Taurus G3 Holster

Taurus G3 Holster was designed to offer a number of great features. The G3 is made of alloy metals in its construction, making it durable, lightweight, and still within reach of most consumers. The Taurus G3 9mm is a small and light pistol that measures 7.3″ long. It is just 25 ounces, making it extremely portable and ideal for on the go or when wearing your firearm all day. We all know that owning a firearm comes with great responsibility, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our comfort or style in order to carry one around town. 

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The Taurus G3 holsters are available in a number of different types that have been designed to fit various types of needs. The most popular type is the SOB, which is a small outside belt holster. The shoulder holster is another great option for those who want a comfortable holster with easy access. The IWB or inside the waistband also comes highly recommended due to its quick draw and versatility. The belt holster is the most common type of Taurus G3 holster, but there are also clip holsters that you can use for your firearm. Since the holsters stay securely attached until you need them, you won’t have to worry about losing your weapon at any time

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