Sig Pro 2340 Holster

The Sig Pro 2340 is the perfect firearm for anyone who wants to protect themselves and their family. It’s lightweight, easy to conceal with the sig pro 2340 holster, and accurate. It has a double-action trigger with an exposed hammer that allows you to fire it in either single or double action mode. This means you can choose how much pressure you need to pull the trigger based on your preferences and comfort level. The Sig P239 has a 3.9″ barrel and an overall length of 6.6″. It weighs 27.8 oz., making it lightweight and easy to carry concealed or even in uniform.

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Sig Pro 2340 Holsters are the most trusted holsters on the market. You can count on them to keep your gun safe, secure, and always ready when you need it. Plus they come in many different styles so there’s one that fits your needs perfectly. With an adjustable retention system, you can set the tension just right for your gun – whether it’s a compact or full-size pistol. And if you want even more security, we offer models with thumb break straps as well as belt loops.

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