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Walther PDP Review

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The Walther PDP is an update of the Walther PPQ series. The PPQ has been around for a while and was an evolution of the Walther P99. The lineage on these guns goes quite far back. The PPQ was introduced when Glocks and Smith & Wesson M&Ps were the only super-popular handguns on the market. However, releasing polymer-framed striker-fired pistols from Glock, S&W, Springfield Armory, Ruger, FN America, and other manufacturers opened things to a whole new market. Many people are now carrying these polymer-framed pistols. Here we will provide a detailed of Walther PDP review.

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The PDP was developed to answer the market demand for an accurate polymer-framed duty pistol. The PPQ is excellent, but it does not have an external safety or slide release, which are features found on most modern duty pistols. It has excellent features like the PPQ, with additional bells and whistles that shooters expect in a duty-sized handgun. Speaking of size, let’s get right into how big it is compared to other firearms.

Specifications of Walther PDP

It weighs around 25 oz unloaded with a height of 5″ and a width of 1″. It also has an 18-degree grip angle. It has three interchangeable backstraps, just like the PPQ. The PPD model comes in 9mm and .40 S&W calibers.

No External Safety

It’s striker-fired, so it has a consistent trigger pull every time. It also includes two magazines with finger extensions for users who prefer them (or whose hands make them necessary). As far as external controls go, it only contains one: the slide release. No external safety is present on this handgun. This feature is perfect for people who prefer to carry their guns “cocked and locked” or law enforcement officers who must have that way while on duty.

Walther PDP Performance

As stated before, the gun comes with two magazines. One has a 15-round capacity, and the other holds 17 rounds. The gun is very accurate. Maybe, it will not win any bench rest matches, but it’s more than adequate for a duty pistol. Walther’s PDP is great for owners who want a solid polymer frame but don’t want to give up features found on full-size department-issue guns.

No Interchangeable Backstraps

The gun does not have interchangeable backstraps, nor do they come in different sizes. Since this pistol was primarily designed for duty use by law enforcement and military personnel, that feature isn’t essential because most officers/soldiers will fall within the “average” size range of male human beings. This handgun comes with two drop-free magazines, and it takes down quickly and easily with one single tool, which is a nice feature if you are down in the mud with complete darkness around you and you need to clear a malfunction.

Ambidextrous Controls

This handgun comes with ambidextrous magazine release buttons (no need to alter anything on the gun). A feature that often comes in handy when using either hand during a tactical situation, especially if there’s an injury/hand-wound, etc., and you cannot use one arm for whatever reason. The pistol has an ambidextrous paddle magazine release if desired instead of the standard button on the side of the gun. Additionally, this handgun also features an ambidextrous slide lock and decocking levers (if you are carrying this handgun with a loaded chamber; to make it safe; you decock the gun by holding the slide back and rotating down the safety levers)

Ambidextrous Controls of Walther PDP

Loaded Chamber Indicator

A remarkable feature of this handgun is its loaded chamber indicator. It serves as a tactile and visual indicator if there’s a round in the chamber or not. It also helps in avoiding negligent discharges due to clearing weapons/malfunctions etc.

Quick Defense Trigger

The PDP has an attractive design that people appreciate, but the trigger makes it stand out from its competitors. This handgun’s “quick-defense” trigger revolutionized handguns for gun owners by increasing shooting accuracy due to its short take-up, smooth constant pull throughout the entire break, and quick reset. Following through on each shot is easy because of this trigger design. The PDP also offers ambidextrous magazine release buttons for right-handed shooters who use either hand to release magazines (you can do this without changing the gun’s standard size).

Quick Defense Trigger of Walther PDP


The PDP comes chambered in 9mm [9X19mm Parabellum] and .40 S&W [10MM Auto]. That’s right, not only is the PDP a “Double Action Only” handgun, but it also comes in your choice of two different calibers. It gives the gun a much more universal appeal, and it doesn’t pigeonhole you into just using 9mm/.40 S&W ammunition.


The 9mm has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, and the .40 S&W can hold 12 rounds. The magazines themselves are steel constructed with an alloy backplate that makes them durable and gives them good rigidity to feed into your gun smoothly, unlike some other handguns on the market that use plastic or polymer magazines.

Magazine of Walther PDP

Available in Different Colors

Walther PDP is made of polymer material. It is light in weight which makes it easy to carry. Additionally, this handgun comes with different color models at the request of the customer. Such colors are silver, OD green, and black. Whatever be your choice, you will get an extremely durable handgun on order.

Easy Returns

People who have bought this gun brand online can return or exchange it within 30 days without any questions asked to the seller. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the performance of this handgun, you can return it by simply contacting Walther Arms Inc. Although, the company will charge a $50 restocking fee for guns returned or exchanged within 30 days.


Walther Performance Duty Pistol is a very efficient and reliable handgun compared to other guns on the market due to its main features such as good grip, loaded chamber indicator, easily removable backplates, etc.

Reliability of Walther PDP

Price and Availability

The Walther PDP comes at an affordable price of $599, a reasonable price for such a feature-packed handgun. Additionally, this gun is readily available in gun stores and online marketplaces like Amazon, etc., so that you can easily buy it from any location near your house/workplace with ease.


The PDP has a slim grip with interchangeable back straps. It also has improved ergonomics over its predecessors, with palm swells on each side near where your hands naturally fall when appropriately held. Another section right above the trigger guard area is specifically designed to get your hand higher up on the gun’s grip. Upon picking up the PDP, you can tell its ergonomics are tailored specifically for users with smaller hands or those who want more comfort from their firearm when firing it.

Aesthetics of Walther PDP

Metal Sights

Walther PDP has fixed three-dot metal sights, which are very accurate to shoot with. The front sight is large and rectangular, making it easy for you to focus on the front sight compared to other handguns with small or rounded, triangular-like sight posts.

Metal Sights of Walther PDP

Advantages of Walther PDP

Good Grip

It features a good grip and is anti-slip which makes it suitable for shooters who like to keep their handguns securely in their hands.

Loaded Chamber Indicator

This feature of the handgun helps avoid negligent discharges due to clearing weapons/malfunctions etc.

Quick Defense Trigger

The PDP’s “quick-defense” trigger revolutionized handguns for gun owners by increasing shooting accuracy due to its short take-up, smooth constant pull throughout the entire break, and quick reset following through on each shot is easy because of this trigger design. Additionally, the ambidextrous magazine release buttons allow you to use either hand without changing your standard size Walther PDP.


The magazines of this handgun are constructed with quality alloy backplates, which make them very durable. Additionally, the gun is made of polymer material, making it light in weight and easy to carry around.

Attractive Design

The shape of this gun is sleek and attractive, making it look elegant on its user’s hand. Walther PDP comes in different colors at customers’ request, such as silver, OD green, black etc. These color models provide other choices and have an extremely durable finish for added protection against wear & tear along with corrosive elements.

Disadvantages of Walther PDP


Since this handgun has some additional features courtesy of its quick-defense trigger and loaded chamber indicator, it comes at a slightly higher price than other guns do.


Although the PDP is a very efficient and reliable handgun, some customers have complained that its magazine release buttons are located just above the trigger. It can cause an accidental drop of their magazine during high-stress situations such as defensive scenarios after firing only one or two rounds.

Firing Power

Some customers who use this handgun for target practice purposes have complained that due to its quick-defense trigger, they could not get good grouping on paper targets at more than 7 yards distance. It has been said by Walther Arms Inc., the company behind manufacturing this gun model, that individuals with extensive gun training experience can achieve this rapid shooting capability.


People criticized some of this handgun’s early models for the black finish of its barrel, which slightly wore off after some time. However, it is suggested that you regularly clean your Walther PDP to help prolong its lifespan, enhance performance, and prevent wear and corrosion.

Comparison Between PDP and PPQ

The PDP is slightly different from its predecessor, the PPQ. Not only was the ergonomics improved by adding palm swells and getting your hand higher up on the grip to improve accuracy (both ambidextrous), but they also gave the trigger a significant upgrade. The “quick-defense” trigger originally debuted on this line of handguns with a very short take-up, smooth, consistent pull throughout the entire break, and quick reset. The PDP now features a super crisp 5.6lb/2.5kg trigger with no take-up and a clear break with a very short reset. It helps shooters keep their sights on target for quicker follow-up shots. The PPQ M2’s trigger is also improved from the original, but Walther still uses a 5lb/2.5kg trigger on its .40 S&W handguns.

Comparison Between PDP and Glock

 While no handgun can ever be perfect for everyone, many people find that the PPQ M2 or PDP ergonomics are superior to Glock pistols’ design. The main reason why most people opt for a Glock is because of its popularity and availability. Glocks are often used by law enforcement, military, civilians, competitive shooters, hunters – just about everyone. Even though they have their advantages – such as being reliable and affordable – the PDP also has some features that make it unique from other handguns on the market today.

Perfect Holster for Walther PDP

The Blackhawk CQC Carbon Fiber holster is a perfect option to consider for your Walther PDP. It is available either inside the waistband or outside the band (IWB or OWB) version. This holster is only compatible with small subcompact handguns like the Walther PDP, which weighs 1.8 lbs and is 5″1/4 inches tall. As a testament to its quality construction, this product was selected as the holster of choice by US Army Rangers. It features a patented SERPA Technology lock, securing your weapon without compromising your quickdraw capabilities due to automatic locking upon re-holstering. The patented SERPA Technology lock also features a release button that enables users to draw their weapon effortlessly. This product is constructed from carbon fiber, a lightweight material that does not lose its durability over time.


Yes, it comes with two 15 round magazines, and there are other accessories available for purchase such as holsters, laser sights, etc. Even drop-in mini red dot replacement sights (such as those from (Truglo) can be used for fast target acquisition and may be helpful if you want to use this handgun for competitive shooting purposes.

Yes, it is a little bit smaller than its polymer counterparts, such as Glock and M&P. However, other handguns are even more concealable.

The PDP is a great option if you’re looking for a handgun that can satisfy all three requirements: home defense purpose, concealed carry purpose, and competitive shooting reason. However, to be used as a duty firearm, a heavy caliber such as .40 S&W is needed to have sufficient stopping power when dealing with unknown threats.

In short, yes! But to give a more thorough explanation. The PPQ M2 or PDP series have been well received by both the media and customers alike due to its improved ergonomics over previous models, which provide a high comfort level during use. It has been referred to as one of the most accurate production handguns available today due to its match-grade barrel, superior ergonomics for recoil control, and precise trigger pull.

No. There are several differences, but the two guns share many of their features. The PDP is considered a step above that series, with improved ergonomics and a much better trigger. However, both handguns have their advantages. The PPQ uses a striker fire design vs. hammer on the PDP.


The Walther PDP is a great handgun that comes in at a great price point for its features, build quality and accuracy. It has a lot to offer in this market and is a solid contender for a home defense gun or a concealed carry weapon. It is recommended to any law enforcement officer or military personnel who want a duty pistol with ambidextrous controls and features but don’t want interchangeable backstraps. It’s also appropriate for civilian gun owners looking for a solid polymer frame that won’t break their bank account when they take it home.


This handgun has additional features, such as a quick-defense trigger and ambidextrous magazine release buttons that make it stand out from other firearms on the market. To conclude, Walther PDP is a highly efficient, reliable, and versatile handgun, mainly due to its features such as good grip & anti-slip design, loaded chamber indicator, easily removable backplates.

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