Blackbirds will live a healthy life in friendly habitat/gardens.

Many factors could come into play ranging from how predator eat younger blackbirds to habitat or gardens hazards (harsh surroundings) on even adult blackbirds.

Yes, male and female pair of blackbird can as well have a positive impact on their life expectancy.

There are several types of oranges that are all beneficial to guinea pigs, mandarin oranges contain high vitamin A, tangerines and normal oranges contain ...

No, make sure you do not feed your guinea pig canned orange. It contains preservatives which are bad for guinea pigs, the sugar content of canned orange is ...

Yes, in fact when guinea pigs eat orange peels, it is of more benefit to your guinea pig because orange peels contain more nutrients than the orange itself. ...

Yes, flamingos have been reported to sleep while even maintaining their one-legged stance.

No, flamingos can stand with either leg.

They have the capacity to maintain their one-legged stance so you may find that they don't switch legs often.

Flamingos can actually stay on a leg for a very large period of time, their muscle won't feel fatigued.