Sig Sauer P365 VS Springfield Hellcat

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Sig P365



Sig Sauer P365 VS Springfield Hellcat

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Sig P365 vs Hellcat comparison is currently one of the most popular topics on the web, and Sig Sauer fans are very excited about it. Sig Sauer is a well-known company, and its products are very popular among US citizens because of their durability and reliability. Hellcat is also a popular firearm. In general, they are both good guns that will serve their purpose well in the hands of experienced shooters or beginners. But, the gun buyers must know which one to choose between the two products in order not to waste money.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the characteristics of both guns and leave it up to you whether to choose Sig P365 or Hellcat. You will also find some interesting facts about both weapons in this blog post, and you can read and compare them to make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

Features and Specifications - Sig P365 VS Hellcat

Grip and Textures

Both Sig P365 and Hellcat have durable polymer frames. Besides that, the grips of both guns provide a good grip in all weather conditions due to their textured surfaces. Sig Sauer’s P320 is an award-winning pistol with several unique features such as – extended stainless steel slide serrations for better grip and slide manipulation, an optional manual safety lock for peace of mind, and integrated trigger safety. The grip can be customized with interchangeable backstraps to provide a better fit in different hands. Most Sig P365 users say that they found the gun comfortable after only a few rounds fired during their training session or practice at home without any additional modifications.

Grip And Texture Of Sig P365

Hellcat’s grip has a more aggressive texture, but it isn’t as comfortable as Sig P365’s one. But the gun feels better in hand than most guns of this size due to Hellcat’s ergonomic design and proper weight distribution. The grip has a beavertail style with a rear cut-out that makes for an extremely comfortable and secure grip. The texturing on the Hellcat, on the other hand, reaches to that separation between the magazine release and the top of the slide. This is the major difference between Sig P365 vs Hellcat. Sig Sauer’s model is slightly more comfortable, but if you like aggressive texturing on the grip of your gun then go for Hellcat. Otherwise, Sig P365 will be a better choice due to its smooth feeling in hand and finger cut-outs that make it easy to reach the trigger.

Grip And Texture Of Hellcat


Both guns have standard striker fire triggers, but Sig P365’s trigger is smoother than Hellcat’s one due to its unique design as it saves the weight of the gun by using aluminum as opposed to steel. The trigger is about shorter than standard, which makes it more comfortable to use for shooters with smaller hands and those who like having their finger closer to the barrel when they shoot. Sig Sauer’s P365 has a very short takeoff distance that matches or even beats most striker fired pistols on the market. The trigger weight of Sig P365 is lighter than most other striker-fired triggers, which makes it more comfortable to shoot for longer periods without getting fatigued.

Trigger Of Sig P365

Hellcat also has a short trigger pull of about which is good for protection against accidental discharges while carrying the gun in your holster or pocket when you need to draw it quickly. Hellcat has a standard type pull that doesn’t have any unique characteristics except its smoothness and short travel distance. The pull weight of Hellcat is around the same as most other guns on this market.

Trigger Of Hellcat


Sig P365 has a standard grip safety that won’t allow the trigger to be pulled if it’s not properly gripped by your hand – so, there is no need for any manual safeties. As for the Hellcat, it doesn’t have grip safety. Sig P365 has no manual safeties of any kind because the gun is designed with enhanced trigger pull weight and shorter takeoff distance to prevent accidental discharges when dropped or bumped against an object. Sig Sauer also offers optional external thumb safeties that easily attach to your gun (if you don’t like the idea of having no manual safeties).


Hellcat has a passive firing pin lock, but nothing else in terms of safety features. It doesn’t have any kind of grip or trigger safeties that prevent accidental discharges when dropped or bumped against an object. The good news is that Hellcat comes with trigger safety.

Magazine Capacity

Sig P365 has an impressive capacity of 10+1, 12+1 or 15+1 rounds, which is the highest on this market. Sig Sauer’s P365 has a standard 15-round capacity and only weighs about 18.1 ounces unloaded (this is due to the use of aluminum in its construction). This makes it one of the lightest .380 pistols on this market, which increases your comfort when carrying it for longer periods. Hellcat only holds 11, 13 rounds, which are not enough for most people who want to carry it as their primary concealed carry gun.

Magazine Capacity Of Sig P365 vs Hellcat


Sig P365’s front sight bright green ring makes aiming much easier and faster in various lighting conditions, as well as in complete darkness. The rear sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation. Hellcat’s front sight has a bright yellow ring that makes it easier to see in various lighting conditions, as well as during dark nights. Both sights are snag free due to their rounded edges so you can holster your gun easily without any problems or worries. In my opinion, the bright yellow Sight is much brighter and easier to see than Sig Sauer’s green ring sight.

Sights Of Sig P365 vs Hellcat


Sig P365’s slide is made from stainless steel and has a Nitron finish that makes it very durable, so you won’t need to worry about scratches or dings. Hellcat does not have any kind of special finishes on its body because the company opted for anodized alloy construction instead.

Slide Of Sig P365 vs Hellcat


Sig Sauer P365 is an extremely reliable gun that has a great track record of performance. The gun comes with different features to guarantee your safety while carrying it, so you don’t have to worry about accidental discharges when dropping the pistol or bumping against some objects. Hellcat doesn’t have any special features as compared to Sig P365 to make it more reliable, but the gun is extremely simple to operate and maintain.


Sig P365 has a standard price on this market at around $500. Hellcat costs much more than P365, and you can get it for about $569. Sig Sauer is known to make high-quality pistols at affordable prices. The acquisition price of Hellcat isn’t low by any standards, but the company has a great reputation in terms of quality and reliability. This gun is an excellent value for the money, so you won’t be disappointed with it in any way.


Sig P365 can handle a variety of conditions because it’s made from stainless steel and has an aluminum frame. It comes with an unmatched variety of features and functionality for concealed carry, and it’s designed for ease of use. The gun has a great trigger, reliable accuracy, and user-friendly design. The gun also features corrosion resistance, so you don’t have to worry about rust or other forms of damage that lower durability.


Hellcat only comes with an anodized alloy body that isn’t very durable in terms of the materials it uses. Hellcat is an affordable pistol that will do its job if you need to defend yourself or your loved ones from potential threats. This gun cannot handle harsh conditions because of its simpler construction, but it will work well when used under normal circumstances.


Sig P365’s frame has a great design with ergonomic angles and textured grips that make it comfortable to hold. The slide is made from stainless steel, while the body features hard-coat anodized alloy construction. Hellcat comes only in black color with a simple design. The gun’s slide is made from alloy, while the body has an anodized finish.


Sig Sauer makes some of the highest-quality pistols on this market, and their products are known for durability and reliability. The company has a great reputation in terms of performance, and P365 is the perfect example of why this gun maker stands out from its competitors. The Hellcat gun is also reliable, but it doesn’t have any special features to make it more versatile or durable.

Aftermarket Accessories - Sig P365 VS Hellcat

Here are some of the accessories available for both of these guns.


Sig P365 has a threaded barrel, and this means that you can attach a suppressor if desired. The gun is designed for use with custom accessories, so there are plenty of holsters available on the market (this ensures that you’ll be able to find an ideal holster option). There are also plenty of holsters available for hellcat, but you’ll have to do some research if that’s the gun you want.


Sig Sauer P365 comes with two standard magazines, and they have an extended version as well. Hellcat’s magazine has a capacity of six rounds only on each side, which makes it very compact for concealed carry use.


Sig P365 has a standard set of iron sights, but there are also optional rear night sight options that will work well for low-light conditions. Hellcat’s sights are great but you can also purchase aftermarket sights for this gun.


There are lasers available for both of these pistols. Sig P365 has an integrated laser light that you can use for target practice, self-defense scenarios, or tactical purposes. Hellcat also have a laser option, but it’s possible to attach one aftermarket for this gun.

Magazine Loader

Sig P365 doesn’t require a specific magazine loader to load the gun, but you can use an aftermarket model if desired. Hellcat’s factory mag has a decent capacity of 15 rounds, but the loader will help you reload this gun in less time.

Cleaning Kit

Sig Sauer makes some great cleaning kits for their guns, and you can use these kits to keep your pistol in good condition. Hellcat also has some great cleaning kits, but you’ll have to check the gun’s manual for specific instructions.


You can use an aftermarket loader for this gun to save time when reloading the pistol mags. This will help you improve your speed on target or during tactical situations . It’s also possible to load these magazines without any special accessories.

Yes, you can use an aftermarket sight if desired. However, the gun has a standard set of iron sights that offer quick target acquisition.

Hellcat has a standard capacity of 15+ rounds. You won’t have any problems finding additional magazines on the market, which means that you’ll be able to increase your ammo options.

There are many holster options available on the market, and it depends on your specific needs. You can use a standard leather or nylon model with this gun.

Sig P365 offers a lot of features that make it one of the best-concealed carry pistols on this market. This gun is comfortable to hold, ergonomic, reliable, and accurate. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use firearm with plenty of great features , then Sig P365 is the perfect choice for you.


Sig Sauer’s P365 is a good option for concealed carry, but hellcats aren’t far behind. Both guns offer reliable performance and ergonomic designs that will help you select them with ease. This comparison should help you decide if Sig Sauer’s gun or hellcats are better for your specific needs. Thanks for reading our blog post today! We hope you found this article helpful in choosing your next Sig Sauer P365 vs Hellcat model. Please let us know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more content.

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