Sig Pro 2009 Holster

The Sig Sauer Pro 2009 holster is a perfect match for your favorite gun that fits your lifestyle. This semi-automatic pistol’s polymer frame makes it lightweight and easy to carry, while its interchangeable grips allow you to customize the gun’s feel. The Sig Sauer Pro 2009 has a universal accessory rail that allows you to attach a variety of accessories such as lights, lasers, and more. You can trust its reliability under even the most extreme conditions. Any shooter looking for a dependable handgun with excellent accuracy would be wise to pick up the Sig Sauer Pro 2009. And since this is a semi-automatic pistol, there is no need for manual cocking before each shot, reducing fatigue after hours of target practice or training drills in preparation for competition season.

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We have the perfect holster for you. Our holsters are made from high-quality materials that will last you a long time and provide comfort while wearing them. You can adjust the retention to your liking, making sure your gun is secure at all times. The sweat shield on our holsters protects your gun from corrosion, which makes them great for people who live in hot climates or work outside often. And with adjustable cant and ride height, we make sure that no matter what position you carry in or how thick your belt is, we’ll be able to accommodate it!

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