Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

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Sig Sauer is known around the world for their high-quality firearms, most notably their handguns. They also happen to make some of the highest-performing concealed carry guns on the market today. Their pocket pistols are lightweight with limited features and aiming aids to meet a specific price point for consumers who want Sig quality at an affordable price. In this article, we will do a detailed analysis of their two models Sig P365 vs P365 XL. 

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Introduction to Sig P365

The new Sig P365 was released in 2018. It has many features that make it stand out from the crowd. It is lightweight at 12.3 ounces with dimensions of 5.8″ x 4.1″ x 1″. Despite its compact size, it still holds ten rounds in each magazine (2 included with purchase), which is standard for 9mm pistols in this category. The grip angle is comfortable for many shooters while also being very concealable thanks to its small size & low weight – it feels like an extension of your body rather than a cumbersome firearm. It has an ambidextrous magazine release and a reversible(left/right) slide stop for right and left-handed shooters. Finally, its striker fire system means no external safety, meaning you can quickly draw & shoot if need be.

Introduction to P365 XL

P365 XL is an updated model of P365 that was released in June 2019. The XL model has most of the same features as P365 but with some bonuses such as an accessory rail, better sights, and a threaded barrel already attached.

Features Unique to Sig Sauer P365 XL

There are additional features that are present in the SigSig P365 XL version, like:
-Accessory rail for lights & lasers
-Improved sights
-Manual ambidextrous slide stop.

Differences Between Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

The P365 and P365 XL are not just a new size to the Sig 365 family; they also differ significantly. Let’s take a look at how this new gun differs from its smaller sibling.

Accessory Rails

The P365XL has an accessory rail for lights or laser sights. The original Sig 365 is not compatible with aftermarket lights or lasers.

Night Sights

The Walther Pro-Spec 2 tritium night sights are standard on the P365XL but optional on the Sig P365. Both come with black polymer factory grips.


A threaded barrel and extended magazine release catch come standard on the P365XL, while it’s an option on the smaller version.

External Safety

The P365XL does not have an external safety like its sibling. Its user must rely on a double-action trigger, grip safety and firing pin block for safe carry.

SigLite Night Sights

The P365XL features SigLite night sights with a bright orange/green front sight ring that is easier to see than the original black polymer factory sights on the previous model.

Magazine Release Catch

The magazine release catch’s button is more prominent than on the original 365 guns, so it’s more easily manipulated by shooters who wear gloves. The increased size gives the user more leverage and easier access. It’s reversible for left-handed shooters. The extended catch also allows the shooter to use it with a deeper base pad while wearing gloves to fire it while wearing mittens in freezing weather. The original P365 model has a standard-sized catch.

Similarities of Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

Steel Slides

They both have alloy steel slides with a Nitromet finish that is corrosion resistant and matching polymer frames that are durable & lightweight. They come standard with extended capacity magazines.

Grip Angle

Both guns have the exact grip angle for increased handling capabilities. The grip size is adjustable by adding or subtracting interchangeable backstraps of different sizes. Likewise, each weapon has an integral Picatinny rail under the barrel to attach lights or lasers if desired.


They both accept existing 365 accessories like mag carriers, holsters & ammo pouches.

Night Sights

They both have standard SigLite night sights, low profile slide catch levers and front cocking serrations.

Trigger Pull

The same trigger pull of 6 lbs is used on both guns with a reasonably short .24 in of travel before the breakpoint, which is supposed to minimize muzzle flip while increasing shooter accuracy.

Trigger Press

Both guns have a crisp single-action trigger press. There is a tactile and audible short reset for follow-up shots with minimal re-aiming required if firing rapidly on multiple targets.

Grip Frames

With their double cores, the grip frames successfully hide the FCU from prying eyes and protect it from external blows that can cause malfunctions or damage during daily carry.


According to Sig Sauer, the P365XL comes with one standard “factory” 6-round magazine that holds six rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition in 2 columns of 3 rounds each.


Both guns shoot 9mm Luger ammunition, and both use a serialized sub-frame that holds the fire control unit (FCU). However, they have ten rounds in each magazine (2 included with purchase) instead of the usual 12 rounds because of their respective sizes.

Features of Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

Let’s discuss the Sig P365 vs. P365 XL features and differences in detail:

Size and Weight Differences

The two guns are pretty close to the same size, with just a few decimals of difference in length, height and weight. The XL model is slightly heavier than the standard 365 due to its steel guide rod, but even so, you are looking at differences of only 1 – 2 ounces. This increased weight may help reduce felt recoil and improve follow-up shots because more mass moves during the slide stroke. If you plan to use some attachments or holsters, there may be a few minor considerations since the rail is extended 1 millimeter further forward on the XL model.

Size Difference of Sig P365 Vs P365 XL


The biggest drawback with these guns is going to be caliber conversions. You cannot convert a .357 Sig gun to shoot 9mm or vice versa. But more importantly, for most buyers of this gun, you can only buy a 365 in your favorite caliber from the start. If you want to upgrade calibers, there are no conversion kits available yet for either model 365 pistol, making the choices much more limiting if you ever decide to change your mind about what gun goes with what ammo down the road. Let’s take a look at how this impacts potential buyers.


Both P365 models feature an incredibly smooth and consistent trigger pull. The actual weight of the pull doesn’t change between models. In other words, both guns have great triggers, but the XL model’s reset might be even shorter than the regular-sized gun.

Triggers of Sig P365 Vs P365 XL


Both the standard and ‘XL’ models of the Sig P365 offer outstanding ergonomics for their size. The grip angle is nearly identical to a Glock 26, but its slightly shorter barrel & slide make it an inch shorter in height when compared to this popular subcompact pistol. 

Ergonomics of Sig P365

It also gives the gun a perfect balance, which you can feel when running drills or transitioning from target to target.

Ergonomics of Sig P365 XL

Light Triggers

The trigger on both guns is fantastic. They are crisp with zero over-travel, light enough at 6lbs (+/-), and exceptionally smooth with no stacking throughout their entire length. The reset is equally impressive – especially considering that no safety/de-cocker lever needs to be manipulated before striking the again after firing your initial shot. It is a huge selling feature.

Magazine Differences

Both models use identical magazines and hold ten rounds each (as per US law). However, the ‘XL’ model will be shipped with two flush-fit mags, while the standard 365 comes with one flat base plate + 1 pinky rest extension plate. The additional mag gives you some extra firepower right out of the box and may also help extend your range time since it gives you more opportunities to run drills and get comfortable before feeling like you need to reload. Also, keep in mind that both models will use the same magazines, so it’s possible that if you find a 12-round magazine for your P365 from X-Grip, they will fit in the 365 XL as well.

Magazine Difference of Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

Reliability & Durability

Both pistols feature the same state-of-the-art materials, coating, and design. The big difference between the two models has Drop safety when loaded. It means that if you drop either gun with a round in the chamber, it should not go off because of Sig’s enhanced extractor for this model. Again, both guns are rated for +P ammo, which further improves its longevity compared to other firearms on the market today. If there were one minor concern about these guns, it would be replacement slides. At present, there is no indication that Sig will offer factory replacement slides yet. It will not impact the vast majority of shooters, but it is worth noting that if you ever need a new slide for any reason, it may be hard to find.


There are a few significant differences when comparing the standard size 365 to its ‘XL’ brother. The new model will get you 7+1 rounds of .365 SIG in the flush-fit magazine and then one more round for a total capacity of 8+1. The smaller gun comes with a 6 round standard-sized mag, but it is also compatible with Sig’s extended, 12 round mags for their full-sized 365 pistols.

Material Changes – Sig P365 Vs P365 XL

There are also some minor changes in materials on these guns that are worth mentioning. The ‘XL’ has a steel guide rod instead of aluminum, but the slide is made from anodized aluminum instead of stainless steel or carbon steel like the regular 365 models. This change should make the ‘XL’ slightly more corrosion resistant than its little brother, but it will still show wear quickly if you ever decide to take it out into saltwater or harsh environments consistently. The rest of the materials on both guns are identical, including the top-quality Sig Sauer sights and trigger components. Both guns use the same polymer frame material with stainless steel magazines.

Price Differences

As far as price goes, there’s not much difference between these two models. You’ll pay about $20 extra dollars for the ‘XL’ version, which may be worthwhile based on specific features like magazine capacity or length of pull/trigger travel differences. There is also an increased MSRP associated with buying in a popular caliber from day one since you can’t change it later.


Both guns use Sig Sauer’s excellent XRay3 day/night sights as standard equipment. This co-witness with the iron sights on most other handguns allows you to quickly acquire a sight picture through even heavy clothing thanks to tritium inserts front and back. These sights are incredible, but it would be nice if the ‘XL’ model did not sacrifice adjustable rear sight height to accomplish its longer barrel length. You can get taller sights for your standard P365. Still, this feature is unfortunately only available as a factory-installed option on the ‘XL.’ The good news, however, is that Sig Sauer offers these taller (tighter) tritium night sights free of charge when you send in your gun for service.


Holster options that fit both models well might work similarly for both sizes, but you may have a slight overhang if you use a holster designed for the standard 365. For example, a nylon IWB holster works excellent for both guns, but if it does not have a cant built-in to compensate for the long slide on the X-Carry, then you will have an increased chance of sliding off or dragging that edge under your shirt.

Best Holster for P365 Vs P365 XL

For Sig 365, we recommend Looper Brand Concealed Carry Holsters and DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster. The best OWB holster has to be Galco Stinger Belt, OWB Gun Holster, and Galco KingTuk IWB Gun Holster.

Looper Brand Concealed Carry Holsters for P365 and P365 XL

Looper Brand is famous for its relatively inexpensive but still very high-quality line of holsters. The Looper Brand Concealed Carry Holster explicitly designed for the Sig P365 (and also works well for the 365 XL) has a small red tab on the bottom of the holster, preventing the magazine release from being pressed while it’s inside your waistband. It can either sit on top of your belt or inside it, whichever way is more comfortable to you as long as it is secure, so there’s no chance of your gun falling out. You can expect excellent retention and an easy draw using this holster.


The leather is extra soft and molded to your specific gun. It creates a secure and snug fit, and it won’t move around in the holster like other models do, where you might end up with a printing issue. You can wear it either on the belt or inside of it. Custom design for P365 means that there’s no chance of accidental mag release when inserted into the holster. The rear sight does not get in the way during the draw or re-holstering like many other holsters. It comes with both belt loops and paddle platform options, so you can choose which one works best for you.

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The Sig P365 and the new Sig P365 ‘XL’ are outstanding firearms that should live up to their already solid reputation for quality and reliability. Both guns have Nitromet slide coating, which is corrosion resistant polymer frame, grip size adjustable by adding or subtracting interchangeable backstraps. It has an integral Picatinny rail under the barrel for attaching light/laser, SigLite night sights w/ front cocking serrations. Either model is going to be fantastic for anyone looking for a small, lightweight carry gun that holds 10+1 rounds of whatever caliber you choose.