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Thanks for your interest in submitting a guest post to We are most happy to work with you! In the sleep niche, we provide content on sleep, fitness, wellbeing, relaxation and related areas. We are open to excellent contributions from experts in related fields. This is beneficial to both you and us.

Some of the areas your content can cover include:

sleep write for us

Please Note: When submitting a guest post, it’s important to solve sleep related problems or suggest products that can be used to combat sleep-related issues. Our aim is to provide solutions to our readers in our contents.

The Benefits Of Writing For Us Are:

sleep write for us

A Couple Of Rules Are:

Write For Us

We welcome bloggers and contributors to work with us in providing entertaining contents for our large audience. Also, we are known to produce excellent and relevant content-so it’s important you keep that standard.

You want to deliver interesting content and helpful information to our ever-increasing audience, right? But, we have some guiding rules that guide our selection process. Please, see them below:

  • Contents should not be less than 1500 words
  • Your content should be accredited to you. You should own your content. It must be original and must not have been published elsewhere.
  • Your content must be of quality. If it does not meet up to our standard of quality, we have the option to reject it. It must be error-free and have good expressions. 
  • Your work should be related to sleep, relaxation, and wellbeing. Any topic related to these is fine. You can be creative with your content. 
  • It can be product reviews, how-to guides, perspectives, experiences, and lots more. Your content may even be video tutorials. You’re welcome!
  • Our arms are wide open to get content from anyone who wants to submit. You may be an expert or a beginner in your niche.  What is more important to us is the content. So long as it meets our requirements, we are okay with it.
  • Your work should not appear rigid and too formal. The tone should be friendly to allow the copy to flow well. On this ground, you can use abbreviations and contractions to make it flow.
  • Your content should be easy to read. Avoid using very long sentences and lengthy paragraphs. Five lines are enough for a good paragraph.
  • If possible, ensure to write in the active voice rather than the passive voice.
  • Always add an image to your article. You may have to submit videos depending on the nature of the write-up.
  • We advise that you use an image you own. However, you can use any image and acknowledge the source.
  • The final edition of your content lies with us. 
  • Always submit your write-up with a bio. Alternatively, you can submit a link to your homepage or social media handles.
  • We will prefer to receive your submission in Word document format.
  • Always acknowledge the sources of your facts. You can provide links to these sources. However, please don’t overdo it. 

How it Works:

Send us a mail:
First of all, you will register your interest in writing with us. You can do this by sending us a mail. We will go through your message and approve your interest.

Attach samples in the mail:
Your message should contain some samples of your writings and perhaps a pitch on your topic of interest.

After approval, you will write the post and send it to us. Your submission should follow the guidelines we have laid down.

Then, we will publish it.

How to Submit...

If your submission meets these guidelines, we are more than happy to have you work with us. We will publish your submission under the “sleep” niche. If necessary, the category can narrow down to more specific areas under “sleep.”

Depending on the quality of your work and our decision, we can also feature your submission on our social media platforms. When we receive submissions that have met our criteria, we set to publish it. The work may be published immediately or later. Usually, we try to publish the work within 1-2 weeks. However, the content may take up to 4 weeks before we publish it. After publishing your work, we will promote it on our platforms. Also, you have to promote the content on your social media platforms too.

So, do you wish to start writing with us now? Send us a mail via

We look forward to working with you!

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