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In this Taurus Raging Judge review, we will be looking at the characteristics and features in detail to see what makes this revolver unique. The Raging Judge is a bit different from other handguns and has many traits that make it similar to other revolvers.

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To begin this review, we will first look at the real-world applications and limitations of this revolver. The Taurus Raging Judge is a very interesting firearm with characteristics that make it both good and bad as a CCW handgun. The Taurus Raging Judge is a recently introduced revolver by Taurus International that fires the 45 Colt cartridge. The frame of this gun is large but slightly thinner than many other double-action revolvers. This particular Taurus USA model is chambered for the powerful 45 Long Colt cartridge and sports a six shot cylinder, which makes it a very practical handgun to have. The Raging Judge is a very interesting revolver. It looks like a standard revolver, but some key differences discussed in this gun review make it a perfect choice for concealed carry. The best thing about this handgun is the cartridge it can fire, making it robust and versatile.

Price of Taurus Raging Judge

Now let’s take a look at the Raging Judge from the perspective of someone who’d be willing to spend this much on a gun. This handgun is not the cheapest available, but it is also not the most expensive. It retails for around $1,100, probably about the average market price. The cost of this gun can vary depending on where you purchase it and what time frame you plan on buying the handgun in. This handgun is currently available in two models with different barrel lengths.  The first model has a 3-inch barrel and the second model has a 6.50-inch heavy barrel. These models are available for roughly the same price, which means that buyers can choose whatever length is best for them.

Features of Taurus Raging Judge

The Raging Judge is a unique handgun in that it can shoot two very different types of ammunition. This handgun’s versatility is handy when comparing its capabilities to other guns on the market.

Grip and Textures

The grip of this gun is well-designed and provides an excellent fit for any shooter. The high gripping point also allows users to have complete control over their weapons. The grips that come with this handgun are made of rubber with cushioned inserts, and it does not include interchangeable options for those who prefer different grip styles. The rubber inserts in the grips also add comfort and keep the gun from being too uncomfortable in the shooter’s hand when fired. This makes it easier to grip the revolver even when sweaty or wearing gloves, which can be particularly useful in cold weather conditions. 


The grooves and texturing on this handgun help to make it a comfortable firearm to grip and shoot. This handgun does not include small ridges in its front strap like some other revolvers, but it is still textured to provide a better grip for shooters. It is specifically designed with a stainless steel frame and stainless finish for those who prefer an open-style holster.  This product has a slightly smaller model than other models and may take some getting used to.

Taurus Raging Judge Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Dimensions

The Raging Judge is a large handgun, and it can be challenging to use for shooters with smaller hands. Users with larger hands will find this handgun very comfortable and easy to shoot. The Taurus Raging Judge weighs around 61 ounces for a smaller barrel model, making it one of the heaviest handguns on the market.  While this can cause the handgun to be challenging to carry around, it also makes the firearm much more powerful and can make it easier to handle at the same time. The barrel on this handgun is 3 inches long or 6.5 inches long, depending on which model you purchase.


The longer barrel makes the Raging Judge slightly more difficult to hide than the 3-inch version, but it also provides more power and control with every shot fired. The overall length of this handgun is about 10.20 inches, depending on which model you purchase.  The width of the product is only around 1.90 inches, and the height of the model is approximately 6.50 inches high. This makes it possible for most people to carry this handgun concealed without too many issues with comfort or mobility.

Taurus Raging Judge Review and Price Size and Dimensions


The Raging Judge can shoot two different types of ammunition, which is one of the main reasons it is so unique. The 410 caliber shotshells and the 45 colt cartridges fit into the handgun’s fluted cylinder locks, allowing users to change between these rounds quickly and easily. It is important to note that there are some limitations regarding what types of ammunition can be used in the Raging Judge when you change between 410 shotshells and 45 colt cartridges.


The 410 caliber handgun rounds are much smaller than the larger 45 colt cartridges, which means that you can only use a limited number of these smaller rounds before switching back to the 45 colts for reloading purposes. The six-round cylinder on this handgun provides plenty of power to shoot the smaller rounds effectively. However, you will need to be careful when using 410 shotshells because they can explode inside the chamber if fired too quickly or too much material is put into the barrel before firing.

Taurus Raging Judge Review and Price Ammunition

Trigger Mechanism

The Taurus Raging Judge has a pretty average trigger mechanism that is still very manageable for anyone familiar with revolvers. This product includes both single-action and double-action triggers, which help make it easier for shooters to fire their weapons twice as quickly during an emergency. The double-action mechanisms also make the handgun easier to use when fired from a concealed position. In addition, this handgun includes a trigger mechanism that helps prevent the gun from discharging when dropped or if it takes a hard hit.  This model does not have an external hammer for safety purposes and comes with a round trigger guard instead of a square one. 

Safety Mechanism

This handgun comes with several added safety features to keep shooters safe while handling their weapons. The main feature is the transfer bar, which prevents users from accidentally firing their handguns when loaded and closed. This also makes it possible for the Raging Judge to be carried safely in an open-style holster without causing any problems or concerns for users. The Dual Lockup Cylinder on the Raging Judge prevents the handgun from firing when uncocked or rotated to a specific, locked position. This can help prevent accidents and ensure that users use their handguns properly.


The Extended Ejector Rod also makes it possible for users to eject the used shells from their guns when they are done shooting, which prevents them from causing problems when they get stuck inside. This model also has a standard Taurus security system, an essential locking system to prevent unauthorized use. The key must be used to unlock the gun before it can be used. This is an important safety feature because it prevents children from using the handgun without permission and prevents people from stealing your firearm.

Stopping Power and Recoil

The Raging Judge has powerful stopping power, and users can shoot several rounds in a row without too much trouble.  However, it is essential to remember that the smaller 410 shells will not provide as much stopping power as the larger 45 colt cartridges do. It is also important to note that the 410 custom caliber rounds used with this handgun are smaller than the 45 colt rounds. This means that users should be careful when using 410 shells, as they can explode inside the gun if too many are fired quickly, or something is put into the barrel before use.


The anticipated recoil of this handgun is also worth noting because it tends to be more potent than other handguns due to the amount of power that is packed into each shot. The recoil shield of the Raging Judge only increases when 410 shotgun shells are being used. This can lead to some issues with accuracy, which can make it harder for users to use this handgun.

Taurus Raging Judge Review and Price Stopping Power and Recoil

Advantages of Taurus Raging Judge


This handgun is very reliable and provides users with all of the durability they need in a gun, without too many additional features that can cause problems. The Raging Judge is highly durable and will hold up well to extensive use over time.


With mighty stopping power and high accuracy, this handgun is an excellent choice for shooters who want to make sure they always hit their targets. It also takes down targets quickly, which can be very useful in emergencies.


This handgun is highly durable, and users do not have to worry about it failing them when they need it the most. The Raging Judge is built with a solid frame and offers a high level of durability.

Ease of Use

This handgun provides some simple upgrades over other Taurus models, making it much easier to use. This is especially true for 410 shells, which can be harder to load correctly in some handguns. In addition, the Dual Lockup Cylinder and Extended Ejector Rod also make it easier to unload spent shells, which can be a plus for left-handed shooters.

Disadvantages of Taurus Raging Judge

Although the Raging Judge is a good handgun overall, it has a few problems that users need to consider before making their purchase. 


This handgun is much heavier than other models, making it difficult for some users to shoot. The Taurus Raging Judge weighs close to 61 ounces when the 410 shells are included, making it bulkier and more difficult to carry than other handguns.


The capacity of this handgun is lower than other Taurus models, even though it looks like it can handle more. The Raging Judge holds only six rounds in its cylinder, making it more challenging to defend yourself or your home if you are attacked at night.

Aftermarket Accessories - Taurus Raging Judge Review and Price

Several companies sell aftermarket accessories that can be used with this handgun, which can make it even more versatile and easier to use. Taurus sells handguns with aftermarket accessories, and the Raging Judge is no exception. Some of the most popular aftermarket accessories for this handgun include:


Raging Judge comes with the fixed rear sight base and front fiber optic sight; however, it can be upgraded with a scope, adjustable sights, night sights, etc. The scopes can be variable or fixed power. The combination of fiber optic front sight and Tritium reinforced iron rear sight is a classic style that can upgrade the looks of this handgun. These sights are available from independent manufacturers or companies. The night sights are also available in the market for Raging Judge. The night sights are generally made up of tritium vials or fiber optics rod attached to an iron base that glows in the dark and makes it easy for users to aim their handgun when they shoot in dim light conditions.


A laser allows you to shoot even in complete darkness. However, there are some limitations to consider before making your purchase. The lasers are generally developed for specific purposes, but most of the time, they come with adjustable beams allowing you to focus on different ranges. When it comes to Raging Judge,  there are different types of lasers available in the market which can be installed on its grip or under the barrel, including laser grips, laser sights, laser adapters, etc.


Grips are one of the most popular aftermarket accessories for handguns, especially true for Taurus. The Raging Judge has a unique grip design that allows shooters to get a firm grip on their guns and enjoy comfort while shooting. There are also different types of grips available in the market, such as cushioned grip, black rubber grip, ivory grip, etc.

Ammunition Loader

Many users would want to carry their handguns, but it will be difficult to reload the rounds quickly. The ammunition loaders are designed in such a way that they assist users in loading rounds swiftly into their chambers without taking too much time out of their day.


One of the most important aftermarket accessories for any handgun is a holster, which is even more accurate for the Taurus Raging Judge. A carefully selected and well-crafted holster allows users to protect their guns from weather conditions and impacts that could cause damage or injure them while not in use. There are several beefy holster models available in the market that can be used with handguns, but some of the most common holsters are made of leather or nylon. Here is a recommendation for the holster to  use with this handgun:

Galco Taurus Judge  Leather Belt Holster

A holster made of top-quality steer hide leather material for Taurus Raging Judge. This holster is designed to protect your handgun from dings and scratches caused by other guns. It comes with a belt loop to be used with most even duty belts. The retention belt strap ensures that your handgun is held securely in this holster, and you don’t have to worry about it slipping out without your knowledge. The polymer tab prevents your holster from swiveling around while not in use.

Premium steerhide; Adjustable tension unit; Retention strap with glove-friendly polymer tab; Can be worn strongside or crossdraw; Fits belts up to 1 3/4"; Tan Color
in stock
GALCO Dual Action Outdoorsman Taurus Judge 3in with 3in Cylinder...
Premium steerhide; Adjustable tension unit; Retention strap with glove-friendly polymer tab; Can be worn strongside or crossdraw; Fits belts up to 1 3/4"; Tan Color
in stock
GALCO Dual Action Outdoorsman Taurus Judge 3in with 3in Cylinder...
The Single Action Outdoorsman holster is great for field carry whether hunting or for peace of mind in bear country. The SAO can be worn strong side or crossdraw at the user's discretion. The holster employs a retention strap for simplicity and security in the brush. Tension screw adjustments...
out of stock
Galco International Single Action Outdoorsman Holsters


The Raging Judge fires 410 shotshells bigger than the ones fired by most handguns. This is why it requires users to use larger cartridges while firing their guns.

The Raging Judge is a bit heavy and a bulky handgun; however, it is still possible for users to carry around in concealed locations. In most cases, people prefer to use this handgun in their homes because it can be used in self-defense situations when needed.

The overall length of this handgun is 10.20 inches and can be kept at your waist while you are not using it. Its height is 6.50 inches, allowing users to fit their hands comfortably in its grip.

Recommended Holsters for Taurus Raging Judge


The Taurus Raging Judge is a powerful handgun with high recoil compared to most firearms. However, the power in its shotshells can be adjusted by removing different chambers from its cylinder, depending on your shooting needs.  It is also fitted with sturdy grips that allow users to get a firm grip on their handgun and fire shots quickly whenever they want. We hope this Taurus Raging Judge review helped take your decision-making one step further. If you are looking for a handgun with high power, look no further than the Raging Judge. The Taurus Judge is worth every penny you spend on it.

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