Top 4 Lawn Mowers

Finding the right lawnmower for your piece of land can sometimes be a challenge. Make sure you get the best quality lawnmower for the right price. Here are the top 4 lawnmowers that will help you to keep your lawn trimmed and maintained:

Yard Machines 22″, Side Discharge Push Mower

The 22 inch deck is great for cutting modest lawns in no time. The 7 inch front and 8 inch rear tires also allow for great maneuverability, control, and traction to make sure you get every part of grass that needs to be trimmed. There are six adjustable height positions, so you can choose how tall you want your grass to be, and the lawnmower comes with a two-year limited warranty. Best of all, this is one of the cheapest push-lawnmowers on the market, only costing $149. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Side Discharge Push Mower here.

Lawn Boy Push Walk Power Mower

This lawnmower is a strong choice, notable for its efficiency and simplicity. The Lawn Boy brand is a reliable brand, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to go running for another lawnmower should this one break. While there is nothing especially unique about this lawnmower, the $239 price emphasizes the fact that this is a solid and secure model. In addition, you can purchase a three year warranty for this self-propelled, lime green lawn mower. You can purchase the Lawn Boy Push Walk Power Mower online here.

Homelite 20 In. Cordless Electric Mower

This is a great choice if you want to go green or don’t have any room for oil in your house (or maybe it’s simply too dangerous to have around). Instead, the Cordless Electric Mower is an ideal alternative because you can simply charge it up and let it run for as much as 45 minutes on battery. It does a superb job cutting the grass and has a clear power level display so you won’t be stuck with a lawnmower that randomly shut off in the middle of your lawn. It is easy to assemble and simple to use: unplug from the charger and go! You don’t have to deal with checking oil or pulling anymore. However, it is important to note that there has been criticism of the battery, which tends to die after the one year warranty, and of the difficulties in purchasing a new battery or charger. Despite this, you can learn more about the Homelite 20 In. Cordless Electric Mower or purchase it for $329 here.”

Toro Personal Pace Electric Start Walk Power Mower

This $399 lawnmower may be one of the most expensive you come across, but it’s definitely worth the price. It is cordless and electrically charged, making its use healthier for the environment and simplifying your difficulties of dealing with oil. It is self-propelled, easing up on the pushing that you have to do, and can cut half an acre of grass with ease, even if it is on a slope. In addition, the attachable bag and suction does a superb job of cleaning up stray leaves and other things sitting on your lawn. Cleaning up the lawnmower is simple too: simply connect the hose to the lawnmower and let the water start to flow, allowing for the underside to clean itself within moments. If you have a little extra money to spend, it’s well worth buying the Toro Personal Pace Electric Start Walk Power Mower, which you can purchase online here.