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Sig P365XL Review

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The Sig P365XL is a continuation of the Sig P365 family. Sig Sauer is famous for its double-action single action Sig P226. But in the mid-2000s they wanted to offer something that would be more advantageous for the US market so they introduced the Sig P250. Despite its more reasonable price, Sig P250 was a commercial flop. The Sig P250 was a double-action-only modular design and it didn’t do well on the US market. Sig’s P365XL is the successor to the Sig P365 which was introduced in mid-2018. Today, we will give you a detailed Sig P365XL review.

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The Sig Sauer P365XL is a drastically compact gun for its firepower and magazine capacity. Not only it can be concealed easily, but this small package offers 10+1 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition in a gun body smaller than many subcompact pistols. Sig Sauer had to design an entirely new magazine for this gun that would fit into the compact frame of the gun. The company claims that the standard capacity of this 10+1 round magazine is 12 rounds but after some testing, it was found that you can load 15 rounds in the P365XL mags without any issues.

Features of Sig P365XL


The most prominent feature of this handgun is its compact version of a mag well. The standard P365 comes with a flush-fit magazine so it has no mag well at all. But you can order Sig Sauer P365 with a larger capacity mag that includes a traditional mag well.  The Sig P365XL mag is wider than other regular 9mm handguns. There are some benefits to this design too. First, it allows the magazine to sit higher in the gun so you can grip it better when pulling it out of the mag well.


So, there’s really no need for any extended base plates or larger attachments. The bottom of the P365XL mag well is also open, so you can use some aftermarket base plates on the gun. And lastly, there are extended magazine buttons available for this firearm if you want to attach them to your guns such as an extended mag button, flush fit magazines or a longer grip sleeve around the magazine.

Magazine Sig P365XL Review

The Sig Sauer P365XL is a compact gun which means it has to be smaller than most full-sized handguns. To do that, the new mags of this gun are about half an inch shorter than standard magazines. This made it possible for Sig Sauer to design such a full grip handgun with a shorter barrel. It is also possible to get new mags for the P365XL that are flush fit with no protrusion at all for storage or concealment purposes.


For most people, 12 rounds are more than enough firepower, but Sig Sauer did have some complaints on the capacity of the standard 10 round gun mags for this design. So they released the extended XL 15 round mags for this handgun which are also available with a few base plates that allow you to carry extra rounds in the mag. These extended magazines add about 4 inches in length and make it much harder to conceal, but it’s an option for those who need more firepower.

Sig P365XL Magazine

Barrel Sig Sauer P365XL Review

One of the distinctive factors that set this gun apart from other similar handguns is its 3.1-inch Nitron finished stainless steel barrel. The standard magazine fits flush with the end of the barrel, which not only looks great but also makes it easier to pick up the gun if you drop it when it’s on a table or any other surface.

Standard P365XL Grip

Sig Sauer P365XL pistols come standard with a blued polymer grip that is attached to the gun at the factory. It has molded stippling all over its body and also on the front of the back strap for better grip. Most people aren’t fans of that aggressive stippling on the gun, so some aftermarket grips soften it up a bit. The standard grip is thinner than most other subcompact pistols but it does have some beavertails for those who prefer them. The size of the P365XL grip is just about the same as the Glock 43X.


The Sig P365XL grip is also compatible with extended mags so you can get some aftermarket grip sleeves if you want to add any extra bulk to your gun for better comfort. Sig Sauer went with a fully ambidextrous design on this handgun so both right and left-handed shooters can use it in any mode without having to switch anything. It has both front and rear slide serrations, reversible magazine release buttons plus the magwell is also cut for right-hand shooters.

Sig P365XL Standard Grip

Sig Sauer P365XL Slide Stop

The Sig Sauer P365 XL uses a standard slide stop on the left side of the gun. It’s easy to reach and is smooth when operating the slide stop on the firearm. If you don’t like that standard slide stop, then there are some aftermarket ones out there made for this gun. The Sig Sauer P365XL slide stop is also designed with a small cutout on its right side so you can use it as a slide release. This is a great feature for those who have weak hands and have issues locking back the slides on their guns.

Sig P365XL Slide Stop

Sig Sauer P365XL Frame

The Sig Sauer P365 XL frame is made from polymer with an aluminum insert where the serial number plate has been affixed to the gun. The Sig Sauer name and logo is molded into the polymer grip. The P365XL frame has a black finish that matches the slide and barrel color of the firearm. Both front and rear serrations run vertically down the barrel to ease racking its slide against your hands if needed. There is also a stylized “S” molded into the grip, which is a nice touch.

Overall Ergonomics

The grip of the gun is big enough to fill up your palm without you having to hold it tightly. The backstrap also helps with that and makes the firearm fit in your hand perfectly while preventing any slippage. The slide stop is easy to reach while the trigger pull is smooth on this gun which is a great improvement over some other Sig P series handguns. The P365XL also has better texturing on the grip so it’s not too aggressive even if you shoot with sweaty hands.


The trigger on the Sig P365XL is a flat trigger with a slight hook at the bottom. The edges and sides of the trigger are very well rounded with no sharp edges. There is also no drop safety on the trigger itself, but the trigger shoe is extremely light and that is what Sig is counting on to keep the firearm drop safe. The trigger pull is about 5.5 to 6 lbs which is pretty light for a subcompact pistol. When you release the trigger, it’s just as smooth as the pull.


The reset on this firearm is nonexistent and that’s how it should be on a concealed carry or duty gun. The take-up on the trigger is great. The wall before you get to the actual break in the firearm’s trigger is almost meaningless and easily overcome when shooting. Once you get past that part, there’s some movement before the shot where it feels like you’re breaking an extremely light glass rod.

Sig P365XL Trigger


This model of the Sig P365XL comes with three different size back straps to fit your hand better. There are also two take-down levers on this handgun since it’s not a popular one yet in the market. One for right-handed shooters and another one for lefties which is located inside the magazine slots. The slide does have a rear safety for the Sig P365XL. The levers on both sides of the slide are raised so you can get your fingers in there to flick off/on the safety easily.


It also has a thumb safety that runs on the right side of the gun and is easy to activate when you’re in a shooting stance. The shooter has two options when it comes to clearing jams or other malfunctions on this pistol. You have the option to either pull the slide back slightly or you can just pop out the magazine, remove the round that’s causing the malfunction and then reinsert the magazine.

Aesthetics Sig P365XL

Overall, the aesthetics on the Sig P365XL like most guns are fairly marginal. The frame and the rear portion of the slide actually look quite good. It looks like a scaled-down variant that is much thinner than the Sig p320. Where the Sig 365XL starts looking a little bit odd is the extended slide portion of the gun. It just looks slightly long for the length of the grip. If the length of the grip were maybe 3/8 of an inch longer, the gun would appear more balanced. That said, looks only play so much of a role and shooting is where the gun really comes into its own. My favorite feature about this firearm is how little it weighs for its size. It’s incredibly small for a 10+1 gun yet it only weighs 17 ounces. That is extremely light and makes it very concealable.

Sig P365XL Aesthetics

Shooting Sig P365XL Review

Shooting the Sig P365XL is not quite what you’d expect. If you’ve shot the Glock 43x, the Sig P365, and the Glock 19. You’re probably expecting the Sig P365XL to be an extremely soft shooter when in fact it shoots very similar to a much smaller Sig p365. The differences are in the grip, the recoil control, and how it feels firing off shots. The Sig P365XL has a similar ergonomic feel to most Glocks or another brand of polymer-framed handguns. The grip isn’t nearly as comfortable at par with something like the Walther PPQ/PPX lines even.


It’s not uncomfortable to shoot but it doesn’t feel like holding on to anything particularly special. The recoil control is very good but the grip on this gun can seem a bit slippery at times. I recommend using some kind of grip tape or something of that nature if you plan on shooting this gun very extensively. The texturing on the grip is very good. It’s not the most aggressive or comfortable in terms of feel but when you shoot it, it absorbs a lot of that recoil and doesn’t end up transferring to your hands at all.

Advantages of Sig P365XL


This is a very light firearm despite being so small for a ten-round magazine capacity. It’s only 17 ounces fully loaded with 15 rounds within the gun. That’s incredible and makes this easily concealable even from people who have carried 8+ ounce firearms around before.


This model of the Sig P365XL pistol is shorter than the p365 model. It’s thicker for sure but it feels much more concealable and easier to manage with your hands.


 This gun has a very nice trigger as far as striker-fired pistols go. The reset isn’t too long or short, it feels good coming back from the breaking point and you don’t have to press it too hard for the gun to fire.

Disadvantages of Sig P365XL

Slippery Grip

The grip tape and texture on this pistol are nice but still not quite up there with something like the Walther PPQ or PPX lines that I carry. It can feel very slippery if your hands are wet, sweaty, or when you’re wearing gloves.


This gun is over $100 more than the base model of the Sig P365, making it much pricier for what you get in my opinion

Magazine Capacity

At 10 rounds in standard magazine capacity, this gun doesn’t offer that much firepower especially if you want to carry around spare magazines on the side. For the price, it would be nice if Sig offered 15 round magazines for this firearm instead of 10 round ones.


This gun is only 17 ounces loaded which is very low but it lacks any kind of accessory rail or other features that I would like on a gun with such lightweight.


The standard base model of the Sig P365 comes with 2 magazines in the box when you purchase it.

The dimensions are pretty much identical. The Sig P365XL is only .60 inches longer than the standard frame which makes it a bit easier to manage when you’re carrying it around.

Yes, the Sig P365XL has a thumb safety on the right side of the gun just like other Sig Sauer firearms. It can easily be disengaged while shooting or when you’re holstering your weapon.

The biggest differences are in the grip texture and material. The p365XL has a more slippery grip that you might want to put a piece of grip tape on. It’s longer in height and thinner in width for a slightly easier time concealing it as a gun.


The Sig P365XL is a great gun that offers excellent quality control, lightweight design, and comfortability when you’re carrying it around. It’s very concealable and can be concealed easily even if you’re wearing heavy clothing. I recommend this firearm to anyone looking for a reliable gun that doesn’t cost much money yet can be depended on in a self-defensive situation. Hope so, this Sig P365XL review can help you make up your mind. Thank you for reading my article.

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