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SIG P938 review is going to be very helpful for those who are looking for a handgun that is both affordable and features a lot of benefits. It is a single action 9mm handgun that offers users a lot of value for their money. This handgun is known for its accuracy and ease of use, which makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for something that they can rely on. The SIG P938 was first introduced in 2011 as a smaller and more compact version of the popular P238 series.

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The firearm went on to perform extremely well in the market and has been a best seller in many countries. The biggest advantage of this handgun is that it is very affordable when compared with other similar handguns from top brands such as Glock, Browning, Kimber, and Beretta. It was designed to be more easily concealed and offer users a lot of benefits such as improved ergonomics. This review will give you detailed information on this handgun and help you decide if it is the right choice for your needs.

Features of SIG P938

The handgun offers a lot of benefits, which is why it has been making waves in the market. Here are some of the most important features that you should look out for.

Grip and Textures 

The grip is made of checkered black polycarbonate and offers a firm grip on the handgun.  It also features a double-sided stippling on the rear portion that makes it easier to hold. Texturing is very important since it helps users maintain control of the handgun even in adverse conditions. These textures are located on the front and back of the grip, which means that you can grip it with or without any support.

SIG P938 Review Grip and Textures

Size and Weight 

The handgun is small enough to be concealed easily, but it is not as small as some of the other options on the market. It measures 5.9 inches in length, 4.3 inches in height, and 1.1 inches in width. It weighs just 17 ounces when unloaded, which makes it easy to carry around with you. 

Magazine Release 

This is another feature that makes this handgun easy to use. The magazine release can be easily accessed, which means that you can drop the magazine without any problem when needing to reload the firearm quickly. 

SIG P938 Review Magazine Release

Slide Stop Mechanism

The slide stop mechanism on this handgun is also adjustable. This means that you can set it up so that the slide will lock back when the magazine is emptied.  This is a great feature that allows you to know when it is time to reload.

SIG P938 Review Slide Stop Mechanism

Trigger Mechanism 

This handgun offers a single-action trigger mechanism that is very easy to use. Since it uses short travel, the trigger pull is light and smooth. As you get used to using this firearm, you will notice that this reduces the time between shots. There are no external safeties on this handgun, but there are safety features built into the trigger mechanism. This includes a firing pin block and a disconnector. The firing pin block helps to prevent the firing pin from moving forward unless the trigger is pulled, while the disconnector ensures that the pistol will only fire when the slide is in its locked position.

SIG P938 Review Trigger Mechanism

Trigger Distance and Safety 

The trigger distance on this handgun is about 4.4 pounds, which is shorter than the standard trigger distance you would find for other handguns in its category. This means that it takes less force to pull the trigger and shoot accurately with this handgun. It also features an internal safety lock that prevents it from firing unless the key is used. This is one feature that makes it hard to use and also adds an element of safety when the firearm is not in use.

SIG P938 Review Trigger Distance and Safety


SIG P938 has a lot of great features that make it a top performer in the market. It is also designed to offer users an appealing look, which makes this handgun a good choice for those who want something impressive. The design itself is a blend of classic 1911 pistols from SIG SAUER with modern features to improve its performance. The frame of this handgun is made of alloy steel with a Legion Gray PVD finish. This finish is very durable and helps to protect the handgun from corrosion and other damage. The slide and barrel are also made of steel, while the trigger guard has been made of alloy steel. This makes it very durable and offers users value for their money.

SIG P938 Review Aesthetics

Trigger Guard 

This is a small handgun that has been designed for concealed carry. It features an overtravel adjustable trigger guard that provides extra space for those who have bigger hands. This also makes it possible to draw the gun quickly and shoot accurately without any problem. The design of this handgun ensures that you can use the handgun with one hand if needed.


The handgun features  X-RAY3 Day/Night sights that offer users three-dot visibility. These sights are made of steel and are designed for both daylight conditions as well as low light conditions. They make it very easy to line up your shots in any situation, which is why they help improve accuracy. In comparison to the conventional sights on other handguns, the X-RAY3 Day/Night sights provide you with a wider field of view. The front sight also features a glowing ring that improves visibility in low-light conditions to help users ensure they are able to get the best possible accuracy. The steel surrounds the sights, which not only adds durability but also protects against the recoil that is generated with every round that is fired. It also helps to improve the aesthetics of the firearm.

SIG P938 Review Sights

Advantages of SIG P938

The handgun comes with many advantages that make it a top performer. Some are mentioned below:


The SIG P938 disassembly is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. The handgun comes apart into five different components: slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, frame, and magazine. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the handgun. You can also change out the parts if needed without any trouble. The slide stop is also very easy to access, which makes it possible to release it quickly when you need to reload the firearm.

Ease of Use 

The handgun is designed to be easy to use and offers an excellent grip that ensures it is not dropped easily. The alloy steel frame reduces the overall weight of this handgun, which makes it easier to handle.


The handgun is known for its reliability and can be used in any situation. It offers users value for their money and is a top performer in the market. The SIG P938 is a tactical handgun that offers users value for their money. The alloy steel frame and stainless steel slide make it durable and reliable. 


The handgun is light enough to be carried around with ease. You can carry this handgun for long hours without experiencing any trouble, which makes it an excellent choice.

Disadvantages of SIG P938

The SIG P938 also has a few disadvantages that should be noted. Some are mentioned below:


The handgun is known for its accuracy, but it is not as accurate as some of the other options on the market. The grouping of shots at 25 yards is about 2.5 inches, which is not as good as some of the other handguns in its category.


The trigger on this handgun is not as smooth as some of the other options on the market. This means that it takes some time to get used to it before you can use it accurately.

Single Action Only

The handgun does not have a double-action feature. This means that the trigger will only release the hammer to shoot, but it will require you to cock it before you can shoot again. This can make it hard to use it for self-defense.

Does Not Feature a Barrel Bushing 

This handgun does not feature a barrel bushing that helps manage recoil better. This means that you will have to spend more time cleaning the weapon and ensuring proper lubrication of metal components. It also affects accuracy, which is a disadvantage for beginners.

Oversized Controls 

The control levers on this handgun are oversized, which makes it hard to use for beginners. It takes time to get used to its functionality and will be an issue if you need it for self-defense.

Aftermarket Accessories - SIG P938 Review and Price

There are not many aftermarkets for this handgun. This means that you may have trouble finding replacement parts or accessories for SIG P938.


One current aftermarket accessory for the SIG P938 is a flashlight. You can find many different flashlight models that are designed specifically for this handgun. This will help you see in low-light conditions and improve your accuracy when shooting.

Laser Sights

The best laser sights for SIG P938 are the Crimson Trace green lasers. These green lasers come with a custom fit designed specifically for this handgun. The laser can be activated by a pressure switch and provides better accuracy when shooting. The only issue is that these laser sights will add to the overall cost of the handgun.


SIG P938 holsters are easily available on the market.  You can find many different models that will fit the handgun perfectly. The holster should be made of good quality leather or nylon to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

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Does this handgun come with a holster?

No, the handgun does not come with a holster. You can purchase it separately or choose to use an existing one for carrying your weapon.

What types of lasers are available for the handgun?

There are many different types of lasers available for this gun, including Crimson Trace and Lasermax models. You can choose the best one based on your requirements and budget.

Does it come with a safety device?

No, the handgun does not come with a safety device. You need to be careful when handling it and ensure that the weapon is always pointed in a safe direction.

What is the price of this handgun?

The price of the handgun varies depending on the model that you choose. You can find models that are priced anywhere from $600 to $800.

What are the benefits of a laser sight?

Laser sights can be beneficial for beginners. They provide better accuracy when shooting and also improve your accuracy in low-light conditions. They add to the value of your handgun, which is another advantage.

We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase about Sig Sauer. Have a look: Sig P365, Sig P229 and Sig P226.


Overall, the SIG P938 handgun is a good option for those who are looking for a small, lightweight weapon. It has some disadvantages, including the trigger and single-action only feature. There are not many aftermarkets available for it, so you will have to be careful when choosing replacement parts or accessories. The flashlight and laser sight are two good aftermarket options to consider. Hopefully, SIG P938 Review and Price has given you a better understanding of the SIG P938 handgun. Thank you for reading.

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