Sig Mosquito Holster

The SIG Sauer Mosquito is the perfect firearm for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to handle, fire, and conceal carry with a sig mosquito holster. You can also practice with this gun at home without worrying about disturbing your neighbors or family members.  This pistol was built with safety in mind, so there are no external safeties on the gun itself – just like other pistols from SIG Sauer. There are internal safeties though, which means this gun is always safe when stored away in a drawer or cabinet until you need it again.

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With Sig Mosquito Holsters, carrying concealed is easier than ever before Your gun will feel secure in its holster without being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear all day long. The adjustable retention system allows you to customize how tight or loose your weapon feels while still keeping it safe from falling out at any time during use. You won't find another brand like us on the market today - we're confident that once you try one out for yourself, you'll never want to go back

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