Sig P320 X5 Legion Review

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Sig P320 X5 Legion

Sig P320 X5 Legion Review

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It’s been a few years since Sig released the Legion Series to replace their older P226 and P229 firearms. The Legion Series was met with great fanfare from many different groups, from the Army Rangers to your average consumer looking for a reliable gun. In 2014 Sig Sauer took a chance and combined all those features into a single handgun: the Sig P320 X5. Here we will present to you Sig P320 X5 Legion review.

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For this review, we will be focusing on the full-sized variant of the series firing 9mm, an elite firearm that’s highly reliable, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing. Still, we will mention other models as they come up in conversation.

Features of Sig P320 X5 Legion Review

Sig Sauer markets this gun towards the ‘hardcore’ and ‘competition-focused market. If you are looking for a sidearm for home defense, look at other models like the Sig P320 X4 or one of its variants. If you want to practice taking out targets from close to medium range, this is worth considering. The P320 is a modular weapon system that allows users to change calibers, frame sizes, and even grip sizes without needing any tools or equipment to do so.

Weight and Length

The Sig Sauer P320 X5 is chambered in 9mm and utilizes 15 round magazines (comes with 2). It also has standard accessory rails that can accommodate most lights and lasers designed for pistols. The firearm’s overall length measures 7 inches, while the height is 5 inches with a width of 1 inch. Unloaded, it weighs 29 ounces (1.8 pounds).

Weight and Length of Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

Stainless Steel Alloy Frame

The firearm is made out of Sig Sauer’s high-grade stainless steel alloy that they call physical vapor deposition (PVD) treated to a stunning black color. If you take care of this firearm, it should last you a pretty long time. It holds up well under rigorous use and still looks new after 10,000 rounds. Rumors are floating around about Legion handguns having rust issues. However, we exposed them to various weather conditions, including seawater, for days at a time on training missions, and it functions flawlessly with no signs of corrosion whatsoever despite being exposed.

Stainless Steel Alloy Frame of Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion


One thing about the P320 series firearms that Sig Sauer has gotten widespread criticism for is their trigger systems. The trigger is not bad, but it could be better. They have a long takeup distance and can be gritty at times. Make sure to disassemble the firearm completely and apply liberal amounts of grease on each part to decrease the amount of friction and improve your shot accuracy.

Trigger of Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

Multiple Grip Sizes

You can purchase these firearms with three different grip sizes: small, medium, and large. The gun comes with a medium-sized grip pre-installed, so you will most likely want to replace that with either a small or large one. The grips all use a standard Sig P320 grip module that fits into the back section of the gun, allowing for easy replacement without any tools required. The firearm is already set up with the ability to change up your grips should you feel like it. When swapping out different grips, you will need a T8 Torx bit to complete the swap. The ergonomic grip on this firearm is excellent for quick target acquisition and easy to shoot with, even though it’s chambered in 9mm.

New and Improved Trigger Pull

Sig Sauer markets this gun as having a “NEW” lighter and more crisp trigger pull with an improved pretravel and overtravel. The most notable difference between this firearm and the older P226 is that there was less grit in the unique model’s trigger system, making it easier to use accurately. Another difference was minor changes such as slightly different markings on the slide, grip texture, front serrations, beavertail curve, and forward slide serrations.

Easy to Customize

This firearm is easy to shoot and allows for quite a bit of customization if you want to go that route. The X5 model of the gun is already pretty customizable. However, you can further customize it by changing out the grips and swapping them for ones that match your needs or just your taste.

Uses Different Calibers

Another great feature of this firearm is that it uses a few different calibers, including 9mm, .40 S&W & .357SIG. It makes it easier to find ammunition for this firearm if you switch between the three calibers frequently because there is less need to buy a completely new batch of ammo when switching from one caliber to another.

Multiple Slide Options

The gun comes with three different slide options: standard, tall suppressor height sights for those who use suppressors or short suppressor height sights for an even lower profile when using a suppressor. I went the route of using tall sights because I have not yet invested in any suppressors but just wanted to ensure that nothing did obstruct my front sight.

Weight Distribution

The Sig P320 X5 is very balanced in weight distribution, allowing me to maintain control throughout each shot fired. It also has a low bore axis, which I want a handgun because it provides quick recovery between shots and an improved sight radius.

Ergonomic Grip Modules

Another feature of this firearm is the X-series grip modules. The main difference with these grip modules compared to standard ones is that they have an extra piece of ergonomic texturing down by the trigger guard where your support hand will be gripping. This additional texture has been designed to make shooters shoot more accurately from the hip without bringing the firearm up into their line of vision to get a proper sight alignment on a target before taking a shot. It is crucial when you’re trying to shoot someone in self-defense because too many things can go wrong when bringing the firearm up into your line of sight.


By using this feature, you can be more confident in your shot placement without bringing the gun up to eye level. When trying to defend yourself, the last thing you want is the added time it takes for your firearm to come up into your line of sight before fully engaging on a target, making yourself an even larger prey in the process. X series grip modules also have four different options in terms of texture. This texturing allows for either increased or decreased amounts of gripping power, which is essential if you’re doing any activity where having a secure purchase on your handgun might become necessary.

Ergonomic Grip Module of Sig P320 X5 Legion


This gun is quite comfortable to use. Its grip modules are very comfortable and surprisingly very quiet with their rubber texture. It makes you wonder why every gun manufacturer doesn’t use a rubberized surface in their firearms. It’s effortless on the hands and prevents you from losing control of your firearm in adverse conditions, such as when it is raining or if your hands are sweaty.


In terms of performance, Sig P320 X5 Legion is unmatched by its competitors. You can test the stopping power of this handgun with both complete metal jacket rounds and hollow-point rounds. It is fascinating how easily they could penetrate and how smaller their wound channels were, resulting in less fragmentation. Hollowpoint rounds are generally considered superior for defensive purposes because they are designed to expand upon impact with soft tissue.

Ideal for Self Defence

This weapon had more than enough stopping power at least out to 50ft away, which is still shorter than most real-life encounters involving handguns even though it’s an extra 10 feet compared to what regular pistols do. You could rely on this pistol for self-defense with confidence.


The accuracy of this weapon is also very impressive, especially at long distances. The Legion had little trouble hitting targets at 25ft away while using its factory iron sights, even without using any sight picture because all you need to aim with these sights are just by lining up two dots. Anybody can do that, which makes this handgun suitable for self-defense for novices and experienced shooters alike. This accuracy did not degrade much at long distances either because it could still hit the target at about 75ft away while using Trijicon suppressor style tritium night sights, which are miniature iron sights within tritium night sights.

Accuracy of Sig P320 X5 Legion

Low Recoil

This weapon met all expectations. It’s incredibly accurate, reliable, ergonomic, lightweight. It has a very comfortable rubber grip which absorbs most of the recoil from firing this weapon, especially with those expensive hollow point rounds used in it.

Rubber Textured Grips

These grip modules are very comfortable and surprisingly very quiet with their rubber texture. It makes me wonder why every gun manufacturer doesn’t use a rubberized surface in their firearms. It’s effortless on the hands and prevents you from losing control of your firearm if it gets wet, or you’re in a humid environment. This tactile grip also came with two metal inserts that prevent the weapon from flexing while being fired, very handy for firing multiple shots consecutively because that results in increased pressure on the frame, which can cause the gun to flex if not for this minor design feature.

Switchable Grips

Another great thing about these grip modules is that they aren’t permanent. You have the option of switching them out anytime you want, so if you ever get tired of your Legion’s color scheme, then it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your firearm so that you can switch colors; all you need are some new grip modules and boom! You’ve got yourself an entirely different-looking gun.


The grip circumference, trigger reach, thickness, and every other aspect of this pistol are precisely like its larger counterpart except for one difference. And that is the size of the magazine well, which is slightly narrower than usual. You could use only fit 9mm magazines in this magazine instead of .40 or .357 SIG magazines. The firearm comes with two magazines, and one of them is a flat mag which allows for an even lower profile to carry a gun if needed. It’s a good idea to have at least three magazines because, during an extended firefight, you’re going to need plenty of ammo.

Magazine of Sig P320 X5 Legion


The X5 model does not come with any optic mounting options or even places to mount optics. There are three accessory rails, but none that would allow you to attach an optic to it. You can purchase a SIG Romeo5T red dot optic for the firearm. The X5 model does have a front slide serration or two, which are nice to have, in my opinion.

Sights of Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

Removable Grip Safety

One unique thing I find about the gun is the presence of a removable grip safety. That can lead to accidentally engaging and de-engaging the grip safety when manipulating a firearm for cleaning or maintenance.

Prove of Authenticity

There is a serial number on the slide of this Legion; it can be used as proof of authenticity if that information ever becomes essential. This frame also has a unique feature where the Sig Sauer logo and name are etched onto it so no one could ever claim their weapon by scratching off those words and writing their own.

Indicator for Cocked Weapon

Another unique feature about this pistol is the indicator on the rear of the slide, which, when pressed down, would indicate whether or not your weapon is cocked or not. It is instrumental in helping you see whether your gun is ready to fire at a moment’s notice if there was ever any confusion. This indicator will always appear in this position when the pistol has been fired recently and will fade away after it hasn’t been used in some time.

Stainless Steel Slide

The slide itself on Legion is also made of stainless steel, which adds extra durability because trust me, stainless steel slides are much more difficult to chip and scratch than their carbon counterparts. However, they’re a bit heavier, but not by much because the P320 Legion only weighs two ounces more than a standard P226. You probably think that the Legion must be a heavy pistol with all these additional features, but it isn’t. This handgun is just about perfect in terms of size and weight.

Trigger Pull

The firearm also features a 15lb trigger pull (MIL-SPEC 568-888) which is pretty good. The trigger pull on this Legion is one of the best, even though it’s incredibly light. When you first try out your Legion, you’ll notice how crisp and smooth the trigger feels without any delay or creep whatsoever. It can take some getting used to if you have larger hands since it’s only about half an inch wide, making it very difficult for people with large palms to accommodate. But you can purchase more extensive replacement grip modules, which Sig Sauer is currently selling at their gun stores throughout America.


It has a high appeal because of its remarkable features and customization options. These models retail at around $670 -990. It might be a bit pricey when you first take it out of the box, but it’s pretty reasonable if you consider all of its features. It might be a little pricey for some people but if you can afford it, then, by all means, go for it because you do get what you pay for and more.

Different Sized Grip Modules

The weapon also comes with three different-sized grip modules, including the extra-large one, granted that’s not included when you buy it from your dealer, so don’t forget to order it separately unless your hand is tiny. The smaller ones are still comfortable enough but sometimes not practical for people with larger hands. Sig should have included the extra-large grip module because most buyers wouldn’t even need to buy an additional accessory. It is something they should fix in the future since aftermarket accessories can be expensive.


Very durable and heavy-duty, definitely built to last for a long time with proper care and handling. But if you’re looking for a reliable handgun with great accuracy, reliability, and durability, then this is one of the best handguns.


Sig P320 X5 is a more affordable option compared to the Legion series. The Sig Sauer P320 has Custom Carry as its base model. However, all three variations come with an ergonomic grip design for comfortable extended shooting sessions and a three-point takedown safety system. The X5 series differs from the Legion series by its black color options and FDE (flat dark earth).

Its pros are ergonomic grip design for comfortable extended shooting sessions, corrosion-resistant Nitron coated slide finish, three-point takedown safety system.

For Cons, we can say that it is only available in black and FDE color options.

Sig Sauer offers a lifetime warranty and free lifetime (transferable) warranty for all firearms, covering any damage or defect.

Sig Legion replacement magazines come in varying capacities for your convenience, depending on your needs. They can hold ten rounds of 9mm Luger or .40 S&W.

Its features include an ergonomic grip design for comfortable extended shooting sessions, a three-point takedown safety system, and a corrosion-resistant Nitron-coated slide finish.

Sig P320 X5 Legion was awarded 4.8/5 stars from TopTenReviews & ranked #1 best overall by GND.

In addition, it received a perfect 5/5 from OutdoorGearLab for its accuracy, feel of the grip and trigger, safety features, and durability.


After thoroughly researching this handgun, we can recommend the Sig P320 X5 Legion to anyone looking for a reliable firearm that has excellent precision accuracy, extreme levels of customization options, and high durability. It’s also extremely lightweight compared to other full-size handguns that are often too heavy to carry comfortably for long periods. At first glance, you might think: “Wow! There’s no way all those features can come together in one handgun!” But it is true. This full-sized variant can be classified as a perfect balance between size, reliability, accuracy, and concealability. I hope you found this review helpful!

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