Taurus GX4 Review

Taurus GX4 Review

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Taurus GX4 Review

Taurus GX4
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The Taurus GX4 is the latest product by one of the oldest and most prestigious firearms manufacturers in history. Taurus is renowned for its perfection. Taurus claims that this lightweight weapon is perfect for close-quarter combat. If you’re interested in Taurus GX4 Review, this blog post will be of interest to you.

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The Taurus GX4 is an impressive handgun for use in self-defense situations. The gun is lighter than other handguns in its class, which makes it a lot easier to handle and carry around with you when you’re in a situation that requires quick action. Here’s a review of this firearm from an objective perspective.

History of Taurus GX4

Taurus has been making firearms since the 1980s and is known for its quality. The GX4 is an updated version of the G2C, which was very popular. Taurus GX4 was released by Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. (Taurus) in 2000 and was made until 2004. This firearm was designed for military use, but can also be used by civilian individuals for self-defense purposes. Taurus GX4 is an accurate and reliable firearm due to its fine craftsmanship and design. It is a self-loading, semiautomatic pistol that was inspired by the Beretta 92 Vertec pistol. It is one of the best handguns in its class due to its low weight, accuracy, and ease of use for either professional or amateur users.

Features of Taurus GX4

Taurus is also known for its commitment to safety, as exhibited by the design of this weapon. The gun has a few noteworthy features that are worth mentioning in this Taurus GX4 review. First, it comes with a reversible magazine release so if you’re left-handed you have the option of switching the location of the release button. This weapon also comes with a reversible backstrap, which allows you to customize your grip on the gun to improve accuracy while shooting. In addition, Taurus GX4 has a metal-lined barrel that improves the durability of this weapon. This can also help improve accuracy when shooting by ensuring smooth travel of bullets down the barrel’s length. A small aesthetic detail that you’ll find on this firearm is the scroll pattern on the slide. This adds a nice touch to the gun and improves its overall appearance.

Grip and Textures

This handgun has a few different grip textures on its handle. This is another example of how Taurus prioritized the user’s needs with this gun. The textures on this weapon include a pebble-like pattern that prevents the firearm from slipping even through sweaty or wet hands, as well as a checkered texture that ensures your grip stays steady on the gun in a self-defense situation. Taurus GX4 has a reversible backstrap that allows you to customize your grip depending on your needs.


It’s also important to note the beautiful scroll design on the slide, which adds an aesthetic touch and increases functionality by reducing friction when shooting. Taurus GX4 was designed with a polymer frame to keep it lightweight for easy carrying around. The lighter weight of this weapon also makes it easier to shoot accurately, making it ideal for self-defense scenarios.

Grip and Textures of Taurus GX4

Magazine Capacity and Bullets

The magazine capacity for Taurus GX4 is 11 rounds. This is a standard capacity for handguns in its class. It also comes with an additional round in the chamber, which adds to the 13-round total capacity of this weapon. The cartridge of Taurus GX4 is 9mm Luger. You can find 9mm Luger cartridges at many shooting ranges and military training facilities, so restocking on this ammunition is not difficult to do. The 9mm cartridge for this weapon creates a lower recoil impact when you shoot the bullet, which makes it easier to aim and shoot more accurately. When you choose this firearm, keep in mind that it’s not recommended to shoot other caliber ammunition through this model due to possible damage to the gun itself.

Magazine Capacity and Bullets Of Taurus GX4

Trigger Mechanism

Taurus GX4 has a single-action trigger. This means that you must pull the trigger all the way back for each shot to be fired. This is an efficient mechanism used in many handguns because it’s simple and safe. A single-action trigger also helps you shoot more accurately because it prevents the gun from discharging if your finger accidentally gets in front of the muzzle. The weight of the trigger pull is also adjustable to fit your needs.


This particular gun has a short and light trigger pull which is an ideal weight for an accurate target shot. Taurus GX4 is ideal for both professional users and amateur shooters who are interested in target practice. Taurus GX4’s trigger mechanism provides you with a smooth and crisp feel for each round shot. When considering a handgun, always research and understand its mechanism before purchasing one. Single-action and double-action triggers are two common mechanisms used in handguns today.

Trigger Mechanism of Taurus GX4

Slide Stop Mechanism

Taurus GX4 comes with a manual slide stop mechanism, which enables you to control the length of the weapon’s trigger pull. This mechanism also prevents the slide from staying open after you’ve fired the last round in the magazine. This is an ideal safety feature for this firearm as it prevents you from potentially injuring yourself if you forget to release the slide. This slide stop mechanism also allows you to fix the problem of malfunctions that could occur with your ammunition. The slide stop makes it easier for you to remove the faulty cartridge and reload, helping you get back into action faster than if you had to manually release the slide.

Slide Stop Mechanism of Taurus GX4


The aesthetics of Taurus GX4 are the most notable feature. It has a sleek, modern, and contemporary design that makes it appealing to look at. This Taurus GX4 is constructed with a polymer frame, making it lighter than most handguns. In addition, this weapon with a polymer has the same level of strength and precision as handguns constructed with all metal materials, which makes it an ideal choice for both professionals and beginners. A small aesthetic detail that you’ll find on this firearm is the scroll pattern on the slide. This adds a nice touch to the gun and improves its overall appearance.

Size and Dimensions

The total weight of this weapon with an empty magazine is 18.5 oz, which makes it ideal to carry around when you’re on the go. Taurus GX4 has a height of 4.4 inches. It has an overall length of 5.8-inches with a small backstrap while it’s 6.05-inches with a large backstrap. This handgun has a width of 1.08 inches. In addition, Taurus GX4 has a barrel length of 3.06 inches, making it a compact handgun. This is the standard length of most handguns in its class, so rest assured that you’ll be able to find holsters to fit this model with ease.

Size and Dimensions of Taurus GX4

Line of Sight

The Line of Sight on this Taurus GX4 is effective for accurate shooting, as the pistol meets the popular standards for a concealed carry weapon. It has a standard barrel and a short frame. This firearm has a line of sight that provides you with an accurate target shot. The Line of Sight on this gun also makes it easier to shoot from different angles. For instance, if you need to shoot from below your waistline or from above your head, these sights will work effectively because they are designed with both close-range targets and long-range targets in mind

Line of Sight of Taurus GX4

Trigger Distance and Safety

The trigger distance of the Taurus GX4 is not adjustable. However, this is short enough to ensure accurate target shots prevent you from accidentally shooting anything or anyone if the gun were to be dropped or mishandled. Taurus GX4 has a lot of useful safety features that make guns safe for use. Firstly, the trigger functions as the firearm’s safety; all you need to do with it is pull down, not up. And then, inertial firing pin blocks can help users avoid accidents. Last but not least, it has manual ambidextrous external thumb safety levers.

Advantages of Taurus GX4


The Taurus GX4’s reliability is one of its best features because it remains functional even after long-term use. This is because of its corrosion-resistant stainless steel barrel, which allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. This is one of the most reliable handguns you can invest in. It has a solid design, which allows it to last longer than other handguns on the market.


The appearance of Taurus GX4 is another big advantage. It’s sleek and modern, has scroll patterns on the slide, and an appealing color scheme. Having a cool-looking gun definitely adds to its value.

Easy To Shoot

Taurus GX4 has an excellent weight-to-size ratio so you can easily manage and control the weapon. In addition, it’s more accurate than most handguns in its class.


Every Taurus GX4 comes with customizable backstraps so you can adjust the grip to your comfort level. This will make sure that you get a firm grasp of the handgun no matter what your hand size is. Useful Safety Features
Taurus GX4 has a hidden trigger safety, a firing pin block, and ambidextrous external thumb safety. This kind of security is useful for preventing accidents when you’re on the job or in critical situations.


This Taurus GX4 has a very compact design that makes it easy to conceal for practice or tactical purposes. You can easily carry it around or tuck it into your waistband for ease of access.

Disadvantages of Taurus GX4

Expensive Price Tag

Taurus GX4 tends to be a lot more expensive than other handguns on the market, which is a major disadvantage for people who are on a budget.


The Taurus GX4 has slightly low firepower for an effective self-defense weapon. Compared to other pistols, it shoots one round less than its comparable models.

Long Trigger Pull

Taurus GX4 has a long trigger pull that can be a bit of a nuisance. However, this is a common problem for handguns in their price range and doesn’t pose much of a threat if you’re aware of how to use them properly.

Long Exterior Finish

Taurus GX4 has a long exterior finish that may seem overwhelming for some. However, it’s of no real consequence to the overall performance of the gun.


Width measures around 1 inch, which is too narrow to accommodate most accessories like flashlights and lasers. Its narrow width also makes it uncomfortable to hold when compared to other guns with wider grips.


After Market Accessories – Taurus GX4 Review

Taurus GX4 is not compatible with most after-market accessories and customization options. This can be disappointing because you won’t have much to work with for this gun. However, the user reviews rate its performance highly enough that it’s still a good investment. You can enhance your gun with the following accessories:

Adapter Rings

Mounting adapter rings for the Taurus GX4 can help you attach accessories like scopes, lasers, and flashlights. It’s compatible with Picatinny mount gun accessories. Overall, this is a good purchase that will let you use your handgun more effectively in various shooting conditions.

Flashlight Mounts

These mounts attach best to the Picatinny rail system and are compatible with most modern-day flashlights available on the market. The tactical light mounted on top of your Taurus GX4 will help you to see and engage targets in low-light environments like dark alleys and other dimly lit locations.


Lasers are another popular accessory item for handguns that allows users to get a better aim. You can take advantage of this attachment for your Taurus GX4 by selecting the best lasers available.


These are available in different types, including duty holsters and concealment holsters that can be used to carry the weapon around for tactical purposes. Holsters help users securely hold the gun when they need to access it quickly. Appendix IWB carry concealment holster is one of the most popular options for the Taurus GX4. It has a sleek design and it’s also comfortable to wear, so you can wear it underneath your clothing without any discomfort. The Taurus GX4 has a lot of advantages that make it an ideal home protection firearm while its cons give you room to improve on it. It is very affordably priced and made of durable materials that ensure its durability and longevity.

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The Taurus GX4 is a compact gun that’s suitable for self-defense or tactical purposes because of its short length and lightweight, which makes it easy to use with great accuracy. When you buy this product, make sure that you know what you’re buying it for. If you’re looking to use the Taurus GX4 for home defense, then it can be a great choice. However, if your focus is on tactical shooting or hunting, then this might not be the best firearm for you. Hopefully, this Taurus GX4 review was informative for you.