Springfield Hellcat Holster

Springfield Hellcat Holster can easily secure Springfield Hellcat pistol that is the world’s most powerful pistol.  It is a lightweight, ergonomic and accurate pistol for concealed carry or a backup gun. One of the major features of this handgun is that it weighs in at 18.03 ounces unloaded and has a striker-fired design. This design allows the handgun to remain light and compact, making it easy to conceal. With a slim 1″-thick frame, it’s ideal for comfortable everyday carry. The 3″ barrel delivers accurate fire at the point of aim and its 10+1 round capacity is perfect for self-defense or target shooting.

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Springfield Hellcat Holsters are the most popular and sought-after in the market to carry this firearm. These holsters are made with quality leather and strong thermoplastic polymer material. They are made in such a way that they don't easily get worn out with extended use. Furthermore, these holsters are designed so you can carry your gun on any part of your body, such as the shoulder, waist, or leg. They also offer a fast draw with an easy reach to your gun being held inside the holster.

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