Taurus GX4 Vs Glock 43

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Taurus GX4


Glock 43

Taurus GX4 Vs Glock 43

Specification Comparison and Reviews

The Taurus GX4 is a new up-and-coming gun on the market, but it faces stiff competition from companies that have been around for decades. The Glock 43 is an older model that has seen many changes and improvements since its creation in 2015. Taurus has released some high-quality handguns with innovative features while Glock continues to use its older, traditional technology. In this blog post, we will discuss Taurus GX4 vs Glock 43.

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Both handguns are relatively new on the gun scene and offer many promising features. Glock 43 is an extremely popular handgun with a single stack magazine design to make it slim for concealed carry purposes. At the same time, Taurus GX4 has the same idea but offers innovative new technologies like modular back straps that can be changed to fit anyone’s grip size. They both have a light rail for accessories and a durable, reliable design. Taurus GX4 has a loaded chamber indicator on the slide, so you know exactly when your gun is ready to fire with no risk of an accidental discharge.

Features of Taurus GX4 Vs Glock 43

Grip and Textures

Both Taurus GX4 and the Glock 43 have texturized surfaces for a more secure grip. The Taurus GX4 has raised texture on the frame, making it much easier to maintain your grip when firing your weapon. You won’t easily lose your grip when firing or simply holding your handgun in wet conditions with the help of this feature. The Glock 43 is also texturized, but only on the backstrap of the grip. The texture is extremely rough and not as comfortable or helpful as Taurus GX4’s model.

Taurus GX4 Grip and Textures

The Taurus GX4 has a polymer frame that is extremely lightweight and durable. It’s made from the same type of material that Glock pistols are built with, so you won’t be sacrificing any quality by going with this gun. Since it’s a newer model, Glock 43 also comes in a polymer frame for easy maintenance when using your handgun in harsh conditions.

Glock 43 Grip and Textures


The trigger of your handgun can determine your accuracy and ability to fire quickly. The Taurus GX4 has a short trigger with a quick trigger response, allowing you to get off more shots per minute due to the reduced amount of time it takes for each shot to go off. This makes the Taurus GX4 an ideal choice for quick action shooting, like when you’re in a tactical situation.

Taurus GX4 Trigger

The Glock 43 is what’s called a double-action trigger. This means that pulling the trigger slowly will cock the gun and then release it to fire. Thanks to its single-action design, it does not have the same quick response time, which requires a full trigger pull to cock the gun before firing.

Glock 43 Trigger

Safety Mechanism

The Taurus GX4 has a standard thumb safety that’s located on the left side of the grip. This added security feature is great for preventing accidental discharge when your handgun is not in use. The Glock 43 has the same feature, but it’s located on the rear of the grip instead. You can easily switch this safety off or on depending on your personal preference and needs in certain situations. It’s best to have extra security features when handling a firearm, especially if you’re new to carrying one around all day.

Magazine Capacity

Taurus GX4 has double the capacity of its Glock counterpart with a standard 11 round magazine, giving you plenty of ammo to fire before needing to reload. Glock 43 only holds six rounds in each magazine, compared to Taurus GX4’s 11 round magazines.

Taurus GX4 Magazine Capacity

The extra bullets will give you an advantage over your enemies when firing since you have more chances to hit your target. The Taurus GX4 and most Taurus handguns come with a loaded chamber indicator that lets you know whether or not your gun is ready to fire. The Glock 43 does not have this feature, so if you don’t visually check and see if it’s still loaded, there’s no way for you to be sure without pulling the slide back and visually inspecting the chamber.

Glock 43 Magazine Capacity

Slide and Barrel

Taurus GX4 has a 3.41-inch barrel that’s longer than Glock 43’s 3.06 inches, which gives your handgun more stability and helps with accuracy. You’ll also have a larger sight radius to use with your sights on the Taurus GX4. Glock 43 does not have this extra barrel length, but it is still shorter to make the overall size of the handgun smaller and easier to conceal daily. The Glock 43 has a thinner profile and a smaller diameter which makes it more compact and easy to carry around.


Both handguns are suitable for concealed carry, but some find Glock’s model easier to hide since it doesn’t have an extended barrel. Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 both have a durable stainless steel barrel that will serve you well in most situations. The slide of the Taurus GX4 is much lighter than the Glock’s, making it easier to pull back when firing your weapon.

Size and Weight

Taurus GX4 is 5.8 inches in length with a weight of 18.5 ounces, making it slightly smaller than Glock 43, which measures 6.26″ in length and weighs 21 ounces. The added weight of Glock 43 allows for more stability when shooting since the extra weight helps counteract recoil. The lighter GX4 won’t have as much of a problem with this, but it is still recommended that you use more caution when shooting Taurus handguns due to the lightweight. 

Taurus GX4 Size and Weight

The height of the Taurus GX4 is 4.4 inches, while Glock 43 is only at 4.25 inches which makes the gun easier for smaller users to shoot without as much of a problem. The width of GX4 is 1.08 inches, and Glock 43 is slightly smaller at 1.06 inches, but this shouldn’t make a difference in your decision. The added height of the Taurus GX4 is good if you’re wearing bulky clothing or have a medical condition that prevents you from maintaining a proper grip. It also adds some extra stability and helps decrease muzzle flip when firing your handgun.

Glock 43 Size and Weight

Shooting and Recoil

Taurus GX4 has an average trigger pull weight of 6 pounds, while Glock 43 requires a little more effort at 7.5 pounds. The added pulls on the trigger of Glock 43 will give you an edge when firing normally, but since Taurus GX4 doesn’t have this extra effort, it’s better if you need to fire your weapon at a moment’s notice. The Glock 43 has a very short reset compared to its Taurus counterpart, which allows you to have an easier time firing again after every shot.


This makes it far more suitable for people with smaller hands since they’ll be able to pull the trigger much easier and quicker without as much resistance from the pull. Taurus GX4 has a short trigger reset, meaning you’ll have an easier time firing again after every shot. You won’t notice much of a difference in the shooting experience since it’s only a few fractions of an inch, but it will help if you need to fire your weapon again quickly.


Both Taurus GX4 and the Glock 43 is extremely reliable handguns, even in some of the most extreme conditions. They both have proven themselves time after time, so there’s no particular advantage on either side. Glock has a history of strong performance in the US Military, but Taurus is making its name one of the top companies for service weapons. Both handguns are suitable for regular practice and will give you no trouble when firing your weapon. You can expect to have an easy time carrying your gun almost anywhere at any time with either handgun model.


Both handguns are made with the best materials, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to keeping your gun in top shape. Glock 43 has a higher grade of finish on its outer shell, so you’ll notice fewer scratches over time when properly maintaining your weapon. You can expect both handguns to last for several years if properly maintained. The stainless steel barrel included in both handguns allows them to withstand harsh environments and weather, so it won’t be a problem if you ever have to use your gun outside. Both models are easy to clean and keep in top condition when properly maintained. You’ll be able to use your handgun for years without worrying about any damage or wear on either handgun.


Taurus GX4 is the smaller and lighter of the two handguns, which makes it easier to conceal. The added height that comes with Glock 43 may get in your way when trying to hide your gun, especially if you’re wearing tight clothing. The Taurus GX4 is easier to conceal if you need to wear bulky clothing or have a medical condition that causes problems when concealing your handgun. Both models are compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to keep them on you at all times, no matter your situation. You’ll still be able to carry your gun with ease and without too much effort.

Aftermarket Accessories - Taurus GX4 Vs Glock 43

Just like all handguns, both Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 can accept different types of aftermarket accessories. You’ll be able to customize your gun with sights, lasers, magazines, custom paint jobs, and more if you choose to do so. It will be easy to find what you need for either model, but the Taurus GX4 is more responsive when adding aftermarket accessories. You can find what you need for both models, but Taurus GX4 has better quality when taking on aftermarket accessories.


Both handguns are known for their accurate shots, so getting aftermarket sights for either model is unnecessary. You’ll still have an easy time using your handgun without any trouble since the barrel length remains unchanged. Neither Taurus GX4 nor Glock 43 have sights that can come off or need adjusting, so there’s no real advantage for either handgun. Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 both feature fixed front and adjustable rear sights, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to take their handgun practice seriously. You can even replace the factory sight with aftermarket parts if you want a better shooting experience. Both guns are easy to use without any special sights, but Glock 43 has a slightly larger sight radius, making it more accurate at longer ranges.


Glock 43 is compatible with Glock tactical lights, while Taurus GX4 can use any standard flashlight with the proper adapter. You’ll have an easier time finding what you need when it comes to using a flashlight with either handgun, but Glock 43 does work better than Taurus GX4 since it uses the same brand of flashlights. You can easily find what you need for Taurus GX4 or Glock 43, but Glock tactical lights are easier to use.

Magazine Pouches

Both handguns can be used with different types of pouches to carry extra magazines, but Taurus GX4 has a clear advantage in this area. You’ll have an easier time finding and using magazine pouches for either Taurus GX4 or Glock 43, but you should always remember that Glocks don’t sit well with most magazine pouches. You can use any type of pouch for both handguns, but Glock 43 has a lower capacity, so you’ll have to replace your magazine more often, which is not something you want to worry about. Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 are very similar in magazines, but Taurus GX4 has a higher capacity which is always a plus.

Cleaning Kits

Glock 43 will require less maintenance than Taurus GX4 because it uses a non-polymer frame material and doesn’t have the tendency to get dirt stuck in between the gaps. Taurus GX4 can still work without any problems, but you’ll have to clean it more often to prevent any issues. You can still fire Taurus GX4 even if you don’t clean it often, but it’s much better if you take proper care of your handgun. Both handguns are easy to maintain, so there’s no real advantage for either one here.


You’ll find some great holster options for both handguns, but Glock 43 has several advantages over Taurus GX4. Glocks are known for having more holsters available since they’re very popular among different types of shooters. You can expect your Glock 43 to fit in most common holster models, while Taurus GX4 will have a harder time fitting in most holster types. If you look hard enough, you can find a few great options for Taurus GX4, but Glock 43 will always have more choices to choose from.


Yes. Even though Glock 43 isn’t the best subcompact handgun on the market, it still has more than enough features to be worth buying if you need something reliable for self-defense purposes.

No. Glock 43 is not obsolete, but it’s also not considered one of the best subcompact guns on the market today. It can still work great for certain types of shooters, so you’ll have to decide if it fits your needs or not.

There’s no such thing as a perfect gun, but Glock 43 and Taurus GX4 have their advantages. You can use either one with great results, but it’s always a good idea to know everything about the handgun you’re going to purchase.

No. Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 sights are not interchangeable because they’re the same model, but you can always buy aftermarket parts to either handgun if you want something better.


Taurus GX4 and Glock 43 are both handguns that can be used for concealed carry purposes, but you’ll have to choose between them carefully if you want something reliable. Taurus GX4 has a slightly longer barrel, making it more accurate at longer ranges, but Glocks work great overall. You should always consider your needs before purchasing because there’s no perfect gun that fits all shooters.


You can use both handguns with great results, but Glock 43 offers more choices when it comes to accessories like holsters and flashlights. Taurus GX4 does have an advantage in the capacity department, so it’s also a good idea to consider this particular factor before making a purchase. You can use both handguns without any problems, but they’re not the same, and you’ll need to determine if one is better than the other for certain situations.

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