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When you enter your bedroom and take a quick survey of the essential things in there, your mattress undoubtedly tops the list. Your pillow will understandably come second; however, it’s so crucial that you have to pay attention to it. Finding a pillow that will be just suitable for your personal needs may be a daunting task.

Before we get into the details of what a good pillow should be. In this article, we ask the difficult and unexpected questions. Why should you pay so much attention to your pillow? What is all the stress for? If a pillow simply serves as a headrest, why bother so much?



Let me begin with Martin Simon’s (from pillow Sciences) statement. He said, “A good pillow is critical. If you’re sleeping on the wrong pillow, your whole body is out of alignment. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling uncomfortable and out of sorts because your neck is out of kilter.”

Have you ever felt like you got a good night’s sleep, but you wake up with your body aching? This could be a pointer to a pillow problem. As simple as pillows are, they can make the difference between a well-rested and fitful night or a sound, energized morning and tiring difficult one.

Did you observe that if it is true that most people spend a third of their lives sleeping, it implies they spend a third of their lives with their heads on a pillow? Soon, you realize that your pillow not only needs to be a good one but one that is suited to the way you sleep, body, and overall health.

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Importance of the Right Choice of Pillow

Just like Martin pointed out, the first reason you need to pay attention to your pillow is that it affects the way your neck aligns with your spine – I believe that is no brainer. The alignment of your neck with your spine can either add more or alleviate the stress on your back; it can cause headaches and have a significant impact on how restful your night is.

Science has taught that sufficient sleep is restorative; it is the body’s way of taking time to heal itself from physical, nervous, and postural challenges that have been endured in the day. Therefore, during “healing-sleep” a pillow is a crucial support to the delicate structures of your upper extremity – head, neck, shoulders, spine, and hips – the right choice can prevent common pains in these areas of your body.
Let’s take a cue from one of the concerns of chiropractors. For the record, chiropractors deal with the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders by employing non-conventional (complementary) medicine. How interesting will you find it that one of the concerns of chiropractors, when you seek advice from them, is the choice of your pillow!

To this effect, Martin Simon recommends therapeutic contour pillows for your comfort and health. The thought behind this is that these types of pillows give you a night of better sleep by keeping your body in proper positions.

Pillow Fillings

The different levels of support that your pillow can give are mostly dependent on its fillings. Over time, manufacturers who are either ignorant or only profit-oriented stuffed pillows with cheap materials, low-quality feathers, and chemical foams. 

These types of fillings provide less structure and support. Notably, some studies have compared pillows based on their fillings, and it was reported that orthopedic pillows (which are filled with polypropylene capsules) give the best support, followed by memory foam pillows. Feather pillows were named the worst.

Your Sleeping Pattern also determines your Choice of Pillow

To determine the suitable pillow for you, you should also consider your sleeping position. Check this out:

Back Sleepers

Do you spend most of the night lying on your back? The best choice of pillow for you is a flat, thin pillow that also provides support for your neck and spine. This would help your body gain the rest that it needs and deserves a high level of productivity.

Side Sleepers

Contoured pillows are suitable for people who sleep on their side; you are provided with firm support when using this kind of pillow. It is also advisable and healthy for side sleepers to place a pillow in-between their legs to allow their spine to retain its alignment; consequently, relieving the back of strain. Although this is one of the best sleeping positions, people often refuse to use a pillow between their legs.

Stomach Sleepers

Those who spend most of the night sleeping on their stomach need little support; hence, a thin pillow is advisable. Also, the thinner the pillow, the better. This will prevent strain on your neck so your head would not be raised too high. Furthermore, placing a pillow under your stomach would help prevent lower back pain.

sleepgram pillow reviews

Having seen how important your choice of pillow is to your health, this pillow review recommends that the choice pillow for you is the sleepgram pillow. In this sleepgram pillow review, you will find the reasons why this is our top choice in terms of the materials used, exquisite design, usage, including its pros and cons.

1. SLEEPGRAM PILLOW (Premium Adjustable Loft-Soft Hypoallergenic Microfiber Pillow)

Sleepgram Bed Pillow – PREMIUM Adjustable Loft – Soft Microfiber Pillow with washable removable cover – 18 x 26 – Standard/Queen size (Pack of 1), White
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE PILLOW with LONG-FIBER – ADD or REMOVE inserts to adjust to your comfort, perfect custom made pillow each time – for all sleep positions. Allows greater ventilation than adjustable foams – Promotes proper alignment allowing deeper sleep through the night.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR – MACHINE WASHABLE – 5 Year – it will not go flat.


  • Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds

After a hard day’s work, your body practically screams for relaxation. A good night’s rest is essential to relieve your body of the day’s stress and get yourself prepared for the rigors of the next day. On getting home, you need all the rest that you can get to make you feel fine again.
However, we have come with good tidings for you. You need not stress yourself with having to test various pillows to get the perfect one. We propose to you the best pillow that suits your needs and sleeping style.
Regardless of your sleeping posture, the sleepgram pillow is a perfect fit for you. It is classic, exquisite, and comfy making your sleep like a day old child. You are guaranteed to get your body functioning properly with our best choice of pillow. In this sleepgram pillow review, you would find out the great features of this pillow. Read on to discover this rare find.

sleepgram pillow reviews

What Sleepgram Pillow Offers?

The features of this pillow are hardly rivaled by any. You are presented with wonderful quality that gives you the kind of sleep that transports you to your dreamland. Here are the unmatched features of the sleepgram pillow.

Elegant Design

The sleepgram pillow consists of a fantastic construction that sets it apart from other pillows. It has an outer cover and two removable inserts that give it an elegant look suitable for your room decor. The inserts afford you the chance to control the loft and firmness of the pillow to your taste or demand. Despite having an elegant look, it does not compromise on quality.

Healthy Material Filling

The two inserts in the sleepgram pillow contain fillings made from polyester microfiber which is also known as synthetic down. This polyester microfiber is breathable, fluffy, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and supportive.

Its hypoallergenic feature makes it suitable for those who suffer allergies. Not only does this pillow provide optimum comfort but it is also dust mite resistant. Your fears of sleeping on a pillow that would cause you health problems are eradicated.

Sleepgram pillow is breathable which allows for natural and more excellent ventilation than regular adjustable foams. Its fluffiness makes it a suitable find for a wide range of sleepers despite their different postures. Also, it supports the alignment between your neck and spine, making it more conducive to sleep through the night.

Although polyester microfibers are known to form clumps, and they lose shape quite fast according to the reviews for pillows with this kind of filling, there’s been no such comment about the sleepgram pillow. 

Perhaps this is because it’s a newcomer, and no one has had it for too long a time to tell. However, based on reviews of other pillows with synthetic down filling, such pillows last for roughly 12 to 18 months.

Removable Cover

The encasement is 100% cotton with polyester lining. Natural cotton can absorb moisture and this makes it easy to wash and dry. With this pillow cover, your pillow can look neat, clean, and attractive at all times. There is a hidden zipper sewn at the sides of the cover, it makes it easily removable especially for laundry. 

Adequate Body Support

If there is any feature that makes this pillow stand-out in this review, it’s that the pillow has three firmness options that a single pillow offers. The pillow is made in a simple way that makes it easy for one to switch from one firmness option to another. You can choose from a soft to medium-firm level of support.

The sleepgram pillow has two inserts that help in accenting the great body support that the pillow gives. They are marked with either a blue or red color to indicate soft or firmness respectively. This means you can decide the level of firmness that suits you by working around the pillow.

The process is simple, easy, and straightforward to understand. Sleepgram pillow bestows you with the power to choose what is best for you especially based on preference or health conditions. 

If you desire soft firmness, you leave the blue pillow alone in the cover; the same goes for the red pillow for medium firmness. You can as well use both inserts depending on the level of firmness you desire for your need and preferred position. This firmness level of support is called the medium-firm.

Perhaps you don’t know what level of firmness or the match of pillows to use for your sleeping pattern, I will help you here.

For black sleepers, the medium (red) firmness level is a good fit because it has more loft than the blue, and it feels fluffier. At this level, it is still quite easy to fold, flatter, and shape, thereby giving back sleepers a cushy pressure relief, although it is not firm enough to raise the head. Nonetheless, you are assured of relief and posture support for your neck alignment.

The soft (blue) pillow is squishy and flat. It’s thin, malleable, and super soft; hence, fitting for stomach sleepers. Because of their prone position, stomach sleepers need a soft and flat pillow to keep a healthy posture. This firmness level helps in making this sleeping posture comfortable and healthy.

The medium-firm level of support is gotten from the combination of both blue and red pillows. This combo offers the loftiest and fluffiest feel; however, it becomes less shapeable and more supportive. You still get the lovely “sink into the pillow” feeling but not so much softness and malleability.

The medium-firm level is suitable for side sleepers. A trusted reviewer quipped, “Sure enough, the lost and support was just what I needed for side sleeping. I could feel that nice pressure relief for my neck and shoulder, and I felt supported. 

My posture felt in natural alignment, and I was still able to squeeze an arm beneath the underside of the pillow without adding too much extra height.”

Great Pillow Flexibility 

A few times, I mentioned the malleability factor of the pillow under the firmness feature. Perhaps you were thinking about what that meant precisely; let’s discuss that as a feature in itself.

Have you ever tried tucking your pillow in a certain way to give you a sort of satisfying feeling, but it won’t just stay in position; instead, it flips back into its original position or melts into a formless blob? The malleability feature of the sleepgram pillow isn’t the same. While this feature is essential to all kinds of sleepers, side sleepers benefit most from it.

When you can fold the pillow in a certain way that best fits your need, you can as well position it to meet your desire without worrying that it will give up on you somewhere along the “sleeping” way. This pillow gives you great flexibility feel that is second to none. 

Completely Odourless 

Your face will be very close to your pillow every time you lay your head. Except you have a high “foul odor” threshold, the odor can be very disturbing to your sleep. For those with sensitive noses, a foul odor can result in other unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, etc. With sleepgram pillow, you see, this is not something to worry about.

Of course, at first use, it smells like any new thing would, but the smell disappears the moment you insert it in a pillowcase. (The most suitable pillowcase to be used for your pillow is later discussed in this sleepgram pillow review). 

Cost-Effective Maintenance 

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your pillow and the health of your face. Having used the pillow for a while, it is sure to harbor disgusting things like dust, particles, sweat or moisture, dead skin cells, etc., all of which attract dust mites. This pillow can be maintained with the most basic cleaning materials. By using them, it would present your pillow fresh and new even after a long time of usage.

The sleepgram manufacturers have made it possible for you to clean your pillow in a washing machine, and I mean the whole pillow – the cover and the inserts.


sleepgram pillow reviews


First, you have to separate the outer cover from the pillow as it is advisable to wash them separately so that the outer cover does not collect the fiber particles.


Set your machine to the pre-installed system for cleaning synthetic clothes, or choose a delicate cycle. This pillow requires that you adjust the heat to a low or medium level (30oC). After that, put your pillow inserts into the washing machine.

Not just any detergent can be used especially since your pillow requires the best kind of maintenance. The recommended detergents should be a non-phosphate washing powder or any pH-neutral liquid detergent. Under no circumstance should you use bleach products so that you can protect the quality of your pillow.


The final step is to dry them. Ensure to set your drying heat to a medium or low level. You only need to repeat the drying cycle should your pillows remain wet after the first cycle.

Setting your washing machine properly and using the right washing materials would go a long way in determining the life span of your pillow. To get optimum results, wash the two inserts at the same time for load balance. Although some reviewers encourage tumble drying on low or no heat. However, the brand strongly warns against such a washing style. Going with the manufacturer’s advice is the best for you.

How To Fluff the Sleepgram Pillow

Sleepgram pillow comes in a vacuum-sealed package requiring you to fluff it before use. Here are two different ways to fluff your pillow having purchased it:

  • By using your dryer. Launch your dryer on a low to zero heat with the pillows in it for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will cause the fibers in them to expand, thereby fluffing your pillow before use. For a fresh and pleasant smell, you can put in a scented dryer sheet under the pillowcase when using the dryer to fluff the pillow.
  • There is also an option of a manual fluffing that can be done with your hands in case you don’t have a dryer. What you will do is to put the inserts in their cover and shake them thoroughly; do this for about 2 to 3 minutes to fluff them.

The beauty of fluffing is that you can repeat this process when you notice that your pillow is getting too flat.


Now, don’t get me wrong; this does not mean you should completely discard the product if you are a stomach sleeper, it simply means you may encounter a bit more difficult than other regular pillows. Why? This is because it is a bit tricky to match the exact insert that best fits this type of sleeper, although it is not completely impossible. Nonetheless, there are positive stomach sleepers’ reviews out there even though its usage may be a hassle for some.

  • While the pillow is designed to suit the needs of different people out there, it doesn’t seem to solve the issue of sleeping warm. Before I go further to explain this, note that the keyword here is “warm” and not “hot,” lest you discard the pillow on the account of the heat.

One of the best materials for pillow covers is cotton, especially if you want the pillow covers to provide a cooling effect and a neutral temperature. This is an excellent idea in itself, but the downside to it is that should you desire less warmth, there is no sufficient cooling feature that could alleviate the level of warmth the pillow offers when you lay your head.

  • The highest level of firmness it offers is the medium-firm (from the combo of both inserts)
  • Seeing that sleepgram is a newcomer on the pillow market, there is no long-term review


One of the concerns on the mind of customers is the cleaning process of the pillow. I mean, before purchasing any clothing material, you would like to ensure that cleaning it won’t be tedious or unproductive. In this regard, I’m going to explain how to do the cleaning in this sleepgram pillow reviews.

First off, note that taking proper care of your pillow is not as vital for the longevity of your pillow as much as your health. Regardless of what the filling consists of, many foul things (such as dead skin cells, sweats and moisture, dust, particles, and debris) build up inside over time. All of these may attract mites, making your bed a habitation for them. Now, without controversy, mites are not suitable for maintaining a smooth, delicate, and beautiful face.
This is where I introduce to you the good news about sleepgram pillow: you can wash it in a washing machine – the whole pillow? Yes, the whole pillow, including the inserts and the cover.

Although machine washing is more comfortable, if you also have the longevity of your pillow in mind, hand washing is the best option. Though this technique seems crude and stressful, it would put your pillow in great shape. However, if you cannot go through the stress, stick to machine washing, it works just fine.

Sleepgram pillow manufacturer enjoins you to wash your pillows every two months. That is safe enough, but it would be wise to wash it more often, especially if you have pets that share your bed with you.

The complete bedding set is a bed laid with its sheet and the pillows tucked in their cases, adding attractiveness – and, much more importantly, comfort. Pillowcases do much more by protecting your pillows from direct contact with dirt, stains, specks of dust, and facial oils; thereby, extending the “clean and usable” period of the pillow. Pillowcases are lifesavers and great ones are a must-have for any bedding. 

If waking up with beautiful skin and perfect, shiny hair is a desire of your heart, let me say unequivocally that the quality of the pillowcase matters. You could tell by merely observing that there are different types of pillowcases.

If the type of pillowcases I use doesn’t matter, why the stress? Any standard sets of bed sheets usually come with two pillowcases, but if you are willing to make your choice of the pillowcase – one that would suit your specific need, you can purchase from the list of these materials:

In his own right, the spillgram cotton pillowcase has been designed to fit your sleepgram pillow like a surgical glove on a surgeon’s hand. It is made with a high quality of 100% sateen cotton, it can be pre-shrunk, and it is washer-friendly.

Now, not all pillowcases would work with your sleepgram pillow since perfection is not easy to come by; however, you could go for:

  1. Cotton pillowcases: They are fresh, absorbent, and very comfortable. The downside is the temporal crease it leaves on your face when the cotton bunches up.
  2. Nylon pillowcases: They look like silk, easy to clean, and dries fast. These kinds of pillowcases look well-packaged and they are a great fit for your bed. However, they are not absorbent and this causes sweating.
  3. Linen pillowcases: they are lightweight and breathable. They are the ideal material during summer.
  4. Satin pillowcases: they are smooth to the face. The fabric is known to prevent wrinkles and improves the quality of your hair.
  5. Silk: similar to the benefits satin provides but is more delicate and should preferably be hand washed.

I suppose you are wondering why so much fuss about a pillow? Or why a pillow should have a filter? The essence of the filter is to have an air intake and outflow in communication with the external surface of the pillow. The air filter that cleans the air could be an electrostatic precipitator filter or a filtering material. Okay, great! But what led to what?
Could you imagine that, according to the WHO, breathing polluted air is the cause of seven million deaths every year? Shocking, yes? Manufacturers, therefore, thought of designing products that have natural, eco-friendly, and air purification capacity integrated into people’s lives without any overhaul of their lifestyles. This is done to introduce clean, odorless air.
There are such products that can be placed in your home; pillow manufacturers have included the same product in pillows. It filters your air of odors, moisture, and pollutants.

If you are willing to accept, cushions, pillows, and beddings don’t often get enough cleaning and sanitizing attention that keeps them free from pathogens and germs. A study done by the University of Manchester shows that the average pillow harbor bacteria, viruses, pathogens up to a million spores, and 16 types of fungi – yikes, that is a lot of awful.

Despite washing, the inner part of a pillow remains a reservoir of pollution, especially considering the current method of stitching pillows.

The solution was to introduce a filter system that prevents bacteria, viruses, and harmful pathogens from entering and accumulating in the pillow’s interior. Thereby preventing the aerosolization of gems while allowing sufficient breathability.


The sleepgram pillow is more than a pillow, it is a system that you can work around to best suit your specific needs. Why? Because it comes with different firmness and thickness levels. How? Because it comes with two different inserts of different firmness that you can match or mix for your specific need and sleeping posture. That is the blue (soft) pillow for your stomach, red (medium) pillow for your back, and the combination for your side.

The beauty of the sleepgram company is that they didn’t just plunge into the pillow market and produced whatever they deemed best or fit. Instead, they did a survey, analyzing several pillows, which provided enough knowledge to come up with a unique design for a good night’s sleep.

The sleepgram pillow is an all-in-one pillow that meets your need despite the kind of person or sleeper you are; it is incredible how allergic folks were even considered in their design. Having found out that these differing needs, the company created a “cruelty-free” pillow that can serve all these needs; it is, therefore, customizable and hypoallergenic.

Is it washable? Yes. Is it affordable? Yes. It is quite impressive how the company had to redesign the pillow 25 different times just to provide the customers with the best night’s rest. What a company! What a pillow!

The sleepgram pillow comes in different sizes. You can either purchase the king-size or the standard/queen size. Your choice of a pillow should not be limited to just one size of the bed, it has to be available for any size. This pillow fits perfectly into this description.
At this point, I guess you might have been wondering how much it will cost you to get yourself one of these sleepgram pillows. With the sleepgram pillow, you get great value for your money and get quality for a relatively affordable price.

However, we help you consider your budget despite its affordable price. If you are tight on budget or you don’t want to spend on products that you will have to change in a few years, the sleepgram pillow is a good choice. Since the pillow comes in two different sizes, they come at different prices. The standard/Queen size is priced at $59.99 – if you ask me, that is a pretty wonderful price for the all-round features of this pillow.

Furthermore, customers are offered a 100-night sleep trial by the company, and they also get a lifetime warranty. The idea of a sleep trial is beautiful and it is not unusual in the sleep accessory industry but a lifetime warranty? To be frank, the latter makes it an even sweeter deal. Much more, I see a company that is 100% solid sure of its product – so sure that it gives it a lifetime warranty!

This article guides you through a journey of discovery of an exceptional product that would provide you with ample rest, relaxation, and comfortability. The sleepgram pillow is also concerned about your health as it has features that help to correct and prevent body pains. Finding a pillow that would provide a painless sleeping experience is a rare find and that gem is what the sleepgram pillow is.

Hence, if you are looking for a change of pillow, or if your facial health is important to you, or if the state of your neck, shoulders, head, and spine matters to your overall wellbeing, or if you need something to rest on without fear of allergies, or if you want to solve that breathability problem of your current pillow (and the list of “ifs” goes on), then the sleepgram pillow is worth a golden try.

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