Walther P22 Review and Price

Walther P22 Review and Price

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Walther P22 Review

Walther P22
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Technical Data

  • System
    Semi Automatic
  • Barrel Length
    3.4” (86.36 mm)
  • Caliber
    .22 LR
  • Mag. Capacity
    10 Rounds
  • Weight (Empty Mag)
    16 oz (453.592 g)

This Walther P22 review is all about one of the finest 22 caliber pistols available on the market. The Walther P22 has a clean and highly-appealing design often desired by gun enthusiasts. Not only does it look good, but it works better than most other 22 caliber pistols. Walther Arms Inc manufactures Walther P22. Walther Arms was founded in Germany and has been in business since 1886. It takes pride in its superior engineering and manufacturing and continues to be a best-selling pistol today.


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This handgun has been around since 2002. This pistol, with classic style, is small enough to be carried in a purse or holster without slipping. The price tag on this fine handgun is just around $350 to $450. The Walther P22 has a few notable features, including ambidextrous safety levers and fully interchangeable backstraps for customizing the grip to your preferences. It gives beginners a chance to practice with a 22 caliber handgun in a compact size, weight, and grip angle in preparation for using centerfire models. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.


Features of the Walther P22

Grip and Textures

The grip on this handgun is made of a polymer material and is very attractive. It has a tactile pattern on the grip giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. The grip is also interchangeable, which means that you can swap it with any other compatible grip panels. The P22 is manufactured with grip texturing for increased grip. The texturing is rough to have a steady hold on the handgun even in extreme weather conditions, making it easy to keep a good hold on the gun. The texturing allows for a tightly controlled grip allowing you to control your shots easily. The finger grooves on the front of the stippled grip ensure your thumb stays firmly planted on the grip.


The backstraps are interchangeable so that you can get a custom fit for your hands and preferences. It is a feature that has been developed to add to the ergonomic design of this handgun. The serrated slide is another feature of this Walther Pistol that makes it a classic. The serrations provide a good grip giving you more control over your shots. It is especially useful when handling the weapon in extreme weather conditions with sweaty palms. There is a small cut-out on both sides of the slide, which allows for easy disassembly and re-assembly of the handgun. It is a feature that many gun enthusiasts look for in handguns because it allows them to disassemble and clean the weapons with ease.

Walther P22 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Walther P22 is a small handgun with a 3.4-inch threaded barrel. The overall length of the weapon is 6.5 inches. These dimensions make it a perfect option for concealed carry or any other type of holster that you can easily use to hide handguns of this size. The weight of the Walther P22 is just 16oz making it one of the lightest 22 caliber pistols available on the market today. It makes it an excellent option for beginners to learn basic shooting skills. This handgun’s easy-to-handle nature makes it a popular choice for beginners to learn firearms shooting. The Walther P22 has a maximum ammo capacity of 10 rounds per magazine, which is great for beginners because it gives them more time to fire accurately and shoot at moving targets before reloading.

Walther P22 Review and Price Size and weight

Stopping Power

The 22 caliber bullets are known to be less powerful than most guns. However, the Walther P22 packs enough power in its shots to make it a good choice for self-defense if needed. The stopping power is perfect for smaller games or targets with accurate shots. This handgun can shoot bullets with a muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second. It is not the best choice for self-defense use, but it is enough for target practice or small game hunting. This weapon is special because you do not have to go through the hassles of cleaning it after every couple of shots like some other 22 caliber handguns available on the market to date. Many shooters who enjoy practicing with 22 caliber handguns would recommend the Walther P22 for beginners.

Safety Features

The P22 is particularly known for its safety features. The manual safety on the slide is easy to operate and allows secure carry during practice. It is a very popular feature with beginners who are not used to handling handguns. The manual safety on the Walther P22 is located on the left side of the slide. It also has a magazine disconnect safety feature. This feature ensures that the handgun does not fire if the magazine is removed. Slide safety and magazine disconnect safety prevent accidental trigger pull.


The safety de-cocking feature allows you to safely de-cock the weapon without using the decocker at the side of the slide to lower the hammer manually. This feature is especially useful for beginners to learn handgun shooting skills. It also has a loaded chamber indicator on the slide, which lets you know when the gun’s chamber is loaded or empty so that you can carry it safely without any potential accidents. You can always stay aware of your ammo status, which is an addition to your self-defense capabilities.

Walther P22 Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Walther P22 slide stop is a feature that allows you to load your weapon quickly while making it easy for you to lock the slide back when needed. The push-button release at the side of the gun makes it a perfect choice for beginners who are not used to handling handguns. This handgun has an ambidextrous magazine release, ensuring that left-handed shooters can also use it conveniently. This feature gives beginners more freedom to choose this handgun without worrying about their dominant hand. The solid trigger pull is another great feature for beginners learning handgun shooting skills. It makes the weapon easy to handle and fire accurately with minimal recoil, encouraging beginners to improve their shooting skills.

Walther P22 Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

It is a semi-automatic pistol with a single-action/double-action trigger mechanism. It is possible to improve the double-action trigger pull by modifying the grip of your hand to ensure that you get the most out of the weapon. The single-action trigger mode allows for faster target acquisition, which is especially important for self-defense situations where time is of the essence. It also helps beginners improve their shooting accuracy quickly. The trigger guard-mounted paddle release makes it easy for you to carry and operate the handgun. Trigger guard makes the mags drop out smoothly without causing accidents during your practice sessions. The trigger pull is smooth, which helps you learn to shoot accurately quickly. You will be able to take more shots before running out of ammo.

Walther P22 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The weight of this handgun makes it easy to control the recoil accurately. It does not require as much strength as some other handguns with higher calibers available on the market today. The all-metal construction makes the handgun heavy and significantly reduces the likelihood of misfires. The design also includes a muzzle brake that helps you focus on your target accurately without worrying about muzzle rise or recoil.


This feature is especially important during long practice sessions where people easily lose concentration. It encourages them to take more shots in a shorter period. The superior design allows you to control your shots accurately to improve your accuracy quickly. The threaded barrel makes this handgun capable of turning into a suppressor for more accurate shots. Walther’s P22 threaded barrel adaptor allows you to easily add on the threaded barrel for reduced noise and muzzle flare during your shooting experience.

Walther P22 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip


The design makes this handgun ergonomically comfortable and user-friendly. The black and silver colors and the ergonomic grip stippling ensure that you get a firm hold of the weapon while you shoot accurately. This firearm has an amazing look that gives it a sleek, tactical appearance. It is important for novice shooters who feel more confident carrying their weapons around. It allows you to learn how to handle different handguns easily so that you can upgrade to more advanced versions later on without having trouble transferring your skills. 


The polymer frame has a Picatinny accessory rail, which makes it easy for you to add on some accessory options like flashlights and lasers. This feature is important for self-defense situations where the light of the flashlight can help disorient an attacker’s vision while you shoot accurately at them. The zinc alloy slide and barrel feature a black polymer finish and P22 marking, which makes it look stylish and attractive. The iron sights help you acquire your target quickly and easily. The stainless steel magazine along with other  steel components make it a durable addition to any collection.


Advantages of Walther P22


The compact size and lightweight design allow you to carry it around without impacting your physical activities. The all-metal body makes the gun feel sturdy in your hand and reduces misfires during long practice sessions.

Price Range

The price range is not prohibitively expensive, unlike some handguns with similar features on the market today. Affordable prices make it easy for people to upgrade their firearms to this new version easily without worrying about budget constraints.

Ease of Use

The all-metal construction makes it a strong and durable handgun. It is important for long practice sessions where people easily lose concentration if their weapon malfunctions often. The superior design allows you to use it perfectly for all your shooting practice needs.

Shooting Range

This handgun is designed for people who want to focus on the accuracy of their shots. It allows you to breathe easily, knowing that it will not misfire during your long shooting sessions. You can use it during tactical training without worrying about malfunctions or jams. The superior design helps you focus on your target accurately, putting your mind at ease so that you can perform better during long-term practice sessions. The ergonomically designed ambidextrous grip ensures a tight handgun hold to improve your aim.


Disadvantages of Walther P22

Challenging Takedown Procedures

This model has a complicated takedown procedure. It requires you to take several steps correctly for it to work properly. The additional steps are necessary so that the firearm does not fall apart during normal use.


Aftermarket Accessories – Walther P22 Review and Price

The Walther P22 is a high-quality handgun, so it needs some improvements. Most aftermarket accessories do not fit this model well, so you will have to upgrade them separately.


The handgun also does not have great grips, and it can be uncomfortable for some people. A new set of custom grips might be necessary to make the weapon comfortable enough for use during your tactical training sessions.


This handgun comes with three dot sight system including front sight and rear sight. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. The major drawback of this gun is the lack of availability of laser sights or glowing dots for aiming assistance during practice sessions. You will have to purchase them separately. Smaller sights are becoming popular additions in the firearm world because they allow shooters to improve their accuracy. 

Extra Magazine

It is also important to purchase an extra Walther P22 magazine to shoot with multiple targets quickly. The standard magazine only holds ten rounds at a time, which might not be enough for shooters who have longer ranges to cover during their training.

Magazine Pouch

Buying an extra magazine can be expensive, but you can use a simple magazine pouch to hold it securely during your training sessions. It helps maintain safety while handling your firearm.

Pistol Case

The handgun only comes with a simple plastic case. It is sturdy enough to transport it around without worrying about damage, but you might need a more durable choice if you frequently take your firearms on field trips.


The handgun is very compact and small, making it easier to conceal. However, you might want to purchase a holster with better retention features if you plan on taking your firearm out regularly. The market has several choices for you, and the average price range is $30.

Fobus Standard Paddle Holster Black for Walther P22

This injection-molded, high-density polymer holster is constructed for maximum comfort. It has a low-profile design for concealment. Its flexible two-piece construction with a retention screw allows the holster to be used as a standard paddle or belt holster. The holster is designed to make firearm safety and security effortless. There is no need to oil the gun from wearing or regular use. The retention screw allows for a custom adjustment of the draw, allowing each user to select their desired retention level. Once the correct position is determined, lock down the retention with a Phillips head screwdriver.


The polymer body construction with steel reinforced rivet attachment and a metal belt clip give this holster superior durability. The paddle is contoured, keeping pressure off the gun barrel to keep the holster in place while carrying. Fobus stands behind its products with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. The warranty is for the lifetime of the holster from any defects in material or craftsmanship that caused the holster to break or fail.

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Recommended Holsters for Walther P22


The Walther P22 is a handgun that can be very useful during tactical training sessions. It has several unique and nice features, including the upgraded recoil spring guide rod. Before making a final purchase decision, you should consider if these upgrades are necessary for your personal training goals. There are some limitations when using the handgun, but it still performs well compared to similar competitors on the market today. Thank you for reading this Walther P22 Review; we appreciate your time and effort.

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