Top Seven Lights For Hunting Coyotes

Hunting coyotes at night is an outing that can be interesting if you are prepared for it. And when it comes to preparation for a hunting outing, some things must be in your collection. One of such important things is the flashlight. Getting the right light for hunting coyotes may not be an easy task.

There are several brands of lights in the market today, so much that picking a good product might be a hectic task for you. Wading through the flood of lights in the market and making a choice is a huge task given the available options you have.

Do not worry, we have you covered. 

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We have gone to the market and taken ample look at the available options and selected the lights that can act the part. Here in this article, we have done a review of the flashlights we selected. The review is meant to guide you in your shopping. This guide will help you make healthy choices that will not leave you in regret and that will make your hunting spree enjoyable.

Here are our top three reliable and durable best light for coyotes hunting.

We believe that you can get a great flashlight wherever you are if you know what the right one looks like. If you are placing an order or you are getting your flashlight from a store, you should be able to make a smart choice. 

While shopping for a light for hunting coyotes and other games, some factors should make your top considerations. Let’s examine some of those factors.

What to Look Out for When Getting Lights for Hunting Coyotes

Following are the various things that you should consider before buying lights for hunting coyotes:

Brightness and the range of the light 

A flashlight with high lumen will meet this need. There is no use getting a flashlight that will not serve your purposes. If hunting coyotes at night is your thing, then an efficient flashlight ought to be your priority.

Ergonomic lighting design

Another feature to look out for is the construction of the light. Imagine going hunting in a mountainous environment. You already know that anything might drop accidentally. And if your equipment drops and does not make it back up, your outing is already in jeopardy. Imagine that your flashlight collides with a hard surface or it drops from your hand and crashes? Your hunting would have gone wrong.

But with a durable flashlight, you can have a great experience without worrying about breaking your light. An apt flashlight should be designed in sturdy and durable materials like aluminum. 

Also, the flashlight should enable a firm grip without slipping off your hand. 


Your flashlight should be waterproof to enable you to have your outing at any time of the day.


If there is one essential feature you cannot overlook, it is the battery. The battery life of your flashlight matters a great deal. Imagine your battery dying in the middle of your hunt. That will be a disaster. You may end up aborting your outing or getting hurt because you cannot see clearly in the dark. Neither of these is a good situation. A strong battery will improve your chances of having a great outing.


We also considered how the flashlight will be mounted. Some lights come with universal mounting to make mounting it easy. You should get a flashlight that you can mount on any system or surface. Here are our top seven flashlights.

7 Lights for Coyotes Hunting (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens 676 Yards Red and Green Rechargeable Hunting Light with Lumentac Rifle Mounting Kit for Hog Coyote and Varmint Hunting (Medium, Gift Box Packaging)
417 Reviews
Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens 676 Yards Red and Green Rechargeable Hunting Light with Lumentac Rifle Mounting Kit for Hog Coyote and Varmint Hunting (Medium, Gift Box Packaging)
  • 1000 LUMEN LONG THROW FLASHLIGHT – The NEW P30 comes with a 1000 lumen beam that can reach up to 676 yards of throw.
  • EXTENDED BATTERY RUNTIME – With the included 4000mAh rechargeable battery, the NEW P30 is capable of up to 40 days of extended runtime with over an hour on turbo. Also compatible with 18650 batteries, or a pair of CR123A.


  • Dimensions: 10.9″ L x 8.7″ W x 3.1″ H
  • Weight: 1 Kilograms
  • Material: Aluminum

The Nitecore New P30 is a great help for hunting and rescue missions. And when it comes to coyote hunting, you can trust this light for optimum performance. Are you still wondering why it made our first choice? The lumen on this light is impressive. 

This light sports an impressive 1000 lumen beam, getting up to 675 yards of a throw. If you are familiar with lights for hunting coyotes, you will know that you cannot compromise on brightness and range. If you want to confirm this interesting performance, point the light upwards and you will see its light making it up to the tallest building in the world.

If there is an experience that no one wants, it is your light dying on you. With this light, you can expect to have a smooth experience with your light on standby. It features an impressive high capacity 4000 mAh rechargeable 21700 battery you can trust.

And to prepare you for a smooth ride, this light comes with a battery charger with a USB cable and wall adapter. It also features a battery life indicator to keep you informed on your battery usage. If you are the type who likes to eliminate every bump and be aptly prepared, this supports your style. You can charge your device and have it all set for the show. And you will know when to plug it in to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens

To make the package complete, this efficient light comes in a hard carry case. It protects it from the impact of bumps and collisions. If you have your outing in a rough environment, this case will protect your light from external forces.

Hunting is not restricted to a specific time or place. You might have to take advantage of the late and early hours of the day. Or you might want to hunt in wet seasons or locations. This light is a great companion at any time and season. It is water-resistant to make it usable under any condition.

To make it even more suitable for any location, it is built with HA III aero-grade aluminum material. This makes it your go-to light for hunting.

This light affords you flexibility in terms of use. You can use it handheld or mounted. It is lightweight and efficient for the task. When mounted, it does not add weight to the system it is mounted upon.

It features a switch mode to enable you to choose between the brightness modes available. You may choose the SOS, beacon, or strobe. Also, it comes with a red and green filter so you can make your choice.


2. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper XXL Double LED Gun Kit

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper XXL Double LED Gun Kit (97436)
  • LED MODEL: Double LED (Green and Red)
  • UNIVERSAL SCOPE MOUNT – RAIL MOUNT: the kit comes equipped with mounts needed for attaching your new Coyote Reaper XXL predator light to your riflescope or picatinny rail


  • Dimensions: 10.91″ L x 8.78″ W x 3.19″ H
  • Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

One effective way of using a hunting flashlight is by mounting it. While most light may come with mounts, the mounts on the Predator Tactic are second to none. They are apt, easy to set up, and practical. 

This flashlight comes with a silent control that enables you time to control the intensity of the light. You can also swiftly and easily turn on and off the flashlight with the remote switch while you keep your hands on the shooting position. With this feature, your outing is optimized for success. And if you have issues with the halo of the light, there is a shield to that effect. 

The light is expertly designed to deliver up to 700 yards. So, you can hunt for coyotes and other targets from any distance.

The success of your hunting is dependent on a number of factors. One of the most essential factors is the quality of your light. Your rifle and scope are only as good as the light. Of what use is a great rifle and apt scope in the dark without an efficient flashlight? Now your flashlight can give you optimum performance if it has a great battery. 

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper XXL Double LED Gun Kit

And when you talk about the battery, this light ticks the necessary boxes with its 26-650 lithium-ion 4500 mAh battery. If well-charged, this battery can see you through your outings with relative ease and efficiency. Also in the package is a 26-650 charger.

This light is mountable on several systems. It comes with a rail mount and a scope mount. If you want to mount it on a Picatinny rail or a rifle scope, you are welcome. This light gives you a range of options to explore. Whichever way you want to use it, it is ever ready.

The Predator Tactic flashlight caters to functionality and style. The flashlight and accessories are packaged in a stylish plastic carry case. This makes it easy to take around and apt for any journey.


3. BIZOOM KL25 Hunting Light Flashlight

BIZOOM KL25 Hunting Light Flashlight, Long Range Red Green Varmint Light Kit for Predator Hog Fox Coyote, with Pressure Switch
  • Includes green hunting flashlight and extra interchangeable Red light led modules, We use the famous LED chipset,,This is high quality LED chipset,Unfiltered red or green light output produced by LED: 250-350 yards long distance bright Light
  • Equipped with universal mount and remote clicky on/off switch can free your hands when you are holding your shotgun. Press the button to turn the light on or turn it off


  • Dimensions: 7.08″ L x 1.97″ W x 1.18″ H
  • Weight: 0.67 Kilograms
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

This is an efficient short-range flashlight, reaching up to 100 yards. This flashlight is built to catch the eyes of targets easily. You can put off this light with several options. There is the usual push on and off button and there is a corded push on and off button mounted on the flashlight. This one comes in handy when you are using the flashlight with a mounted rifle and you prefer the flashlight on constantly. The 3rd option for putting on and off the flashlight is a corded button meant to be held down for the flashlight to come on. 

The flashlight features a USB-style charger making it easy to charge. You can plug the cord into a phone charger head and it will charge to full capacity with a standby power supply. You can also charge the flashlight in your car. It features a red/green light indicator. This will inform you when it is charging and when the battery is fully charged.

 It comes with a universal clamp for easy mounting on any system. It will work well with a scope as much as with other mountable surfaces. For all these amazing features, this light is pocket-friendly. You do not have to break the bank before adding this light to your hunting collections.

Putting your money on this light is a smart move that will not go wrong. And when you do order this amazing light, it comes in a package including a plastic toolbox. It also comes with a user manual. With this guide, you cannot go wrong with using your light. It comes in a portable size for convenient mobility


4. Odepro KL52 Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight

Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight with Red Green White and IR850 Light LED Lamps Remote Pressure Switch Hunting Kit for Hog Coyote and Varmint Hunting, Gift Box Packaging
  • Adjustable Focus: Zooming out the hunting flashlight to be used as a spot light can reach out as far as 1350ft in high mode. Zooming in as a flood light provides a wide view when you are searching targets.
  • Interchange 4-color LED Modules: 4 different color lights are included in the hunting set–red light, white light, green light and IR850nm light, can meet all need when you are searching for different targets in various hunting situations.Modules are easy to load and unload.


  • Dimensions: 6.7″ L x 3.1″ W x 2.1″ H
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Material: Aluminum

The success of your hunting is tied to your expertise and the efficiency of your hunting tools. If there is one tool that needs to be on the high side of the efficiency scale, it is the light. There are some qualities like the brightness, range, weight, durability, and effectiveness you should look out for. And when you do find the light that ticks your boxes, you will be glad to put your money on it. The Odepro KL52 Plus is that light.

It features an adjustable focus to make your hunting easy and productive. You can zoom out the flashlight to use it as a spotlight. In this mode, this light can reach as far as 1350ft on the high side. You can also zoom in as a floodlight to have an ample view of your targets and the environment. This feature helps to keep you alert for your surroundings.

More on options and preferences, this flashlight comes in four different colors of light including green, red, white, and the IR850nm light. Switching within these modules is easy and fast, not slowing down your game. Hunters know that when it comes to hunting coyotes and other targets, the red light is better. 

The red light blends with the natural surrounding more and will not distract you from the natural night light. The red light casts fewer reflections compared to other light colors. The green light is also apt for picking out targets. For the white light, it is like the usual flashlight making it as apt as any other great flashlight out there.

Odepro KL52 Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight

Having these options in one flashlight is like paying for a thing and getting double of the deal. You can opt for whatever light suits your outing or just aligns with your preferences. 

Putting on and off the flashlight gets easy on this one with the smart remote switch. You can focus on your rifle and have the flashlight play its role smoothly. The battery life in this flashlight is impressive. It can take you all through your outings without a blink. 

This flashlight features two types of mounts. There is the POM high mount that can take on different sizes of scopes and guns. Also, there is the K185 aluminum mount that goes with shotguns with Picatinny rail. With these options, you can have your light serving your purposes.

This light is built with aircraft aluminum material, making it suitable for any environment. It is shockproof and can handle collisions and shock. Also, it is waterproof. So, if your outing takes you in the morning, you do not have to worry about the dew. If it is rainy, this light is your ever-ready companion.


5. ORION M30C Flashlight

Orion M30C Green 377 Yards 700 Lumen Long Range LED Hog Predator Varmint Hunting Light Flashlight Kit – Mounts, Remote Pressure Switch and Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
  • BRIGHTEST GREEN HOG LIGHT – 700 lumens 377 Yards unfiltered green LED flashlight that perfect for long range hog hunting
  • THREE BRIGHTNESS to fits all your hunting needs – turn the light head to set various brightness so you can scout, spot or aim the game with easy


  • Dimensions: 9.1″ L x 6.7″ W x 6.4″ H
  • Weight: 1.16 Kilograms
  • Material: Aluminum

If hunters are asked to mention the quality that endears them to a flashlight for hunting, most of them will mention the lumen. A flashlight with a far-reaching beam is every hunter’s delight. This is why this light makes it to our list. It comes with a 700 Lumen reaching up to 377 yards. 

This long-range flashlight comes with a red and green light. Red light is more preferable for most people but a green light is also a great choice. Having both lights is a strong point for this flashlight. This light features three brightness settings. You can access this with an easy turning of the head.

ORION M30C Flashlight

It is suitable for a number of hunting outings. It is apt for hunting different targets including coyotes. This flashlight is rechargeable. It comes with two rechargeable batteries. If your battery is low, a simple recharge gets it right back to its maximum power status. It comes with an AC and car power adapter. 

It comes with various mounting kits, making it mountable on any surface. You can conveniently set the flashlight on a surface and have your work done with relative speed and ease. The pressure switch enables you to turn on and off the flashlight easily.


6. Ulako Green Light

Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig Coyote Varmint
  • Spotlight or floodlight choice by Adjustable the flashlight
  • Single 1 mode, 350 yards long distance


  • Dimensions: 9.21″ L x 8.27″ W x 1.61″ H
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

This flashlight comes with a Li-ion 18650 rechargeable battery with a 2600 mAh capacity. With this battery, you can up to 4 hours of continuous usage before it dims. It features green lights with optimal output. The light can get as far as 350 yards. This medium to long-range hunting flashlight is one of the best you can have in the market today. 

The flashlight is zoomable to make you focus on the target the best way possible for you. Do you want to have a closer view of your target or a wider view to include much of the environment? This light has the features you need. Another interesting feature of this light is that you can mount this flashlight on any surface and be comfortable. 

Ulako Green Light

It is constructed with durable aluminum material to make it sturdy and durable. This body build makes this flashlight fit for use in any situation. You can take it to rugged environments and it can hold its own. It is built to withstand hard usage and collisions. 

Compared to other products, this light is affordable for most people. It offers amazing features for a fairly low price. If you are on a tight budget and you need a flashlight that can act the part, consider this product. It ticks the essential boxes without digging a hole in your pocket.


7. BESTSUN Brightest Waterproof Red Light Flashlight HS-802 1000 Lumens

BESTSUN Brightest Waterproof Red Light Flashlight HS-802 1000 Lumens 350 Yard Long Range Red Hunting Light Coyote Hog Night Vision Red LED Flashlight Light Lamp Torch with Battery and Charger
  • This special flashlight is red light with CREE XRE R2 emitter. Max output: 1000 lumens|Light color:Red Light|Lighting Distance: 250 Yards|Very suitable for hunting.
  • Since animals aren’t spooked from a green/ red light, The red beam of light is perfect for looking at stars, hunting, fishing, hunting, scanning at night. Perfect for daily lighting, security, searching, hunting and distinguishing some mineral


  • Dimensions: 3.15″ H x 0.79″ W x 2.36″ L
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Material: Aluminum

This flashlight is built to serve you to your satisfaction. It features a USB charging port and uses a USB charger. This makes it easy to charge as you can charge it at home or in your car. And there is an indicator that reminds you to charge your light on time.

This flashlight features three modes of lighting to make you adapt to any lighting condition. You can adjust light settings to touch, low, or strobe depending on your references and the light situation of the environment. 

You can adjust the focal length of the flashlight to get the flood beam and the spot beam. With this feature, you can target your prospective catch closely or decide to have a broader view of your environment and prospective target. 

The flashlight has a beam reach of up to 1000 yards. This long-range flashlight can enable you to aim at your target from any distance. If you do not want to get close to the target, you can still have an ample view of it and the environment from your distance. This feature enhances your alertness and optimizes your target aim.

This light is built to make it resistant to water. This will enable you to use it under any weather condition. The charging port features a rubber coverage to prevent it from damage under the rain. With these features, you can count on the flashlight to accompany you to your outings at any time and during any season. The flashlight features a non-slip design to make it usable with a firm grip under any weather condition.

This light is built to withstand any environmental and usage conditions. It is built with durable aircraft-grade aluminum material and sports a premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish for a sturdy and durable build. It is shockproof and constructed to slide through collisions and impacts.



The number of lumens depends on the capacity of the light. Some lights have 1000 lumens, some have 350, some 700, and so on.

Yes. Green lights are good for hunting coyotes.

There are several efficient and effective flashlights in the market. Brands like Bestsun, Bizoom, and Ulako, are good.


Over the years, several brands have sprung up but not all of these brands produce flashlights that tick the necessary boxes. There are some features an adequate flashlight ought to have to make it to your list of hunting collections. 

We have selected the best flashlights in the market for you. These suggestions look at the necessary features a light must possess to make it right for hunting coyotes. Before you shop for the next flashlight, consult this list and make a smart choice.

The price of the light should not rob you of the qualities. You sure can get a great flashlight without having to break the bank. The lights listed here have different price ranges. Some may be on the high side for people with tight budgets but they are affordable for most people. In picking this list, we did not lower our standard because of the price. We bring you the best and affordable. We have also answered your questions to keep you informed. Have a great time shopping and hunting!

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