Taurus G3C Vs G2C

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Taurus G3C


Taurus G2C

Taurus G3C Vs G2C

Specification Comparison and Reviews

One of the most debated handgun models is the Taurus G3C vs G2C debate, where many people wonder which one is better and what the differences are between them. This article will show you these differences and help you choose which gun is best for your needs.

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The Taurus G2C and the G3C are two variations of the same handgun model and share many similarities. However, there are notable differences between them as well.

Features of Taurus G3C Vs G2C

Grip and Textures

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the G3C features a slimmer grip and a different texture. This is to satisfy the law enforcement market, as many police departments have specific requirements for their handguns. In addition to being slimmer, it also has a more aggressive texture on its grip. In terms of shape, the G3C has a slimmer grip and a rounded trigger guard. The grip is also wider at the top than its predecessor.

Grip and Textures of Taurus G3C

The G2C, on the other hand, features a less aggressive texture, making it more pleasant to hold on to. However, some people claim that it makes it a little bit harder to handle under pressure situations. The G2C also has a longer beavertail, so there’s more comfortable for people with big or small hands. This difference is because different Taurus distributors have different requirements to sell their guns in specific regions of the world.

Grip and Textures of Taurus G2C

The Magazines

Both handgun models, the G2C and the G3C share the same magazine. This is a 10-round magazine that is made of steel. It is designed to use all types of ammunition. However, some people claim that this causes issues when they are using self-defense ammunition. The G2c and the G3c follow the same standard when it comes to releasing the magazine. You will find a button on each side of the gun that you can press to release and take out the magazine. Even though these models feature ambidextrous controls, some shooters claim that they are difficult to operate with their strong hands.

The Barrel

When it comes to barrel length, we can see that the G2C has a slightly shorter one than the G3C. This is because the latter was designed for law enforcement, and they have specific requirements in terms of barrel length. Both handgun models have excellent accuracy even at long distances, thanks in large part to their barrels. This makes them suitable for those looking for a handgun for self-defense, home defense, and hunting.

Barrel of Taurus G3C Vs G2C

The Trigger System

Both the G2C and the G3C feature an improved double-action-only trigger system. This means that you won’t be able to cock or de-cock the gun. When you fire it, the hammer will move back and forth in a single motion until it reaches its stopping point. The trigger is smooth and consistent, which some shooters claim is one of the best features of these handguns. The G2C and the G3C feature a transition point (the point where the hammer moves from fully cocked back to full forward position) that users can feel under stress more easily than on other models.

Trigger System of Taurus G3C

This makes it easier for people to identify and operate the trigger, which is an advantage. The G2C and the G3C also feature a short reset which helps you fire faster. This might be one of the reasons why many people choose them over other handguns on the market. To prevent accidental firing, both models come with a key-operated internal safety system. This safety is located on the rear of the gun and prevents it from firing when engaged.

Trigger System of Taurus G2C

The Sights

Both models come with a front and a rear sight designed to glow in low light conditions (thanks to its bright orange color). This can be a great tactical advantage in critical situations, especially if you’re moving to and fro in areas where visibility is not optimal.

Sights of Taurus G3C

The G2c features white 3-dot sights, while the G3c comes with green fiber optic front sight and a green adjustable rear sight. Some shooters claim they are easier to see than their predecessor (the G2), but this comes down to personal preference. The G2C comes with a fixed rear sight, while the G3c features an adjustable rear sight. This is a critical difference if you plan to use both handguns for different purposes or if you want to make sure that your shots are accurate in various conditions.

Sights of Taurus G2C

Size and Dimensions

The G2C and the G3C share the same height (5.10″) and length (6.30″). This makes them compact models that are easy to carry around, especially if you’re interested in concealed carry as well as tactical purposes. To ensure a smooth draw from your holster, both handguns come with front slide serrations. The G2C and the G3C feature finger grooves on their grip (even though they are optional). This is a great addition for those who want to hold their handgun tightly, but it is not recommended for shooters with smaller hands as they may find the grooves too big. The weight of the gun (about 22 ounces) is another critical feature of these handguns that shooters appreciate. It makes them easier to fire even with one hand, which is important if you need self-defense.

Shooting and Recoil

Both the G2C and the G3C have a low recoil, which makes them easier to handle. In addition, they can provide an incredibly smooth experience for those who are new to shooting handguns and experts. Both models feature a 3.20″ barrel with six-groove rifling and a right-hand twist in terms of power. This makes them suitable for shooting a variety of ammunition, including powerful types. Even though they are made for tactical purposes, both handguns can be used at home as well. They feature an overall length of 6.30″, making them compact enough to fit in tight spaces. If you’re looking for a handgun that has low recoil and can fire powerful ammunition, the G2C and the G3C might be the right choice for you. Their smooth trigger and fiber optics sights are why many people prefer them over other models on the market.


Both models come with a durable and rough construction designed to withstand temperature changes and other elements. This makes them suitable for concealed carry, tactical purposes as well as home protection. The G2C and the G3C feature a polymer frame known to be lightweight but very durable at the same time. A spring steel action rod inside the gun makes it easier to fire up to 15000 rounds without any jams. The new G series versions are made in direct response to people asking about durability, especially under harsh conditions.


That is why Taurus got rid of internal polymer parts and changed them with forged metal ones instead. This part increases the weight by only 2 oz. But the durability by a lot. The G2C and the G3C come with a corrosion-resistant matte black finish and provide long-lasting performance in various conditions. Both handguns are an excellent choice for harsh environments, including dusty areas and watery ones, thanks to their fiber optics sights and ergonomic grip.


Thanks to its extremely rugged construction, the G2C is one of the most popular handguns on the market. It has been tested in some of the toughest conditions, and it’s still going strong with a 5-star customer rating online. To ensure that you will never have any major issues, Taurus includes a lifetime warranty with each G2C. The G3C has the same rugged and corrosion-resistant construction as the G2C. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and it’s one of the few handguns that can fire in extreme conditions, including when it’s submerged underwater or when you’re in a dusty area.


Both the G2C and the G3C come with a pocketable design that is just right for concealed carry. These handguns are some of the most popular models when it comes to self-defense because they can be easily carried in a small purse or bag without anyone noticing. They feature a short profile which makes them easy to conceal even under a loose shirt. The G2C is just as popular as the G3C, especially for those looking for a handgun that can fit in tight spaces.


It comes with a short profile, and it has been designed to be worn inside the waistband or carried in a small purse or bag. While the G2C can be used for concealed carry, the G3C is designed to make this process easier than ever. It comes with an integrated weapon light for increased visibility in dark areas, and it has a taller profile than its predecessor. This makes it one of the most popular choices in several states, including New York.

After Market Accessories - Taurus G3C Vs G2C

The G2C and the G3C are both pistols that can be easily customized. They come with a 5-inch slide and low-profile sights, which means that they’re compatible with many aftermarket accessories on the market. This includes:

Ammo Pouch

This is an excellent way to carry extra ammunition, and it won’t get in the way when concealing your handgun. The pouch can hold up to six bullets, and it’s easy to attach it to a belt or other parts of your body.


You can find many different types of sights for the G2C and the G3C, including:

Tritium Sights

These are some of the most popular sight upgrades because they improve your accuracy, especially when shooting in dark areas. They increase visibility at night, which makes them ideal for concealed carry. Each model is designed to fit your specific handgun, so it is important to double-check the compatibility before you purchase them.

Low Profile Sights

They’re made from a high-quality polymer material, and they have serrated surfaces for easier use in tactical situations. The front sight includes a bright red dot which helps increase accuracy without using additional lighting. You can find a wide range of sights from companies such as Surefire and C-More Systems. They include:

Flip-up Sights

They’re designed for tactical situations and can be easily folded when you do not need them. They’re very popular among military and law enforcement officers because they provide increased visibility and accuracy, which you need when the situation gets tough.

Irons Sights

These are some of the most commonly used sights on handguns because they do not require any additional lighting to see your target. They have a wide range of adjustments and can be easily installed on your handgun by using existing screws.


They’re a popular choice because they allow you to aim with more precision. They’re designed for tactical situations and will increase your overall accuracy, especially in low light conditions. LaserLyte offers many models which are compatible with the G2C and the G3C.


These can greatly improve your visibility when it gets dark, and they can also add some extra protection if you’re attacked on your way home from work. Surefire handheld flashlights are some of the most popular upgrades for handguns because they provide a hard-hitting beam that is very bright.

Pistol Grips

They’re designed for comfort and improved accuracy by increasing your overall grip on the gun. The texture is made from a rubber material which provides improved traction when it gets wet or sweaty. There are many different models available depending on how you hold your handgun, so make sure to find one that’s comfortable to use, even in tactical situations.

Trigger Guard

These are important upgrades because they prevent your fingers from getting caught by the trigger when you draw your handgun. The tactical models include a reinforced metal guard and can be easily attached without any additional tools. Before purchasing one, make sure it fits your specific model and doesn’t interfere with your safety features.

Slide Releases

These are upgrades designed to make your life easier when drawing your handgun, especially during tactical situations where you need to reload as fast as possible. A good slide release is made from a high-quality polymer or metal material, and it’s easy to attach without using any tools.


you will find two main types of safeties: thumb and grip. Thumb safeties are usually designed for right-handed shooters, while grip safeties are available in left and right-hand models. They’re important safety features on handguns, so you might want one or more installed on your weapon.


These handguns come with a design that makes them compatible with the inside waistband, outside waistband, and over-the-shoulder models. This way, you will be able to carry your handgun undetected, even in places where it is not allowed. You can find a wide range of holsters from companies such as Alien Gear Holsters for the G2C and the G3C. These include:

Concealment Holsters

Designed for inside waistband carry, they have a slim profile which makes them comfortable to wear all day long. The holster is lightweight, and it’s made from a breathable material that keeps the skin cool and dry.

Belly Band Holster

This type of holster will allow you to carry your gun around your waist or over the shoulder for added convenience. It’s designed to work with different G2C and G3C models and can be used in casual and tactical environments.

Tactical Holster

They’re made from a durable polymer material, and they come with adjustable retention screws for increased safety. The holster will fit different G2C and G3C models, and they provide a quick draw that is just what you need for self-defense.


Yes, you should double-check before purchasing to make sure it’s compatible with your firearm.  Some models might require an extension which you can easily attach yourself.

Yes, the G3c will work in certain situations like any other handgun.  The best choice is to try it out and see whether or not this gun fits your needs. 

Sure, as long as you purchase the firearm from a reputable dealer.  Many users report that it’s very reliable and accurate, making this weapon a great choice for home defense and tactical situations.

G2c magazines are compatible with the G3C, but you should double-check before purchasing.  Also, make sure your handgun fits if you plan on using other types of magazines.


The Taurus G3C and G2C are great handguns that offer reliable performance, easy operation, and plenty of useful upgrades. If you’re looking for a good tactical weapon for defense, then the G3C might be your best choice. It can easily be concealed thanks to its compact design and lightweight polymer frame. The only downside is that it’s a little more expensive than the G2C. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then the G2C is another great purchase. It has a full metal frame and provides plenty of options to boost your overall accuracy and performance. You can also find many accessories which can be easily attached without any additional tools.

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