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Walther Creed Review and Price

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Walther Creed Review

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Here’s an in-depth Walther Creed review that will provide all the information you need to know about this gun. Walther designed the Creed to be very affordable and provide shooters with great value for their money. It comes standardly equipped with several useful features compared to its more expensive counterparts. Walther Arms is known worldwide for manufacturing pistols, rifles, revolvers, and airguns. This German brand takes pride in its quality and innovative designs, and it is considered one of the oldest firearms manufacturers.

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With over 160 years of experience, there’s no doubt that their products are industry-leading. The Creed is a pistol designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making it great for everyday carry applications. It features a manual ambidextrous thumb safety, a reversible magazine catch, and an integral accessory rail. This specific gun will vary depending on the retailer; however, it is usually sold within the $300-$550 range. Let’s explore this gun in detail to know what you’re getting for this price.

Features of Walther Creed

Grip and Textures

One of the things that people look for in semi-automatic pistols is improved ergonomics, which is quite understandable. The Creed was designed to be comfortable to hold, making it great for carrying around all day. This pistol ships with interchangeable/adjustable grips so that you can customize the grip size according to your personal preference. The Creed comes with highly detailed grip texturing that provides you with maximum control over the gun, even when shooting for extended periods.


The grip frame is contoured, making it easy to hold and use, even if you have relatively small hands. The stippling on the grip is also very aggressive, which means that this gun will not slip out of your hands unexpectedly. Furthermore, it comes with front and rear slide serrations that greatly improve its grip for racking the slide. These deep slide serrations allow you to rack the slide efficiently without requiring too much grip strength. It makes it easy for shooters of all calibers to load and unload this gun.

Grip and Textures of Walther Creed

Size and Weight

The service pistol is very lightweight, so you can carry it around easily without wearing you out. It weighs just over 25.6 ounces and has a height of 5.6 inches and 7.3 inches length, making it great for concealed carrying. The Creed is small, which makes it convenient to handle. It can comfortably fit into holsters that are specifically designed for subcompact pistols. The size makes this gun an ideal compact pistol for shooters with small hands. The Creed is chambered in 9mm Luger and has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds. It means that you can carry more ammo around without having to worry about reloading too often. The standard Creed comes with a 4-inch barrel making it small enough to be concealed even in relatively small holsters.

Size and Weight of Walther Creed

Stopping Power

It comes standardly equipped with high-quality ammunition that delivers enough knockdown power for personal protection purposes. The 9mm Luger is often considered the ideal balance between stopping power and game penetration. The 9mm Luger is popular with law enforcement agencies worldwide because of its controllability and manageable recoil. It can deliver a great amount of stopping power while still penetrating through cover with ease. It’s also quite popular with target shooters because of its accuracy at longer ranges. The Creed can shoot a 115 to 147-grain bullet at a velocity of 1246.7 feet per second. It makes it easier for the shooter to sight in their shots precisely while still delivering massive amounts of damage on contact. Due to its great stopping power, the Creed is an ideal pistol for concealed carry applications. It works well for target shooting and self-defense without a problem.

Stopping Power of Walther Creed

Safety Features

This polymer pistol has three internal safeties, two drop safeties, and one firing pin block. However, it doesn’t have an external safety or a magazine disconnect. The safety plunger is chrome-lined, making it incredibly durable. These safety features give the shooter a lot of peace of mind when carrying this gun, knowing that they can rely on them in an emergency. The drop safety is located at the rear right corner under the slide. The first is trigger safety which prevents you from pulling the trigger unless your finger is firmly on it. It’s a passive trigger safety that will prevent the gun from being fired when dropped or bumped against an object with considerable force. Secondly, it has an external hammer safety to allow the user to lower the hammer without firing a shot. It makes it safer during transportation and storage. The last one is the safety lever of its unique striker block system, which prevents accidental discharge, even if the gun were to drop on the ground.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Creed comes with an ambidextrous slide stop for easier reloading, something that’s quite useful for concealed carriers. It has definite stops when the slide is either open or closed, ensuring that the shooters can reload faster without taking their hands off it. The Creed also features a standard magazine release button located at the base of its trigger guard so you can quickly drop the magazine using your index finger without having to take your handoff. It is an ideal feature for concealed carriers as they can reload the gun in emergencies without wasting time searching for the magazine release.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Walther Creed

Trigger Mechanism

The full-size gun has an improved trigger action with a crisp 6-6.5 lb trigger pull weight out of the box to give shooters consistent trigger pull every time they squeeze it. The Creed trigger has an audible and tactile reset that’s quite impressive for a polymer gun. Walther Creed comes with a standard pre-cocked double-action trigger mechanism common in modern handguns. It means the initial trigger pull is heavier than usual, but once you’ve pulled it to its limit, it gets lighter.


It’ll feature a very crisp and light trigger pull after the long first shot due to its internal pre-cocking function. It also enables shooters to fire several consecutive rounds rapidly without resetting their trigger fingers between shots as it re-cocks itself to fire the next round. While this type of trigger mechanism may not be ideal for novice shooters who aren’t used to the heavier trigger pull, it’s an excellent feature for professionals.

Trigger Mechanism of Walther Creed

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Creed’s standard pre-cocked trigger mechanism enables less recoil than most pistols of the same size. It’ll only have a moderate amount of muzzle flip but can get out of control when fired repeatedly in quick succession, especially with the added weight if you’re shooting full metal jacket rounds. The Creed has a 4-inch barrel which is impressive for a pistol’s size and overall weight. It makes it easier to control when firing by reducing muzzle flip and absorbing some of the impacts. Furthermore, the Creed uses hard primers that decrease felt recoil while increasing muzzle velocity, allowing shooters to keep their targets faster.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Walther Creed


The Creed has a modern and ergonomic design with a polymer frame and stainless steel slide. It has a low-profile slide stop lever and design that makes it perfect for concealed carrying, which most gun owners are looking for in a full-size pistol. In addition, being well-positioned, the slide lock is cut flush with the frame to prevent snagging when you remove it from your holster. It also has a low-profile external hammer that makes it easier to conceal inside your waistband. The Creed features a metal 3-dot sights system with a drift adjustable rear sight for windage. These metal sights have clear and wide visibility, making it easy for shooters to quickly acquire their target on the range or in an emergency. These are perfect sights for anyone new to shooting and looking for a pistol to practice with.

Aesthetics of Walther Creed

Advantages of Walther Creed


The Creed has a professional-grade build quality that makes it stand out from other pistols in its class. Its weight helps to reduce muzzle flip when firing, which is perfect for beginners or novice shooters. You won’t have any trouble keeping your target steady while shooting with the added weight of this gun.

Trigger Action

The Creed features an improved trigger action mechanism designed for a smooth and consistent pull every time. It has a crisp trigger pull that will give you a smooth and consistent shot each time.


It features several excellent safety mechanisms that make it perfect for concealed carry. It includes a low-profile slide stop and external hammer that won’t snag your clothing when you draw it from inside your waistband. In addition, the magazine release is designed so that shooters can easily manipulate it without shifting their grip on the gun, making it perfect for drawing from concealment.

Price Range

The Creed retails for around an average price of $499.99, which is a very good price for its features. It’s not an entry-level gun, so it’s best suited to shooters who want something more serious than just your casual target shooting pistol but without having to pay too much money.

Ease of Use

The Creed has a pre-cocked hammer-forged, blued steel barrel that delivers excellent muzzle velocity and accuracy. In addition, it’ll hold the center of impact during rapid firing, which makes it easier to reacquire your target quickly after each shot.

Disadvantages of Walther Creed

The Creed will have its flaws as with any pistol, but they won’t affect your shooting performance.

Minor Issues

According to a few users, the grip grooves on the front and back straps can be uncomfortable when shooting because they’re too sharp. Also, some shooters found that the trigger guard is a little wide for their taste, increasing the chances of getting pinched while shooting.

Aftermarket Accessories - Walther Creed Review and Price

Several aftermarket accessories for the Creed are designed to improve its performance during target shooting or self-defense. These aftermarket accessories for this pistol include upgraded sights, match-grade barrels, extended mag release buttons, and beavertail grip safeties which you can order online.


The Creed ships with a set of polymer grips. However, several aftermarket manufacturers make rubber or wooden grips for the Creed, which you can add to your gun for better grip. Even some companies make carbon fiber grips that will help absorb the impact from shooting to reduce slip and recoil.


Several aftermarket manufacturers sell replacement barrels for the Creed, including match-grade models which can improve accuracy performance. You can also buy extended barrel sleeves if you want to add a suppressor or compensator to the Creed for use in self-defense.

Extended Mag Release

An extended mag release is a good solution if you find it difficult to reach the magazine release button when cycling your slide. It allows shooters to drop empty mags with just one press of their trigger finger.

Ammunition Capacity

The Creed only ships with a 16-round magazine, which can be enough ammo to defend yourself from an attack, but it’s not ideal if you want to target shoot or train regularly with this gun.


For just a few dollars, you can order some replacement Creed sights from gun enthusiasts around the world. It includes fiber-optic front and rear blades, which will make it easier to acquire your targets when shooting in low-light conditions. These sights are designed to improve target acquisition for shooters of all levels.

Magazine Pouch

Several Creed mag pouches are available online, designed to fit this gun. It will make it easier to give your gun a quick reload if you spend the whole day at the range. It’s also good for keeping extra magazines where you need them, like many belt pouches specially designed to hold mags.


There are several holsters which you can use to carry the Creed. Inside the waistband holster and outside the waistband holster are the two main holster types for this pistol. IWB holsters can be worn under a shirt or jacket to conceal your Creed, while OWB holsters are great for open carry and range use.

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

This holster is designed to be very comfortable. It is made from a sturdy Kydex material, ensuring that the holster will not wear out over time and last a long time. It has a full-length sweat guard on the front of it, and the backside of the clip comes over your pants for an extra layer of comfort. The mouth of the holster is slightly wider, making it fit more comfortably and helping with re-holstering. It also has a tension screw that is adjustable to how loose or tight you want your weapon to fit. The adjustable cant of this holster makes it ideal to fit your personal preference for carrying.


This holster will keep your firearm safely concealed until you need it. The unique design of this holster will hold your weapon close to your body. It prevents your firearm from being snagged on anything. It encloses the trigger guard fully so you can rest assured that your firearm is safe. This holster is designed to be fast and easy to draw from. This holster has a slight undercut trigger guard, which will allow you to draw your firearm in one motion. The open-ended design lets your finger slide down the side of the holster and pull the firearm out easily.


 Yes, the Creed’s slide stops lever. It’s designed with an extra ridge to give shooters a better grip so they can release it more easily. The Creed’s trigger guard is also more rounded and smooth than the PPQ’s, making it more comfortable to use. 

No, it does not come with any extra accessories. Still, you can order some aftermarket parts and accessories, including extended mag releases and beavertail safeties, which will help improve this gun’s performance during target shooting.

Yes, you can clean the Creed by using gun-cleaning solvents designed to clean all types of firearms. You’ll need to be careful about how many solvents you use because too much can damage sensitive parts, including grips and triggers. 


Recommended Holsters for Walther Creed


Overall, the Creed is a good choice for shooters looking for an affordable gun. Walther Creed review reveals that this handgun has several ergonomic improvements, including a more rounded trigger guard and slide stop lever. It’s also cheaper than other Walther firearms but still has great performance making it an attractive choice for new shooters.

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