Taurus 85 Holster

The Taurus family of .38 Special revolvers is a great choice for concealed carry with a Taurus 85 holster. The Taurus 85 is an accurate, lightweight, and powerful revolver perfect for anyone who wants to protect their home. It has the stopping power of a .357 Magnum with less kickback than other revolvers. If you want something small enough to carry in your purse or keep under your pillow but still packs a punch, this is the gun for you. Plus, it comes with everything needed for quick and easy assembly. 

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Taurus 85 holsters are the best choice for carrying your firearm. They’re made from lightweight, durable materials and designed with comfort and concealability in mind. You can choose between inside or outside the waistband options, as well as left-handed or right-handed designs. If you want to draw quickly when needed but still keep your weapon concealed at all times, the IWB holsters are perfect for you. The OWB models give you more flexibility if concealment isn’t an issue, but speed is important.

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