger pull, making it more difficult for new shooters to use regularly.

Aftermarket Accessories – Walther PPK/S Review and Price

There are plenty of aftermarket accessories for this firearm available. You can get custom grips to improve your grip on the firearm. A laser sight can also be attached, giving you more accuracy from a long distance from your target.


The factory 3-dot sight is okay, but you can also choose to upgrade your rear and front sights to a better brand. It may offer a more accurate shot during use which will be beneficial if you regularly use your firearm.


The custom grips for this gun are made to fit better in your hand. The design provides you with a firm grip that will improve stability when you’re firing rounds, which can help increase accuracy. Wooden grip sets are also available in the market for this model.


The laser sight can be helpful for shooters who want to have improved accuracy from a longer distance. It’s an inexpensive aftermarket accessory that doesn’t cost much to purchase or install.

Slide Cover Plate

The slide cover plate is designed for shooters who want extra protection for their firearms. It’s made with the same durable materials as the rest of the gun, but it acts as an extra layer of protection to prevent damage with normal use.

Mag Pouch

The mag pouch is designed to hold your firearm and reduce the chances of it firing unexpectedly. It can be beneficial if you plan on carrying multiple firearms and don’t want them bumping up against each other and causing accidental discharge. Plus, it’s a convenient way to carry extra rounds for your PPK/S without sacrificing the safety features that come standard with this firearm.


This firearm is designed for both open and concealed carry, but if you’re looking to use it while you’re open carrying, the holster should fit the PPK/S. There are also various holster designs for this gun, making finding one that will fit your style preference easier.

Galco Ankle Glove Black Holster

The Galco ankle holster is a well-crafted leather product designed as an ankle holster for small firearms. It is made of premium steerhide, which ensures it will last a lifetime of usage. The holster is designed with the utmost comfort in mind to reduce any discomfort. It also ensures your firearm will not rub against your skin and cause irritations. The Galco holster features thumb break retention straps. It ensures that your firearm will stay safe and secure, even if you are running or jumping.


The thumb break strap can also be put into place quickly with just one hand. This holster fits ankles up to 13 inches in circumference. It has a neoprene ankle band with a Velcro fastener. The neoprene band makes it possible for you to wear this holster without having to worry about it slipping down your leg, keeping you protected. The genuine sheepskin padding also protects your firearm from moisture and any damage that could occur if the holster gets wet. 

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Recommended Holsters for Walther PPK/S


The Walther PPK/S is a popular firearm option designed for convenient concealed carry. The Walther PPK/S review concludes that it’s easy for new shooters to use this firearm because it doesn’t have too much recoil when firing rounds. This firearm is suitable for both open and concealed carry, plus the design ensures that you won’t experience problems during normal use. Various other features can come in handy, including safety features, custom grips, and the availability of different accessories like holsters.

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