Sig p229 Holster

Finding a gun that is both comfortable to hold and easy to handle with a standard Sig P229 holster. You want something smaller than your standard-sized handgun, but not so small it feels uncomfortable in your hands. And you need something with the stopping power of a full-size pistol without the bulkiness or weight. P229 firearms, available in 9mm, are exactly what you’re looking for. The P229 is compact, lightweight, and easy to use for everyday carry or home defense. Sig is also great for concealed carry because it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand while weighing less than other comparable handguns on the market today at only 29 ounces. 

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These holsters come with adjustable retention so you can customize how tight or lose you want the fit of your gun in the holster to be. You also get a sweat shield on the holster which protects both your weapon and yourself from perspiration during extended periods of wear time. And finally, all these holsters are made with adjustable cant (angle) so that you can find just what works best for you.

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