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Sig P320 X Carry Review

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The Sig Sauer P320 X Carry is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, high-quality concealed carry pistol. It is an upgraded version of the original gun. It has some new features that make it stand out. These new features will help with accuracy and give you more control over your firearm. To find out more, keep reading this Sig P320 X Carry Review.

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The Sig Sauer P320 X Carry is a variant of the widely known Sig Sauer P320 line of handguns. It is a compact pistol that has all the versatility and performance of its full-size counterpart. This handgun can be carried discreetly and comfortably for everyday purposes, such as concealed carry. Let’s learn more about it.

History of Sig P320 X Carry

Sig P320 X carry is a variant of Sig Sauer P320 Pistol, which was designed based on Sig Sauer’s standard P250 design. The gun was designed to meet the requirements of military and law enforcement, where a “lightweight modular handgun” was a requirement. The P320 was launched  in the market in 2014, Sig Sauer was able to secure a great deal of contracts with different entities because of this gun. The company continued to make improvements on the initial design while also making it available for civilian use. This is how the Sig Sauer P320 X Carry came into being, which is an upgraded version of the original gun .Hence it is the newest variant of the P320 series, released in January 2016.

Features of Sig P320 X Carry

This gun possesses many features that are quite impressive. The Sig P320 X Carry is a lightweight and easy to carry firearm that can be comfortably handled and drawn from any position. The design is made to load better than the other versions. This type of gun magazine can hold up to 17 rounds in total. The P320 is a stainless steel framed gun that gives you a tough feel when held. It has a smooth trigger and includes an ergonomic grip with XSeries grip module that adapts to the palm of your hand. This full-sized gun feels strong in your hands. You can use it as a snappy defense weapon. Trigger action is just right – not too light, not too heavy. Safe action makes it a reliable gun with the ability to make quick firing decisions in case you are in danger or when security is required. 

Grip and Textures

The Sig P320 X Carry comes with a “TXG” carry-size XGRIP module, which is an add-on for the grip. The grip is features light texturing on the front and back, with a curved texture that creates “X” shapes. This allows the shooter to handle the firearm more easily, especially when wearing gloves. The grip is not too vertical or angled, but is curved enough to provide comfort for your hand. This smaller version has a ergonomically designed grip, with a natural pointing angle and comfortable grip width for most shooters. This helps reduce arm fatigue when using the handgun for long periods of time. The texturing extends to the height of the beavertail on the back of the grip , which creates a shelf that aids in properly positioning the shooter’s hand.

Sig P320 X Carry Grip and Textures

Magazine Capacity and Bullets

When it comes to ammunition, it comes with three 17rd Steel magazines. As for the type of ammo, it is compatible with 9mm Luger. It can also use .40 S&W. However, you might need to make some modifications when switching from one to the other. Along the top of the barrel, there is a loaded chamber indicator to show whether or not there’s a bullet in the chamber which is unusual when compared to other models. This is a safety feature that makes the gun safer to use owing to its ability to clearly communicate whether it’s ready for action or not. With this information at your disposal, you can make safe decisions when handling the firearm.

Sig P320 X Carry Magazine Capacity and Bullets

Trigger Mechanism

This gun has a patented modular design that enhances its performance. The trigger action is smooth and crisp with a great tactile and audible reset when firing, which makes it easier to use this weapon in fast-paced situations. The skeletonized flat trigger provides for a more natural finger placement. This way of accessing the trigger enables more control. The flat surface provides for more stability when shooting, which is advantageous to tactical shooters.


The system features safe action triggers that require you to use the decocking lever before shooting. The safety in this gun can be activated or deactivated by using your thumb. Just flick down the safety to deactivate it or up for activated. This has to be one of the most important features in any gun, because accidents can happen anytime when using these kinds of firearms.

Sig P320 X Carry Trigger Mechanism

Slide Stop Mechanism

The slide stop lever is ambidextrous, which means it can be easily disengaged by either right handed or left handed users. This is a great feature that adds to the convenience of use.The Sig P320 X Carry has a patented automatic firing pin safety that prevents the gun from firing when dropped. This helps the user to avoid the chance of accidentally firing. The slide is easy to remove , just push down on the slide stop and it will pop out easily forward for fast reloads, without any damage or modifications necessary.  This is a reason why people like to use this gun because it allows them easy access and quick reloading of the clip.


This gun is made in the USA, which makes it a good purchase for Americans. It is made up of  stainless steel and has nitron finish which is corrosion resistant. This adds to the durability of this firearm as a whole. It is a sleek looking gun that feels good in the hands with its ergonomic design.  When it comes to the overall appearance of this gun , it  is one of the best handguns for conceal carry. It’s accurate, easy to use and convenient to maintain. This weapon offers custom options that are easy to configure. That means you can change this gun to suit your requirements. It’s a good idea to customize it with the right materials if you’re going hunting or shooting in extreme conditions like the desert.

Sig P320 X Carry Aesthetics

Size and Dimensions

This handgun weighs about 40.5 oz and is 1.6 inches wide, 5.9 inches tall and 8.1 inches long. It’s not too big and delivers an accurate shot when needed. It has a barrel length of 4.6 inches to deliver easy maneuverability in the field. It is designed to provide immense stopping power and barrier penetration. The Sig P320 Carry uses 9 mm. It uses .357 Sig or .45 ACP calibers too. That makes this firearm adaptable and more useful in any situation.

Line of Sight

The Sig P320 X Carry has three-dot polymer sights which are molded into the frame. It is quite helpful for aiming at the target. The front sight is dovetailed in place while the rear sight is adjustable for windage that enables the shooter to zero in on the target. The SIG Sauer pistol comes with standard X-RAY3 sights instead of blades. These sights have a green dot that works in all lighting conditions. Notches on the rear sight mitigate reflections. The rear of the barrel includes a black plate that allows for upgrades to be made to the SIG Romeo 1 red dot reflex sight. There’s also a rectangular lightening port just aft of the front sight.

Sig P320 X Carry Line of Sight


There are no external safeties on the Sig P320 X Carry. The internal safety features, as mentioned earlier,  includes a decocking lever that can be activated or deactivated by using your thumb. The Sig Sauer pistol also has a patented automatic firing pin safety that prevents it from firing when dropped. This helps to avoid accidents from happening.

Sig P320 X Carry Safety

Advantages of Sig P320 X Carry


The Sig P320 X Carry uses several types of ammunition, which makes this gun very versatile. You can use it for hunting or any shooting activity that you prefer to do with the right tool. It gives accurate shots on target.


This gun has stainless steel finish along with nitron corrosion resistance. This makes this firearm a durable one.

Ease of Use

The Sig P320 X Carry has ergonomic design which makes it easy to use. This is a reason why people prefer this gun over others. It can be used by both right-handed users and left-handed ones as well with the same comfort level.


This handgun is best suitable for conceal carry. It has a sleek design that makes it possible to be hidden by users while wearing clothes which is suitable for everyday activities.


The X Carry offers custom options so you can configure the gun to suit your requirements. Customizing it is easy too. That allows users to choose what they want for their weapon, whether they’re hunters or shooters who need extreme conditions like desert for hunting. Though it is a bit more expensive than other handguns, it’s worth the price. This gun is of high quality and has an impressive design that makes people want to buy it too.

Disadvantages of Sig P320 X Carry


One of the drawbacks about this Sig P320 X Carry has a high price tag. It is quite expensive for people to afford it.


The trigger pull of this gun is light and has a short reset, according to the specifications of many users.

No External Safeties

Sig P320 X Carry doesn’t have external safeties which might make some users uncomfortable with it. But, the internal safety features of this gun are quite reliable.

Availability & Accessories

The Sig Sauer Pistol X Carry is not easily available in stores around you, but you can get them online. This gun comes with standard accessories which are good enough for everyday use. It doesn’t require any additional accessories for using it.


 Sig P320 X Carry is a bit heavy for people who prefer lightweight handguns. Also, the cartridge capacity is also less when compared to other pistols available in the market.

Aftermarket Accessories - Sig P320 X Carry

Sig P320 X Carry is a bit expensive, but you can accessorize it with various aftermarket accessories to suit your requirements. There are many options available in the market when it comes to buying them.


Users can add more optics to this gun with ease, but it will cost some money to achieve that.


This handgun is equipped with standard fixed front and rear sights that are good enough for regular use. You don’t need any special accessory to use the sights of the Sig P320 X Carry. However, there are many options available when it comes to sights, and users can choose one according to their preferences. It is easy to install them yourself if you know how to do it. 


Adding accessories such as lasers and flashlights to this handgun is very easy. You can add these features to make the gun suitable for your needs.


This gun comes with rails on top and bottom which can be used to attach flashlights or lasers to it. It makes it easy for users to aim at their targets better, especially at night time.


It’s good to invest in a good holster while buying a larger handgun like the Sig P320 X Carry. This gun fits most of the holsters available on the market. TEGE Store OWB Holster for Sig P320 X carry is available at a very reasonable price. The holster will be locked into place using an auto locking system, which will then hold the pistol in place. To release the gun, all you have to do is press the release button with your index finger.


The P320 X Carry is fully adjustable by easily rotating the paddle to any carry angle (strong side, small of back, cross draw). This holster is also compatible with belt widths up to 2 inches. This holster is perfect for duty holsters, uniformed law enforcement officers, security personnel, military personnel, private persons and shooting sports holsters. Unlike leather that will wear out overtime, this polymer material is stronger and hardly needs any maintenance.


Yes, it is safe to carry. Also it is mainly targeted towards the self defence market.

The X-Carry has a SIG Sauer short reset, direct connect, striker-fired trigger.

P320 X- carry uses SIGLITE night sights.

The width is 1.6″ and the height is 5.9″ and the overall length is 8.1″.

A standard 320 comes with three magazines, hard cases, manuals, locks, etc. An X-series also includes two 15 round magazines, four 19 round mags, gunlock, case padlock all in a hard case.


This Sig Sauer P320 X Carry Review explains what makes this gun unique and why it’s great for concealed carry purposes. The Sig Sauer P320 X Carry is more comfortable, accurate, and reliable than its predecessor. This gun comes with impressive features that make it worth the price. There are many things to consider before buying a weapon. This is important for the safety and security of the user as well as the people around them.


Sig Sauer P320 X Carry is a high-quality handgun that can be used by versatile shooters and hunters, especially those who like extreme conditions. It is also concealable which makes it a perfect choice. The Sig Sauer P320 is a handgun that offers you customization options. If you are looking for a compact pistol that also comes with some great features, then you should consider purchasing the Sig Sauer P320 X Carry. This handgun will not disappoint and it will be a smart purchase.

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