Sig P365 Vs Glock 43

Sig p365 vs Glock 43 is a comparison of two pistols that are very popular among gun owners. To decide which one to get requires looking at each pistol and comparing their features, not just for personal preferences but also by evaluating what’s more important in a pistol: size or performance? Which one has the best trigger pull, recoil, and accuracy? In this blog post, we will compare both pistols in terms of performance, size, price, and effectiveness.

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It’s not easy to choose between Sig P365 and Glock 43, so we will give it our best shot – by comparing the two handguns in a variety of important categories. Both pistols are similar and excellent options for concealed carry, so hopefully, this review of Sig P365 and Glock 43 will help you to pick the best gun for your needs.

Features and Specifications - Sig P365 Vs Glock 43


Sig has a different grip than the Glock, which allows the user to better find their natural hand placement. Sig grip also has interchangeable backstraps that offer multiple hand sizes. The primary difference in how the grip feels is that Sig offers a higher grip. The trigger guard also offers more space for people with larger hands. Glock design has finger grooves, which make it easier to hold onto the pistol without having to worry about slide bites. Both of these guns are made from polymer,

Both guns are made from polymer, which makes them light. The difference in the grip features allowed for these pistols to be properly sized for people with different hand sizes. The polymer has a lower weight than metal, but it may be more difficult to grip. It also might mean that the gun is easier to conceal.

Grip Of Sig P365 vs Glock 43

Magazine Capacity

The Glock 43 comes with two magazines of 6 + 1 rounds each. The Sig P365 has one magazine of 10+1, 12+1, or 15+1 rounds. More capacity would be nice, but the high price might not be worth it to get more rounds in the magazine. With this low amount of rounds in a magazine, if you are faced with multiple attackers, reloading might be required.

The Sig P365 has a higher magazine capacity, which is a typical configuration for modern pistols. If possible, carrying an extra magazine or two can be very helpful when faced with multiple attackers. The Glock 43 has a lower capacity, but it makes up for this with higher reliability.

Magazine Capacity of Sig P365 vs Glock 43


The Glock 43 sight is Polymer Day Sights XRAY3 Day/Night. It is made of polymer, which makes it lightweight. This type of material also makes it more resistant to scratches and abrasions – making the sights both durable and accurate. The pistol’s low profile type of sights are designed with a triangle-shaped rear notch, which should be easier to see in poor lighting conditions. The size of the rear sight should not interfere with any type of clothing or equipment worn by the shooter, even when they are wearing body armor.

The Sig P365 uses standard 3-dot fixed sights that have a green tritium dot on top for night shooting purposes. They also have a traditional white dot in the middle for daylight shooting purposes. The front sight is painted with fluorescent green paint – making it easier to see in poor lighting conditions.

The sights on the Sig are green, which makes them easy to spot in most situations. The downside of using this color for your sights is that it may not be very useful when sighting naturally in daylight situations. If you’ve ever spotted a green laser pointer, you know that it can be easily seen. The same thing happens with green sights – the color stands out and is easier to spot. It does not blend in with a natural background of colors or objects, which could result in missed target opportunities.

Sights of Sig P365 vs Glock 43

Trigger Pull

Trigger pulls on both pistols are very similar – no creep or overtravel on either pistol, but the reset point is shorter on Sig. The reset point is important for follow-up shots and being able to shoot the pistol effectively.

Trigger Pull of Glock 43

Both triggers also have a safety mechanism in case the trigger is pulled while it’s against something. Both trigger pulls are Striker-fired, which means that the hammer of the pistol is cocked when the gun is fired. This type of mechanism can allow for faster follow-up shots with less effort.

Trigger Pull of Sig Sauer P365


Sig is shorter in length and height than Glock 43. The difference in size might not be important to some people, but for people who carry their pistol with them every day, it certainly can make a difference in how easy it is to conceal or carry the pistol around. Glock 43 holds 6+1 rounds in 9mm, while Sig P365 can hold 10+1, 12+1, or 15+1 in 9mm. The difference is very small, but the number of extra rounds might be enough to save someone’s life.

Size of Sig P365 vs Glock 43

Concealability Difference

The Sig P365 is smaller than Glock 43, which makes it easier to conceal. The magazine does stick out of the bottom of the grip, but you can always purchase a mag well for people who want to carry extra magazines. One last thing about carrying extra magazines – you never know when they might come in handy while surviving in the wild.

Glock 43

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Glock 43.

Magazine Release

The Sig P365 comes with 2 mags – a 10+1 and 12+1 magazine. The Glock 43 only comes with one standard magazine, with the option to purchase another one. This might be an issue for shooters who are looking to conceal their pistol as much as possible. If you need to carry extra magazines, you’ll need to purchase them separately. The good news is that Glock 43 magazines also fit into the Sig P365.

The magazine release buttons are different in both pistols, which can make it difficult for shooters to use whichever pistol they’re not used to using. Most people would be more comfortable getting used to one pistol than having to relearn how to use a different model. The one benefit of Glock 43’s magazine release is that you can use your trigger finger to drop the magazine – this helps keep your fingers away from the muzzle while changing out magazines.

Magazine Release Of Sig P365 Vs Glock 43

Reliability Difference

There are some major differences in reliability between both pistols. Sig P365 magazine issues caused many problems for shooters in the beginning stages of production, which has since been resolved with a few simple changes to the magazine. There was also an issue in the past about the safety mechanism when putting a loaded magazine into the gun (and when chambering rounds) – but Sig has solved it by making the safety stick out more.

Glocks are known to shoot every time, every single time you pull the trigger, but there have been some issues with older models where parts may break down over time. It depends on which model – while some of them will work fine for life, others can’t handle thousands of rounds or heavy daily use.

Durability Difference

Both are made of polymer, but Glock 43 has a more matte finish to the frame – which might make it easier for gun owners to grip onto. The Sig P365 looks more sleek and futuristic, with sharp edges along the bottom of the pistol. There have been many reports that the Sig P365 can handle more recoil, which might be better for people who are looking to practice shooting the pistol at an indoor range or indoor gun range.

Glocks have been tested by many different police agencies all over the world – but there haven’t been any reports of Sig pistols being used in law enforcement. While it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker for some people, those who are looking to use this pistol as a work tool might want to consider different options.


Sig P365 looks more futuristic, with a sleek design and sharp edges along the bottom of the grip. Glock 43 mainly has straight lines and is made with matte black plastic. People who like the clean, sleek look of the P365 will probably be drawn to it more than Glock 43.

Aesthetics Of Sig P365 vs Glock 43

Shooting Difference

This is completely up to the shooter, which is why both pistols are so popular. We’ve already mentioned that some people don’t mind having to get used to one gun over another – it just depends on your body type and preferences.

One thing many Sig P365 fans love about this pistol is the fact that you can shoot .380 ACP and 9mm rounds within the same mag. When you’re in a pinch and need to swap out magazines, this is a convenient feature. Some people don’t like the fact that Sig P365 has a sharp edge along the bottom of the grip – it can lead to discomfort in people with smaller hands (children, women) or even in larger hands if you’re shooting for a long period. While the bottom edge didn’t bother me too much, it does bother some people who use this pistol daily. The Glock 43 doesn’t have the same problem with sharp edges – which might be something to think about if you’ve had issues using other pistols in the past because of the grip.

The trigger pull on both pistols is relatively short and crisp, but there’s also not very much travel distance to it – which can be a problem for inexperienced shooters. Both companies have worked to make their triggers smoother and easier to use over time (Sig used an aggressive texture in earlier models, while Glock changed around some parts inside to make the trigger easier to pull). It’s worth it to try out each gun or rent them before buying either one – since they both shoot very differently from each other.

The Sig P365 is much flatter than the Glock 43, which makes it easier for shooters to conceal carry with an under-the-clothes holster. Glocks are known to be bulky and might not work for those who like to wear tighter clothing or those who need to wear a suit as part of their job.

However, the Glock 43 is much lighter (almost 10 ounces), which makes it easier for shooters with arthritis or other ailments that make heavier guns difficult to hold onto.


Neither pistol has a manual safety to use, which is both good and bad. Some people like the fact that there aren’t extra parts on the gun that may break over time, but others like having an external safety in case they need to fall back onto it quickly. The Sig P365 uses a decocking feature (which can be turned off), while the Glock 43 uses an internal safety. Both are equally effective, but they are on completely different sides of the gun – which can make shooters confused when using for the first time or in a stressful situation.

This is just my opinion, but I think it’s safer for beginners to use guns that have external safeties – especially because the Sig P365 has a decocking option. If you plan on using it for self-defense, having external safety gives you extra time to think about your reaction if something goes wrong.

Aftermarket Accessories - Sig P365 Vs Glock 43

Both pistols can certainly support aftermarket accessories, but those who like to customize the look and feel of their gun will definitely prefer Glock 43 over Sig P365. The Glock 43 is easy to slide in an Undercover Basic IWB Kydex Holster (or any holster for that matter), as well as a variety of laser modifications and aftermarket grips.

The Sig P365 is a bit more difficult for people who want to make customizations, including holsters and different laser modifications. It’s possible to find both options, but you’re not going to have as much luck as you will with Glock 43.


In general, Sig P365 has more holster options available. That’s usually the case for most pistols on the market today – there are always going to be more holsters available for popular firearms. Glock 43 is pretty easy to slide in a Blackhawk Inside The Pants Holster (or any other hard-shell conceal carry option), but some people might prefer the way Sig’s gun sits in their holster.


Glock 43 has three-dot sights, with different tritium dot options available for different light settings. The Sig P365 does have a white outline around the sights – but it’s not as easy to see or utilize in certain lighting conditions.

Users can certainly buy aftermarket sights for both guns, but most people are satisfied with the way the guns come out of the box.

Magazine Loader

Glock 43 has a magazine loader available for purchase, which makes it much easier to get the cartridges inside the gun. Sig P365 does have a tool that helps to load the pistol, but it’s not sold separately and must be purchased with the gun.

About Hogue Grips

Both guns can certainly support aftermarket grips, and most people think they’re important for concealed carry in general (it’ll make the gun easier to hold onto in hot weather or when your hands are sweaty). However, Sig P365 is compatible with all kinds of Hogue grips, while Glock 43 is only compatible with Hogue’s “Double Diamond” rubber grips.

Extended Magazine

Glock 43 has an extended magazine available for purchase (for more cartridges), which makes it easier to shoot rounds in rapid succession. However, Sig P365 does have a 10+1 or 10+2 “magazine” extension available – although it’s not an extension at all.

Sig P365

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Sig P365.


Glock 43 has an external trigger safety, which means that you have to take your finger off of the trigger before you can do anything else with the gun. That means that it takes longer for users to draw and fire rounds compared to Sig P365. However, Sig P365 has a frame-mounted thumb safety, which means that you have to move your hands before the trigger will function.

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Both guns are incredibly reliable, especially if they’re kept clean and maintained properly. There isn’t a clear winner here – but we’d err on the side of reliability when deciding between the two handguns.

Glock 43 will win this fight with an additional 6+1 cartridge capacity – but it’s worth noting that you have an option for 10+1 or 10+2 with the Sig P365.

It depends on your gun, but both guns are sold with a steel barrel. We feel that the Sig P365 has more potential for accuracy over distance, especially when you consider that you can also change out the barrel for something longer or shorter if desired. 

This is a big question for gun buyers and we can’t answer it. It’s important to try out both pistols in-person – including at the shooting range before making any decisions about which gun works best for your needs.


Glock 43 and Sig P365 are both great choices for concealed carry, but they have different features to consider when you’re looking at the competitors. Both options are reliable and accurate , but the Sig P365 might be easier to carry and conceal. This review will help you to find out more about Sig p365 vs glock 43. We hope this helps you to find the best concealed carry gun for your needs.

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