Sig P320 vs Glock 19

Here in this article, we’ll talk about Sig P320 vs Glock 19. The Sig Sauer P320 is a gun with a modular design concept. This means that the frame of the gun can be easily swapped out to change its size or caliber. The interchangeable grip modules are available in full-sized and compact sizes; they’re designed specifically for their respective frame sizes, not simply modified versions of one module sized up or down. This ensures proper grip length and trigger reach regardless of which size frame you use.

Sig P320

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Sig P320

The Glock 19 is a gun with the one-size-fits-all concept – it uses the same frame for all three sizes, large, compact, and subcompact. The only major difference between these models is that they have different barrels, slides, magazine wells, and magazine capacities.

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Sig P320 vs Glock 19

Grip and Textures

The Sig P320 uses a grip that is notably larger than that of the Glock 19. It’s completely made out of polymer, but the stippling adds more texture to improve grip. Like most other guns on this list, it comes with interchangeable backstraps. The standard size one has some aggressive texturing, which allows you to get a solid grip on the gun.

The Glock 19 comes with several different backstraps, each changing ergonomics in a slightly different way. A few models come with some form of stippling, while at least one model has a completely smooth grip. The standard size grip is fine for most shooters, and it’s easy to drop a backstrap into the gun to change its size. Overall, I’d say that the grip on the P320 is a little better in terms of stippling and grip length.

Grip And Texture Of Sig P320 vs Glock 19

Magazine Release

The Sig Sauer P320 has the standard ambidextrous slide mounted controls that allow you to drop the mag or lock back the slide with your index finger. Like most other guns on this list, the Sig P320 has an ambidextrous magazine release button that can be swapped to either side for right or left hand use – it’s easy to push and pretty stiff so that it won’t get accidentally released.

The Glock 19 doesn’t have any levers or buttons to drop the mag or lock the slide; these actions are performed by simply pulling those parts down. The mag release on a Glock 19 is a small lever on the trigger guard, and it’s pretty stiff.

Magazine Release Of Sip P320 Vs Glock 19


Sig P320 comes with a standard three-dot sight setup which can be easily replaced if needed. They’re made out of steel, and they’re quite robust.

The Glock 19 comes with similar three-dot sights, which are also m out of teel, and look pretty solid. The rear sight adjusts for windage and elevation, using Glock’s tool (the small metal thingy). And if you ever decide to swap the front sight (which can be done without any tools), Glock includes a little tool that you can use to tighten it back into place.

Sight Of Sig P320 Vs Glock 19

Trigger Mechanism

Sig P320 comes with a striker-fired trigger mechanism that provides both single and double-action operations. The company says that the gun’s design reduces felt recoil by up to 30%.

The Glock 19 also has a striker-fired trigger mechanism that provides both single and double-action operation (the only difference compared to the Sig Sauer P320 is that the Glock 19 doesn’t have a double-strike capability). The trigger pull on a standard model is around 5.5 lbs, and it offers some take-up with a fairly clean break.

These striker-fired guns feature an external safety lever that can be engaged or disengaged using your thumb, depending on what hand you’re firing the gun with. In case of a misfire, you can pull the trigger again, and it will reset to a double action state while rotating the cylinder to make this process easier.

Trigger Mechanism Og Sig P320 Vs Glock 19

Slide and Barrel

Sig P320 features a stainless steel slide with deep serrations, which provide you with an improved grip. The barrel is made out of nitron-finished stainless steel, and it has traditional land-and-grooves rifling. It comes with a threaded barrel for attaching different kinds of accessories.

The Glock 19 also has a stainless steel slide with front serrations (plus some Glock logos on the sides of the slide) which provide you with an improved grip. The barrel is made out of polished stainless steel, and it has traditional land-and-grooves rifling. In addition to the threaded barrel, it comes with a variety of accessories.

The barrel length of a Glock 19 is 4.02 inches, and the Sig P320 comes with a 4.6 inches long barrel.

In general, the Sig P320 features a slightly longer slide, while the Glock 19 has the better trigger mechanism thanks to its clean break, shorter take-up, and minimal reset. The Sig’s grip is more ergonomically shaped thanks to its slimmer profile, but the Glock 19 is easier to conceal.

Slide and Barrel Of Sig P320 Vs Glock 19

Recoil and Accuracy

Both of these guns are chambered for 9mm Luger rounds, and they’re pretty accurate. The Sig P320 comes with a standard steel recoil spring assembly, but some people claim it has increased felt recoil compared to the older Sig P250 or other polymer guns like Glock 19.

The Glock 19 feels more ergonomic, especially if you hide it in an IWB holster and the lighter polymer frame helps you control felt recoil. On the other hand, some people claim that Glock 19 is not as accurate as Sig P320, but this particular gun has a reputation for shooting more accurately than its price range suggests.

Overall, they’re both great guns, and it’s just a matter of personal preference which one you should go for. However, it’s always a good idea to shoot with them before making any decision because the only way to know which is the best gun for you is to put your hands on it!

Glock 19

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Glock 19.

Size and Weight

The Sig P320 comes with a length of 8.1 inches and a height of 5.9 inches (on the other hand, the Sig P320 is slightly taller, making it less concealable). The gun’s weight is 40 oz unloaded, and it has a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds (17+1 rounds in the extended mag).

The Glock 19 features a slightly shorter height (5.04 inches) and length (7.36 inches), but it’s also 0.3 inches thicker than Sig P320, which makes it less concealable (although it’s still very concealable). The Glock 19 weights 21.16 oz unloaded, and its standard magazine capacity is 15 rounds (15+2 rounds in the extended mag).

Size And Weight Of Sig P320 Vs Glock 19

Concealability and Capacity

The Sig P320 is easier to conceal than the Glock 19 because it’s thinner and lighter, but it has a lower capacity. Glock 19 is easier to shoot, especially if you have bigger hands, and its 15 rounds magazine can save your life in case of a shootout. Of course, the Glock 19 also has a larger grip, making it more comfortable for most people.

In conclusion, if you want a smaller gun that you can conceal with comfort and ease, go for the Sig P320.

Reliability and Durability

Both guns are extremely reliable and durable. Sig Sauer P320 has a sterling reputation for reliability (millions of people trust it), and Glock 19 is also one of the most popular handguns in the world.

Safety and Decocker

The Sig P320 has a drop safety, which means that there’s no need to disengage the safeties when you’re taking it out of your holster. It also comes with a trigger bar disconnect safety, internal firing pin safety, and optional manual external safety (on the other hand, you can also get the Sig with an optional metal tab that will not let the trigger be pressed, which makes it even safer).

The Glock 19 has a trigger safety, drop safety, and loaded chamber indicator (on the other hand, it doesn’t have manual external safety). The only major issue with Glock 19 is its lack of an external decocker. Another con, in general, can be a large amount of wear and tear on the firing pin, but it can be easily replaced.

Safety and Decocker of Sig P320 Vs Glock 19

Aftermarket Accessories

There are a few aftermarket accessories for both of these handguns. You can get different sights, holsters, or grip panels for Sig P320, and there’s also an aftermarket barrel if you want to do some tests with varying bullet weights.

Here are some types of accessories you can buy for your guns.


You can get different sights for both guns. Glock 19 comes with fixed polymer core adjustable three dot sight, while Sig P320 can be equipped with tritium night sights as well as SIG ROMEO1 red-dot optic, which means that you’ll have to choose between fixed or adjustable sights and whether you want to go for iron or optic sights. You can buy many different sights for Glock 19 and sigs like red dot sights and reflex reflector sights.

Red dot sights offer the advantage of faster target acquisition; they are not affected by lighting conditions, they are very accurate, and you can use both eyes for better situational awareness. On the other hand, red dot sights don’t work well in low light environments, which means you’ll mostly have to use iron sights during nighttime or dimly lit rooms.

Reflex sights offer the advantage of allowing you to keep both eyes open, which helps with situational awareness. On the other hand, they don’t work well in low light conditions, and they require batteries (although some reflex sights like Trijicon RMR come with tritium lamps).


You can get Kydex (a type of hard plastic) or leather holsters for these handguns. You can also buy gun lanyards that usually attach to the belt loop on your waistband and go around your wrist. You can get many different types of holsters like pancake holsters, ankle holsters, or shoulder holsters.

Shoulder holsters allow you to wear your gun on the shoulder. On the other hand, it’s difficult to conceal and draw your weapon from a shoulder holster.

Pancake holsters are a type of belt holster that makes carrying concealed a lot easier as it allows you to tuck in your shirt. On the other hand, it can be uncomfortable to carry a gun for a long period as the holster directly contacts your skin.

Pocket holsters help you to carry your gun in the front pocket of your pants. They are generally designed to stay inside your pocket, and their main purpose is to prevent the printing of the handgun (so that people can’t see that you’re carrying a gun) and protect your skin from any damage that the slide or hammer can cause.


You can get different flashlights to improve your visibility in low light environments. Some flashlights are designed to be mounted on the handgun’s accessory rail, while others are designed to be carried separately.


You can get different grips for both guns. A grip is an accessory usually made out of rubber or plastic, which provides easier gripping of the gun and gives you more control over it when firing. For example, most Sig P320 comes with a removable grip-pod that features replaceable battery-powered anti-slip inserts. You can buy different grip sleeves or wrap around your Glock 19 pistols to give yourself more control over the handgun when firing.

Magazine Extender

Magazine extenders allow you to carry an additional magazine inside your gun’s handle. They provide a larger gripping surface and prevent the extra rounds from getting jammed inside the gun when firing because it increases the anti-jamming reliability.

Magazine Loader

Magazine loaders help you to quickly and easily load rounds into the magazine. They are usually made out of plastic. They come with a plunger that helps eject any remaining unfired rounds inside the gun and load every new round as fast as possible without putting too much pressure on your fingers.

Sig P320

New and Pre Owned
Sig P320’s In Stock

Sig P320


 The company makes handguns with polymer frames, metal frames, and composite frames. It’s important to note that the durability of a Sig Sauer P320 handgun depends on the materials and design of the model you choose.

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The best way to use this product for concealed carry is to invest in quality accessories such as holsters and belts. Make sure that any holster you purchase can attach securely to your belt so the handgun doesn’t fall out during physical activity. The last thing you want is for the gun to fall out of your holster while you’re walking or running, which could be dangerous if it’s loaded.

 Yes, the Glock 19 is one of the most common types of handguns used in law enforcement and civilian applications throughout the United States. If you’re looking for a new handgun that will make it easier to protect your home or for concealed carry purposes, this product is an excellent choice. 

 Many shooters like to use their magazines and will purchase additional ones so they can eliminate reloading time during competitions or training sessions. If you plan to use your magazine at the range, it’s important to research magazine weights and capacities before you make a final decision. 

The Glock 19 is a great choice if you’re looking for your first handgun. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and durable enough to handle regular wear and tear if it’s carried every day in the field.

If you want something pretty close to Glock 19 in terms of size, then Sig P320 is the closest. It comes with a compact-style grip, and it’s great for concealed carry situations. The gun is made of polymer, has either full or minimal steel construction depending on which model you buy, and uses an external thumb safety.

Some do, but probably not as many as Sig P226 (which is their service weapon). The Glock 19 is still a great handgun, especially if we’re talking about the compact size, and it’s widely used by law enforcement and the military.

The closest pistol in size to Glock 19 would be Sig P320. Even though there are some other SIG models (like the P227 or the P226), they’re still bigger than Glock 19. Also, both of these handguns have polymer frames, making them very similar in weight and dimensions.

The easiest answer would be that it depends on who’s asking and their personal preferences. Both handguns are great, but if you want a smaller one for self-defense purposes, go with the Sig P320. Otherwise, if you prefer bigger grips and better trigger mechanisms in a proven design, choose Glock 19.


If you want a handgun designed for concealed carrying and self-defense, the Sig P320 is perfect. It comes with a compact-style grip, and it can be carried in your pocket or inside any Kydex holster for Glock 19 pistols. The gun has a great design, an ergonomic grip, and it also features replaceable grip-pods for anti-slip functionality.

You can also get a Sig light or any other accessory that you want to improve your comfort and shooting performance. If you prefer a larger handgun, the Glock 19 would be a great choice since it has a proven design and better durability than all SIG Series pistols.

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