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Walther P38 Review and Price

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Walther P38 Review

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This Walther P38 Review discusses the quality of the gun and tells you what makes this gun a self-defense choice. Walther Arms history goes back to 1886 where Carl Walther started creating guns for self-defense and sporting/hunting. This company is known for being one of the best firearms ever made. The Walther P38 was first designed in 1938 and was first used by the German army during WWII. It has become one of the most popular guns ever because of its durability, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. To own a P38 means receiving an art of combined engineering. Walther is known for making ergonomic firearms and fits all kinds of hands. Walther P38 is a 9mm handgun with an effective range of 50 meters.

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It’s made to be sturdy and reliable. It is known for its ergonomics, making it comfortable to shoot with minimal recoil. The Walther P38 rates well against other handguns in many categories, especially speed and accuracy. This German handgun won’t let you down in times of need. Price can be a significant factor when choosing a handgun for self-defense. However, the quality of the gun should be the top priority. A person looking to purchase a handgun for defending their home should consider the pros and cons of having a concealed weapon versus one that is easily accessible. Its prices vary from $900 to $2000, but it’s worth every dollar.

Features of the Walther P38

Grip and Textures

The grip and the texture are what make this gun comfortable to hold. The textured grip allows you to have a solid handhold on your gun as you shoot, no matter how sweaty your hands are. So, if you live in a hot area, the textured grip is excellent because it won’t make your hands slippery. The grip is lubricated with a substance that doesn’t let dust cling. The grip also has a lanyard slot, making it easier to use when you have gloves on. You can carry this gun in your holster or a pocket and not worry about accidentally releasing the safety. The backstraps are removable if you want to use the smaller backstrap or larger, depending on your hand size. You can also get backstraps with a textured pattern to improve the grip.

Grip and Textures of Walther P38

Size and Weight

This gun is extremely lightweight compared to other handguns, so you’ll be able to hold it for hours without getting tired. The barrel length is 5 inches, the total length of this handgun is 8.5 inches, and the total weight of the gun is 32 ounces. This gun only comes with a single 8 round magazine; this might become a problem if you need to use it immediately, but having an extra magazine would solve that. When compared with other guns in the same caliber and with the same features, the Walther P38 is lighter and more compact than them all.

Size and Weight of Walther P38

Stopping Power

It is a 9mm Luger handgun, one of the most dependable calibers on the market. This handgun will not let you down when you need it the most because it will fire every time you squeeze the trigger. Although other guns come with more stopping power than this one, they are bigger and heavier. This handgun is for people who need something lightweight, so it won’t be an issue if they have to carry it all day long.


Many aspects make this handgun great, and if you’re looking for a gun that fits your hand well and won’t let you down in a crisis, the Walther P38 is for you. The Walther P38 has excellent accuracy. You need a reliable gun to protect yourself, and the Walther P38 is just that tool for self-defense. The Walther P38 can shoot a bullet as heavy as 147 grains and as light as 90. It is incredibly effective when stopping power, even though the bullets are lighter than other handguns.

Stopping Power of Walther P38

Safety Features

This handgun has an external hammer that allows you to decock it. It will prevent the gun from firing when you use your hands for other things, like shooting or climbing. You also have two safeties on this handgun: automatic trigger safety and manual decocking safety. The manual decocking safety is located on the rear of the slide and is used for decocking your weapon without firing it. When you use this safety, the gun’s hammer becomes decocked and will not fall due to inertia when bumped or pulled after you fire a bullet. The automatic trigger safety prevents the handgun from firing even when the gun is dropped. There are three frame-mounted safeties on this handgun; the safety switch, the automatic trigger safety, and the manual decocking safety.


After you fire off all your bullets, make sure to get rid of the magazine out of the gun. When you would like to use it again, load another magazine before continuing. You should always double-check your gun to see if there’s another bullet in it. It will prevent accidents from happening. The standard safety features include a loaded chamber indicator and a manual safety switch. The loaded chamber indicator allows the user to tell if there is a bullet in the gun without looking into the chamber. The safety switch prevents accidents from happening when it’s off. When switched on, your handgun becomes ready to fire almost immediately after drawing it from the holster.

Safety Features Of walther P38

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop is located on the left side of this handgun, and it’s a small lever that stops the movement of the slide as you fire off bullets. The magazine release is located on the left side above the grip; you can use it to change magazines quickly. To perform a tactical reload, you must release this button as you draw another magazine from your gun’s compartment. The slide stop allows the user to disengage the movement of the slide as they fire a bullet from their gun without letting it go all the way forward.


It allows the user to reload another magazine and continue firing bullets. A tactical reload is a reloading technique that allows you to continue firing a gun out of bullets. To perform a tactical reload, you need to release the magazine from your handgun as you pull another from its holster. Your slide lock lever must stay in the rear position as you insert a full magazine into your gun for an emergency tactical reload. A speed tactical reload can be performed when your slide is closed, and you need to add another bullet.

Slide Stop And Magazine Release Of Walther P38

Trigger Mechanism

This handgun has a double-action trigger with an exposed hammer and trigger bar. The exposed hammer allows you to pull the trigger quicker than if it were de-cocked. The double-action means that you can use both of your hands to shoot this gun; there is no need for cocking before you fire bullets. This mechanism reduces accuracy and control, so practice your handgun to improve these skills. The double-action trigger on this handgun makes it easier to keep your gun stable.


Your grip should be firm but not too tight as you shoot bullets at your target. If the double-action trigger mechanism is too heavy, try using a lighter one or practice with the trigger until you can shoot accurately. You can use the short trigger pull of a double-action trigger to your advantage if you’re trying to hit a moving target. Since the gun is already cocked, it won’t take much time for you to aim and shoot at a running target or have quick movements.

Trigger Mechanism of Walther P38

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The P38 is known to suffer from muzzle flip when the gun pushes up as you fire bullets. It mainly happens due to its powerful recoil force. You can try out different grips that will change how much weight your hands carry, making it easier for you to control the gun’s impact on your hands. You should never try to reduce the strength of the recoil force. If you do, there is a chance that your gun may not work precisely when it’s pulling against the slide mechanism. The barrel design and length have an essential role in reducing muzzle flip. The longer the barrel, the longer it takes for the bullets to leave the gun. Shooting a handgun with a long barrel will reduce its recoil force because there is more time between firing off bullets; this could affect how your handgun works when you need it most.


The Walther P38 has a blued finish, making it look sleek and sturdy. The P38 has a beautiful matte black exterior with polished steel parts. It allows you to check for jams and broken parts when your handgun is out of bullets. The black matte finish of the P38 will help you keep your gun looking new for longer. You can use a soft cloth to wipe off smudges and fingerprints on your handgun when it gets dirty or muddy. It prevents wear-and-tear that could affect how well your handgun performs in the long run.


A good grip lets you shoot a target with quick movements. You should always find a way to keep your handgun secure as you fire bullets at moving targets. Practice will help you figure out the best grip for you, so work on finding a comfortable position that allows you to shoot accurately. This handgun looks like it has excellent craftsmanship. The gun exterior is smooth and black; the interior metal parts are polished with a blued finish. This handgun looks like it can take on anything.

Aesthetics of Walther P38

Advantages of Walther P38


The P38 is very concealable. Small handguns are easily hidden by putting them inside purses or bags held with one hand. The gun’s grip fits well in your hand, which allows you to easily hide it under loose clothing or jackets without any discomfort.

Fixed Sights

The fixed sights of this handgun are located on the front and back ends of the gun. It allows you to aim accurately at targets that are far away, but it also makes it harder for you to shoot moving targets with quick movements.

Reduced Recoil

The P38 only has a five-inch barrel, which means bullets will not leave the gun very fast. It reduces the amount of recoil force on your hands, but it also means you might not be able to shoot moving targets with ease.

Double-Action Trigger

You can keep your gun steady with the P38’s double-action trigger mechanism when firing bullets at targets. Longer trigger pull can give you more time to aim and shoot at targets running or making quick movements. The double-action mechanism on this handgun also makes it easier for you to carry the gun around without worrying about safety measures. If your Walther P38 is cocked, pulling its trigger only takes a short amount of time than using a single-action design.

Disadvantages of Walther P38


The Walther P38 is more expensive than some of the handguns you might find on the market, but its high-quality craftsmanship makes the price seem worthwhile. The metal parts of this handgun are made to last for years without wearing out.

Limited Ammunition

The P38 only holds eight bullets at a time, which means you will have fewer chances to shoot at your target before having to reload. It can be an inconvenience if you are in close range with your target, but it also means you might have to use up more bullets without hitting your targets.

Aftermarket Accessories - Walther P38 Review and Price


The Walther P38 is not designed to have custom grips attached to the exterior surface of the handgun. The handle of this gun is made to be comfortable for most people, but you can still find aftermarket grip products that will help you customize your handgun.


You can purchase front or rear sights for your Walther P38 that will let you customize the role of your handgun. Some sights are designed for nighttime use, while others can help you aim at targets quicker with your Walther P38.

Extra Magazine

You can invest in an additional magazine for your Walther P38 that holds more bullets. It lets you reload less often while you are trying to shoot at moving targets or ones that are further away from you.


If your Walther P38 has any jamming problems, investing in better ammunition will help keep the gun shooting straight. If you choose high-quality bullets for your handgun, you will not be disappointed during shooting.

Magazine Pouch

You can purchase magazine pouches that attach to your belt or pants so you can carry extra magazines for your Walther P38 with you. This design keeps the bullets in place while on missions and lets you reload quickly when necessary.


A sling attaches to the exterior surface of your gun to give you a more comfortable way to carry it around. It will not only let you keep your gun ready at all times, but it also saves you from having to buy multiple holsters every day of the week.


You can find a variety of designs for holsters, including concealed carry holster designs that keep your gun hidden underneath your clothing. It lets you conceal that you are carrying a firearm without having to hide it in a bag or behind your back.

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It allows for a reliable and secure fit no matter what type or size firearm you use with this product. The open-top design of the holster allows for a quick, easy draw. The holster is reinforced stitched to withstand years of use for added durability and strength. The stitching also ensures that the holster will not quickly deteriorate in quality over time. It increases the product’s lifetime, allowing you to use this holster for years to come.

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Your Walther P38 has a smaller magazine capacity than most modern handguns, but it has a quick fire rate. Before you attempt to fire at moving targets or targets which are farther away, you should familiarize yourself with the recoil of this handgun.

Keeping your Walther P38 clean and in good working order is key to shooting accurately and maintaining gun longevity. You should keep this handgun clean and oiled at all times while you are not using it.

Walther P38 holsters are not too difficult to find if you search online or check out your local gun store. You can also purchase these holster designs from weapon manufacturers, but this is usually the most expensive option.

If you want to keep your gun firing straight, then investing in high-quality ammunition will help you out a lot during fights with other players. The right bullets for your handgun can increase its accuracy significantly.

If your gun jams while trying to use it, it might be because the shell casing is not coming out of the chamber. You should properly clean the exterior surface of this handgun so that dirt and grime do not interfere with its firing mechanism.

Recommended Holsters for Walther P38


This Walther P38 review is intended to make you understand the product better and decide if it’s worth your money or not and how you can make the most of your money. This handgun was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind while maintaining accuracy. It takes less time to clean it; however, it needs to be oiled often to keep the gun functional over long periods.

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