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Taurus G3 Review

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Taurus is known for producing some of the best budget-friendly firearms on the market. The G3 continues that legacy and has many features normally found in guns twice its price. The G3 is a striker-fired handgun. It is chambered for 9mm Luger rounds, has a 4.0-inch barrel, and comes with 10, 15, and 17 rounds capacity in each magazine. This Taurus G3 review will cover all the details that make this pistol stand out at an amazingly affordable price point.

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As you can guess from the name, Taurus’ G3 is a follow-up to the company’s very popular G2. In fact, in some ways, it is an improvement on what has been one of its best-selling handguns for decades. Most notably, this version of the gun uses a full-frame polymer material that allows it to have a much smaller footprint than the original. And it is now available as a duty-sized gun for those who want something more suitable to conceal than the G2. The G3 also has fully ambidextrous controls, meaning that it can be used by any shooter with either hand without having to change anything on the firearm or use different magazines.


Overall construction and design are about what you would expect from a gun at this price point. There are no metal inserts, slides are made of stamped steel, and sights are molded into the polymer. This is not necessarily a bad thing given the intended purpose of the firearm, but it is something to keep in mind if you shoot your pistols often since they will eventually need to be replaced.

Features of Taurus G3


Despite the many design changes made to ergonomics and grip, it is still difficult for some users to find a gun that feels good in their hands. There are plenty of factors that contribute to this problem: hand size and shape, finger length and thickness, trigger preference (single or double action), etc. Taurus G3 review proves that the G3 is ergonomically designed for either hand. There are no sharp edges on this gun to irritate your hands during long hours of shooting practice. It has angular but smooth surfaces all around with a slight curve at the top and bottom of its handle to make it comfortable and non-slip. The grip is roomy enough for all hand sizes to hold it securely, even with wet hands or gloves on.

Taurus G3 Ergonomics-Grip


The G3’s double-action/single-action trigger feels almost identical to the original G2 model’s. It has a long take-up and breakpoint, but the reset is relatively short. This trigger type offers a good combination of safety and accuracy. But there is no decocking mechanism, so you’ll pretty much always be going to run the trigger in single-action mode. The single-action is much better and recommended for accurate and quick shooting.


It has a short takeup, clean breakpoint, and short reset. The light double-action trigger is good for follow-up shots when you need to be more accurate or confident that your gun won’t accidentally be fired. But the heavy pull weight and long reset of the double-action trigger will give you a slower follow-up shot than what is possible with the single-action trigger.

Taurus G3 Trigger


This handgun comes with manual safety for use in high-pressure situations or when you may not have a chance to disengage it before shooting. The safety is ambidextrous and has the same style as found on previous G2 models. It is located at the top left side of the grip for right-handed shooters but can be used by left-handers as well. The Taurus G3 has a manual decocker on the right side of its slide. The safety/decocker button is large and easy to reach with an index finger from either hand, but you have to take your firing hand off the grip to engage or disengage it. There is no de-cocking mechanism, so you’ll be dropping the hammer on your live rounds every time you decock the firearm.

Taurus G3 Safety


Taurus G3 review shows that this gun comes standard with a fixed three dots sight system. It features a single white dot in the front and two white dots at the rear. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, but it doesn’t lock into place like other pistols that offer this feature. This makes you wonder why would Taurus choose not to include this feature on such an otherwise solid tactical gun. Both front and rear sights are made of steel to ensure their durability. The rear sight is serrated steel drift adjustable for windage. You can adjust them by loosening or tightening the screw on either side of the sight with a small Allen wrench, which is included in the package.

Taurus G3 Sights

Magazine Capacity

This pistol accepts 10, 15, 17-round steel magazines, which are built to the same high standard as the rest of this gun. It’s easy to load all 17 rounds into the magazine and insert them securely with no hiccups. This also makes it quick enough to reload after every shot for a tactical reload.

Taurus G3 Magazine Capacity


The Taurus G3 is 7.28 inches long with a 4-inch barrel, which provides a good combination of size and weight for concealed carry. It has a 4-inch height and 1.20-inch width – the same as any other compact gun – making it easy to conceal in either your pocket or holster if you want to use it for concealed carry. Weighing only 24.8 ounces unloaded, this gun is very light compared to most other polymer handguns on the market today.


Taurus G3 has a unique look and contours. It’s slightly blocky compared to a Glock, Springfield XD, or M&P but offers some aesthetic features like an accessory rail on the dust cover for tactical lights or lasers. For the most part, this gun looks good with aggressive lines and serrations on the slide that add character and improve grip. Even on the polymer frame, it looks more solid than any of its competitors.

Taurus G3 Aesthetics


The Taurus G3 is a bare-bones striker-fired gun with no external safeties, which begs for more frequent cleaning and oiling. This pistol has been rumored to have issues with long-term durability, but the number of people who have encountered any problems seems to be quite low for a mid-range priced gun. Most owners recommend cleaning and lubricating it at least once per month for proper functioning.


This pistol is only compatible with aftermarket parts that are specifically designed for it. If you want to upgrade or change its parts, be sure to find out what works and what doesn’t before you order anything.  This way, you can avoid wasting money on parts that won’t work with your handgun. There is a huge aftermarket for Taurus G3 parts and accessories, but make sure what you buy will fit this gun before dropping any cash. You can usually maximize the value of your G3 by spending a little extra on upgrades without breaking the bank. 


The handling on the G3 is surprisingly good for a pistol with such aggressive lines. It’s easiest to shoot one-handed, but it has enough weight in the lower half of the gun so you still have control after firing shots in succession. There’s a reason that this gun is Taurus’ top seller – it fits the needs of most shooters without scaring them away with its looks.


Shooting Taurus G3 review confirms that it’s accurate out of the box, but this gun is not a long-range shooter. Most handguns with at least 4-inch barrels are best used within 15 to 20 yards, which is true for the G3 as well. The only place where this pistol may have an issue is with the magazine spring, which reportedly starts to weaken over time. With regular cleaning and proper lubrication, this problem should be avoidable.

Advantages of Taurus G3


You can get this gun for $300 to $350 bucks, depending on the model. This makes it one of the most affordable polymer-framed pistols on the market with similar features. 


For a mid-price pistol, the Taurus G3 shoots incredibly well. The trigger has little to no take-up thanks to its striker-fired model and is very accurate even at long ranges. It’s easy to fire multiple rounds in rapid succession without any issues.


This pistol has a reputation for being extremely durable. It’s built to withstand heavy use, even without the best care. This is one of the hardiest pistols available on the market today.


The G3 measures 6.25″ in length, 4″ in height, and 1″ in width. It weighs 28 ounces unloaded. As one of the most compact full-size guns on the market, the G3 is easy to conceal even for people who carry full-size handguns daily.

Disadvantages of Taurus G3

Trigger Reset

The trigger reset on the Taurus G3 is long and has a somewhat mushy feel to it. Some people may not be used to such a long reset, but some shooters will prefer it as it prevents them from accidentally firing more bullets.

Stiff Magazine Release and Slide

The magazine release and the slide on the Taurus G3 are difficult to use by design. You have to push down on them with a surprising amount of pressure for them to disengage. Apart from being annoying, this is also uncomfortable when you’re in a hurry. 

Difficult Disassembly

You need a tool to disassemble the Taurus G3 gun. This is frustrating if you only have the gun in an emergency and don’t have access to a toolbox. It also means that it will be difficult for inexperienced shooters to take the gun apart without any extra help.

Taurus G3 Holster Review

The best Taurus G3 holster should fit your gun securely while also allowing for quick re-holstering without hassle or having to take off your belt. You might need some extra retention features on your holster to prevent it from coming off your belt or falling out of the trigger guard if you’re involved in an intense physical altercation. It should also allow for a full grip on the gun when you remove it from your holster, which will make it easier to draw.


A good Taurus G3 holster should cover the trigger guard and keep your gun secure when you’re not using it, but also allow for a quick draw and re-holster. In this case, the Taurus G3 is compatible with holsters that have been built for similar models from other manufacturers designed to fit common pistols of the same size.

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This gun has a relatively small frame and therefore is easy for most people to conceal. It’s also lightweight enough that carrying it around won.

There are many laser sights designed to fit this gun, but if yours doesn’t come with an integrated rail, you’ll need to buy one that fits into it.

It depends on the model. 10,15, and 17 capacity is available depending on the G3 you choose.

The trigger pull on the G3 is between six and ten pounds depending on which model of the gun you buy. Since the G3 is a striker-fired pistol, it can be difficult to fire accurately at first. You may need to spend some time getting used to this type of trigger before you’re accurate with it.

This gun is designed to be as reliable as possible.  It has a reputation for being dependable even with minimal maintenance. You can expect your G3 to fire reliably as long as you keep it clean and properly lubricated.


The Taurus G3 is a 9mm handgun that shoots incredibly well with little recoil thanks to its design. It’s surprisingly durable and is built to withstand heavy use without losing its functionality. Taurus G3 review suggests that this gun is better as a backup weapon than as an everyday carry piece since the trigger pull makes it difficult for most people to use it accurately right away. Inexperienced shooters should practice with another easier-to-use pistol and then graduate to the G3 when they feel more comfortable with their shooting skills. Thank you for reading this.

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