TLR7 Vs TLR8 Holster

Choosing the right holster can be hard. You want to make sure that your gun is secure and comfortable, but you also want a holster that looks good with your everyday wardrobe. 

TLR7 vs TLR8 holsters are two of the most popular concealed carry holster options available. They’re both designed to be worn inside or outside of your waistband, so they’ll work for any type of carrying preference. But they also have some notable differences in terms of usability, comfortability, price, availability, and ranking.

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The TLR7 vs TLR8 Holster Comparison has everything you need to pick the best weapon for concealed carry. This article will help you decide which of these holsters is better for women who are looking for an IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster or men looking for an OWB (outside-the-waistband) option. We’ll cover things like comfort, concealability, security, retention, and more so you know exactly what’s important when choosing between TLR7 vs TLR8 holsters!

TLR7 Holster

A TLR7 holster is a type of gun holster that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of guns. It’s designed to provide comfort, convenience, and ultimate concealment for the user.

TLR7 holsters are available in many styles including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), or shoulder style. They’re typically made from durable materials like leather or Kydex that offer protection against weathering and abrasion while still being thin enough not to affect your draw time.

The TLR7 holster provides you with a simple option to carry your firearm most comfortably. The main goal of this holster is to provide enough comfort, concealment, and accessibility while keeping your weapon safe at all times.

TLR 7a Holster

TLR7 holsters are designed for quick drawing and re-holstering of the gun. These holsters are best suited for compact guns that have a medium-size or small frame so you can easily carry them in the holster without compromising on your safety precautions.

The TLR7 holster stands out from the rest of the gun holsters available due to its innovative designs which can be worn in either an IWB, OWB, or shoulder style. It’s also one of the most convenient holsters available.

You can wear a TLR7 holster inside your pants just below your waistband to have quick access to your gun whenever you need it or attach it to a belt outside your pants for OWB carry which is even more concealed, depending on the type of gun you own or carry for your safety.

TLR7 holsters are available in many styles such as IWB, OWB, and shoulder so they can meet the demands of every kind of customer while providing them with a comfortable fit. They’re manufactured from high-quality leather and Kydex which provide exceptional protection against the environment and retain their shape well after long-term use to offer an excellent fit.

This holster maintains its structure even in cold weather or in humid environments, which is why it’s widely used by military and law enforcement personnel when they need quick access to their weapon when needed most.

TLR7 holsters are designed to conceal weapons well without causing any discomfort to the user. Most users of this holster find that they almost forget that they’re carrying a weapon since it doesn’t dig into your waist or hip bones and fit perfectly against your body.

These holsters are designed based on the shape of the human body so they can accommodate most guns with ease even if you have different body types. They’re available in different styles such as TLR7 IWB, TLR7 OWB, and TLR7 shoulder holster so you have plenty of options to choose from depending on your need.


TLR8 Holster

The TLR8 holster is a new innovative design that was created to offer more versatility, comfort, and concealment. The TLR8 holster is the outside waistband (OWB) holster and IWB holster on the market with adjustable retention. This means you can set your desired level of security without ever having to take off your belt or unholster your weapon. Additionally, this design offers an ambidextrous fit for both right-handed and left-handed shooters by using patented pancake-style construction which spreads out any pressure points evenly across the body for maximum comfort. With all these features combined, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular holsters on the market today!

The TLR8 holster uses a specially designed polymer insert to help maintain stability, comfort, and retention. This unique design spreads out any pressure points evenly along the inside of the holster so no single spot on the body is injured by heavy use over time. A concealed carry holster should be one of your most prized possessions and we strive to create holsters that you can rely on for years to come.

TLR8 Holster

Difference Between TLR7 vs TLR8 Holster

Both of these holsters provide their users with a distinct benefit. But they also have distinct features. Here are few points of difference about TLR7 vs TLR8 holsters


The TLR7 holster is an inside waistband (IWB), outside waistband (OWB), and shoulder holster. It can be worn in any of these ways depending on your preference and it’s available in many different styles and types. The TLR8 holster is made from high-quality materials. It’s also designed to be fully adjustable with its retention capabilities.


The TLR7 holster distributes weight more evenly over the body when it’s used compared to the TLR8 holster which can lead to discomfort if you carry your weapon for longer periods.


The TLR7 holster is less expensive than the TLR8 holster.


The TLR8 holster can be ordered direct to your home whereas you’ll likely have to visit a local gun store or shop to purchase the TLR7 holster.


Many people might think that the tlr8 holster is better than the TLR7 holster because of its higher price. But don’t be fooled. The TLR8 holster is more expensive for a reason! The quality materials and superior design make this holster worth every penny you’ll pay for it, while the TLR7 holster isn’t quite as versatile or comfortable.


The adjustable angle of draw allows you to adjust the holster from a 30-degree forward cant for appendix carry, to a 0-degree reverse cant for behind the hip wear. Adjustments in carrying position may require adjustment in belt size and placement. Always make adjustments based on your personal preference and comfort level.

The molded design of the TLR7 Holster does not require breaking in as leather holsters do. TLR7 Holsters are made of high-strength polymer that will flex much more than leather during wear to provide comfortable wear even on over-extended magazine clips.

TLR7 Holster is a lightweight, durable, and low-profile ambidextrous holster that can be comfortably concealed. The angle of the draw may also be adjusted for optimal comfort.


Both of these holsters are excellent concealed carry options, but the TLR8 holster is superior. The TLR7 holster isn’t quite as versatile or comfortable for extended wear and it’s designed with only a single style in mind so you’ll have a limited selection compared to the TLR8 holster. If you’re looking for a belt holster, then you might prefer the TLR7 holster but if you want to carry your weapon inside or outside of your waistband, then the TLR8 holster will be a better fit. It’s designed with both styles in mind and it is made from high-quality materials. The TLR8 holster is also adjustable and offers a more secure fit than the TLR7 holster. It’s worth every penny you’ll pay for it and it will certainly last and provide its user with much use for many years to come.

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