What are pigeon mating habits?

Pigeons have a peculiar mating habit. The male pigeon (cock) singles out his interest for a female pigeon, its potential mate, and then goes ahead to show off. It coos in certain ways that entice the female. The male shows off its manly features, it’s feathers, often in a bid to interest the female. It may be an expression of love interest.

If, by chance, the female is interested, it becomes friendly to the male, and that serves as an invitation to the male, the beginning of their love story to mate for life After mating, the male would go in search of a nesting site, selects one stick, and brings it to its partner. The female sits in the nest for two days before laying the first egg. Often, Pigeons lay two white eggs. Pigeons will continue to mate for life as long as they stay alive.

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